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Tallinn, Estonia :: Sister Week


Just this past month I had my sister come to visit for a week. After our trip to Paris, we had planned mostly easy days of spending time together and roaming Helsinki. One thing I was determined to do, however was visit Tallinn. It's a quick two hour boat ride and the weather was absolutely perfect to spend the day together in Estonia.

Now if you've visited this blog before, then you know we've been here a few times. We visited on our own, with my side of the family, with my dear friend Katie-we've gone in fall, winter, and summer. For all the times we've been, you'd think we'd grow tired of visiting the same place-especially when we really have only explored Old Town. But the reality is, we have yet to tire of her. This city is such a beautiful place.

It was especially fun to visit with my sister. We checked out new stores that had opened since I had last been, drank latte's, ate delicious gelato, and enjoyed one anothers company.

I love adventuring with you, Bre. So looking forward to the adventures yet in store.

If you find yourself alone...


" I dont think I realized it then, but I'm a bit of a functional hermit."

I say it jokingly to my husband as he comes in 30 minutes before the kids bedtime. We scarf down food together-an attempt at keeping up with each other in the hustle- and meander over to herd our kids to their beds.

After we've made a good attempt at talking with weary mouths and tired eyes, we sit in silence and read. Reiterating our comfortability with silence. It's been a quiet and crazy season.