My Story: How I came to Christ-for real.


A blog I recently found  is doing a fun series about peoples testimonies. While reading a few I started thinking of my own. I thought it would be a great idea to write this post, not just to share with you guys, but to remind myself just how good God is.  Before college, I always thought it was hard to tell my story about coming to Christ and even now it makes me nervous. Hopefully you'll find some joy in it, some encouragement, and maybe even decide that you'll come to Christ-for real.

Part I-Pre-Christ
I grew up as a pastors kid. Growing up people would always tell me "you know what they say about pastors kids? They're either crazy rebellious-or nauseously perfect"  I didn't like the idea of being crazy rebellious. So i opted for performance. I made sure I did things 'right.'
 Led my little bible studies, went to church, attended the christian groups, didn't say bad words, the whole works of being a 'good' child. I can remember a few encounters with God. Yet all of them were not "wow brittany, i'm so pleased with your performance"

Actually it was opposite. It general was "cut the act-where am I in all of this?" At camps, rather than committing to quit my rebellious ways (which really-mine were against God) I would tell God I would be real with him and others this time. Yet I kept sinning. I kept up my too-cool-for-satan act and pretended i was untouchable. I pretended to have Grace, yet i never experienced it. I pretended to offer mercy-but I didn't really believe in it.  And in secret when I would sin. I would tell myself 'well those sins aren't so bad," and keep thinking if I could just keep the charade going. I would be just fine. God might even be fooled-since I certainly was.

I prided my self on how great I was, all the while lusting after what wasn't mine. I was envious of other girls and other peoples possessions, and I would think wicked thoughts of their misfortune. I would tell myself things like "well if they have that much-then I bet their Parents are insanely in debt or unhappy" When people stumbled. I celebrated.

I was the class act pharisee. Jesus talked about me : "Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of dead men's bones and everything unclean." Mathew 23:27

And then I had a relationship with a boy that wasn't a believer. And then I had another one-but this one was secretive and he actually was pretty good at mocking my God. And then I had another one that no one knew about-even the boy I was with denied it. He supposedly loved God-but the ways he acted, and the stuff he did made me believe that maybe this God guy really isn't all he was cracked up to be.

Part-II Finally Letting Christ In

I became the girl who said "God, I did all this stuff for you-and look where its gotten me?" Then one day, I remember clearly hearing this:  "I. Dont. Want. It"

And I began to feel the weight of my sin. God began to reveal the ways I was dragging him through the mud. He was showing me just what I was doing. I was lying. I was pretending to be something I was not-a believer in the Grace of Christ and his all mighty power to cover sins and make things new. I could feel the displeasure of my Lord. However this time was different. This time it wasn't "start working harder" It was "brittany-come clean."

I remember one time at a weekend I attended a conference through Navigators. The speaker said something I will never forget. He had everyone write different sins. At first everyone said the good stuff "Lying, Cheating, Stealing" The ones you know where wrong. But he kept asking for more " Gossip, Lust, Envy, Masturbation, Pornography, deceit, pride," Things that people debate over...Things that we are guilty of because our own hearts convict us yet we tell ourselves that they actually are good-those stuff too.. And You know what he did? He wrote all those on a big piece of paper and then grabbed a bucket of paint and covered it in red. COVERED every word in RED.

" When Christ dies for you-What was true about you once. Is. Not. True. Of. You. Anymore."

I stared in disbelief. What do you mean its not true of me? Can I seriously walk away from every sin, every regret and count it dead. Count it NOT TRUE OF ME?

I broke that day. I felt for the first time the sweet overwhelming grace of my savior when I for the first time actually let him take my sins away.

It wasn't just a "sweet now I'm just fine" sort of ordeal either. Over the next year God convinced my heart of things that were wrong. But this time, I wanted to get them out-not for show-but to Please my Lord. And it was a fight. At the time that I finally said it was enough, the one guy I had been liking so long even said he was ready to 'officially date.' What I had been wanting for over a year and half was finally available to me. but  God had clearly said no. I struggled. I chose to honor the Lord.

Those 6 months after that hard day where so freeing. I had no guys in my life. I chose Christ and I was walking in Freedom for the first time. I had no one to perform for. My Lord knew me and it was HIS grace that made me who I was.  I was signing up for activities-not because of performance-but to give me an opportunity to get to experience HIM.  Spring Break Trip was one of those times. It was also a time that I started talking to my now Husband.

Its insane to see how the Lord had prepared me so fully for that Spring Break trip. For the peace he gave me as I witnessed to people-openly-for the first time. And how when it came time to pursue a relationship with Ben, Christ was already restoring my heart and mind to see Ben not as someone I have to perform for or to get all my needs from, But as a companion in this pursual towards Christ

Sometimes I forget that. Seriously I do, and I yell at him for not meeting my needs. I chuckle even now at his grace.. Ben-when you read this-your a rockstar. Seriously a .Rock. Star. And you are most definitely one of the best examples in my life to show me what Christ really means when he lays down his life. And what he really means when he gives compassion and grace and forgiveness to us when we don't deserve it.

I've had so many people in my life that did that for me. Even before Ben was ever in the picture, I look back and I see broken hearted conversations with one woman who continued to tell me His grace is enough. And other women who surprised me with their lack of cattiness, and their quick to forgive nature. My Freshman Roommate literally shocked me with her kindness. My bible study leader showed me what it means to be broken before the Lord, The lovely leaders of the groups I participated in, showed me what marriage in the light of Christ could look like. They testify to His awesomeness.

Part III-Living in That Reality
So where am I now? I'm still sitting in the knowledge of my savior. I'm sitting in the humbling glory of who Christ really is. And I am celebrating. A Lifetime of "Years of Jubilee"  a lifetime-no an eternity- of freedom from debt, freedom from slavery to sin and performance. Did you know this is the ONLY religion that is based on Grace? The only belief that sets you free from performance and from your sin? Mormons, Buddhists, Muslims, all of them-some even have Jesus in their books-but they do not accept his power. His power to wipe away all the things we've ever done and make us whole. We dont have to try to do enough 'good' to balance out the bad.' Its a fight we'd never win. Christ is here to fill my heart with the knowledge that I am His and he shaped me and that I am now growing into who he designed me to be. Not just in my heart, but in my mind and my spirit and even my body. That this Body was designed specifically for me. Just as it is. That even as I quit my sin, its not FOR his love, but FROM it. and it frees me.

Do you know how freeing Christ is to allow us that? To allow us to enjoy his grace and his mercy and to get to celebrate his creation-even our own bodies and glorify him? How even when he changes us and convicts us of sin, its because he's eager to make us more whole-to get rid of the crap that is killing our joy and our true life. And that he dwells in me. And that I can literally feel the prescense of God.

I'm so in love with the Creator.

To sum it up:
I used to think there was stuff that was so gross in my life that God wouldn't want to forgive it-because he didn't want to touch it and so I thought if I worked really hard at performing for him, eventually it would equate to all my bad-doings. Problem was, I kept doing the things I hated all the while doing the things I thought he wanted. Every night-the score was against me. Then, One day. I found out the truth. That the battle has already been one-in my favor. That the Almighty God who has created the earth, created me, and then died for me. His death allows for any sin in my past present and future to be gone. And that for all of eternity, I will be judged not on my crappy performance-but on the awesome life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.And I will be forever. FOREVER in his presence.

And all it took for that reality to be my life is to embrace that truth.

Its a pretty sweet deal.

That's how I came to Christ.

And here's a sweet video:

Craftgawker leads me to finding Jesus


So, Ben plays video games, I surf the net. Its kind of our thing on these late evenings.
Tonight, is a special kind of night.
While searching the beloved craft gawker, a google add asked me : What do you love?

So I obviously wrote the thing I love most.


I thought it was a poll or something, so i was excited to represent. But instead it took me to a page beyond my wildest dreams!

Find Jesus Near By? Explore Jesus in 3D! Scour the earth for Jesus? Alert me about Jesus?!?!?

Could it be? But wait there's more:

Thank you google for enabling me to  go plan my Jesus Events.

I'm gonna go write  Ben's name and see what it gives me....

Same thing.

I can scour the earth for Ben now. and i can go plan my 'ben events.' Well, between those two loves, my calendar is going to be quite busy. Lucky Girl.

Try it here:

Over and out

Revival: Coffee Table


This is how a girl, who found a table at a garage sale for 7 dollars feels after taking that table home and making it look brand new.
So here's a story on workin with what you got.

Part 1: I wanted a coffee table for our living room, and Ben said we could wait a while, save up and go buy one. something about spending 30, even 40 dollars on a coffee table just didn't feel right, so I hoped I'd find something cheaper.
Lo and behold I found it. with a second shelf and everything. Only for 7 dollars
Part 2: After about a month of it sitting in our living room as is, I decided it was time. It didn't really match, and it had quite a few dings and scratches.  So DIY project began
Step 3: I grabbed a can of spray paint and went at it. Unfortunately with about a hand-print size left of table-I ran out of paint. SO i went to Lowes, to discover-they no longer had that color....
I bought a burgundy, and went at it.
A day later, I put her in our living room to see how she'd look:

Not too shabby if i say so myself.

Over and Out

Dear John # 7

What I Wore


I've been eyeing up these fedora hats for a long time. Like, before they were so easy to find, I was in a mild search. But then, everyone and their mother had them. And that made them lose a little bit of their awesomeness. Especially because someone described them as 'hipster'. Not to offend any self-proclaimed 'hipster' But i think the whole thing is just silly. Just. Plain. Silly. So I resisted.
A few months later, I decided that I don't care if they're 'hipster' or not, I really do want one. So then, I went to buy one and could not find any that I liked. First world problem, yes?.

Two months pass and I am still fedora-less. I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that there may just  not be that perfect one, Then, today I decide to go and take a look at our local mall. Hey-its worth a shot.  Oh, joy it was worth it.I found this perfect brown one, for just the amount of cash I had in my wallet.  I was grinning at the checkout lady a little too much,  bought it and ran to the mall bathroom and put it on. And. I. Fell. In love.  So of course this purchase motivates me to go out in my yard and take a gazillion pictures of it. No, I should not get that excited over a hat. Yes, I will anyway.

 I definitely was strutting around and smiling at all the other girls in the mall after that. Its one of those insta-cool things.
plus, paired with this pretty shirt my momma gave me for my birthday, i  was feeling pretty awesome indeed.  
So that's the incredibly riveting-all too familiar-tale of a girl who wants an accessory, gets bumped that she cannot find accessory, finds it, then is giddy over it. 

But wait! There's a surprise ending:

just kidding there's not. But you do get to look at Ben. And he is quite surprising. So, youre welcome.

over and out.

Pretty Music: The Honey Trees

Been listenin to this pretty ditty all day.

Now we've been married a year and a month


I don't know why i get such a kick out of this. But i do. I love the idea of getting to tell my old self some awesome advice so that if there is ever a time warp or something, I will be a pro. at everything.

So, dear one.

Since you would now be just a baby newlywed (one whole month of experience!), I should give you some knowledge on what marriage is going to be about. In addition to this knowledge, I will give you some advice. They kinda merge towards the end, but bear with me. Lets start with that advice first.

Advice: if someone gives you crappy advice. Don't take it. haha. excellent. No really. This is good advice.

A lot of advice is due to a persons current situation. Their life regrets, their life successes etc. are influencing the advice they are giving. If you a) are not in a similar situation or b) do not desire to be in a similar situation, be kind. say thank you. and forget it.

You cried a bit over some scary advice (and it was scary-and grossly inaccurate.) Maybe this little nugget will save you from the despair that marriage is going to be the hardest thing in your life (it is, but not in the ways they tell you it will be.} No, you're not going to be miserable. In fact, you're going to feel more happiness then you've ever felt in your life. Seriously. You even forget to breath enough to get dizzy. And you laugh enough to have a six pack. Unfortunately you eat enough desserts to nullify that six pack. But, its there. Fact. 

Knowledge: Laundry will forever be there. So will the dishes. Your husband and you-alone. That is a phenomenon that will someday change. Remember this when deciding how to spend all your time.

Advice: Be gracious on stuff that is silly. Be honest with stuff that really does hurt your feelings.

Knowledge: his inability to put clothes in the hamper is equivalent to your inability to turn of the lights. When you get good at turning the lights off-he'll get good at the hamper thing. At least his cute little habit doesn't cost you money...and the planet.

Advice: I'm learning this this month. And wish I would have learned this a gazillion years ago.
When you find yourself stressed. like REALLY stressed. Tell yourself this one thing:

This is not my identity.

9/10 of the time this is the reason your stressed. You're afraid that this situation will influence how people perceive you, how God will see you or how you will see you.

Let me tell you your identity: Christ. He died for you. You are his child. He paid the price. You are just the receiver. You're living your life in that truth and you get to share it with stud-husband-man. Thats your identity. Thats all that matters.

Knowledge: There are women that are better at x y or z. But none are the wife to your husband and none are you in all the roles you get to play. Thats your role and your platform. You get to rock that.

Advice: Laugh. Be cheerful. When you find yourself thinking any random negative thoughts (no, they don't just go away after time) start saying all the things your grateful for or sing praise to the King. Works like a charm.

{ Now it gets a little heavier, so get ready}

Knowledge: Forgiveness is the only viable option. Period. No matter the issue. The only option is to forgive. However. Take time to talk about it. Tell him how your feeling, how it affects you, and what your mad/hurt/confused about. Then, when he says sorry-it doesn't matter how he says it-thats the part where you forgive.

Decide now that you'll forgive him otherwise come the time it'll be impossible and don't say you're over it if you're not.

Oh, other nugget-you think you have to forgive alot? he's got just as much (actually probably more) to forgive as you.  Make sure you give him time to talk about how he's feeling, how it affects him, and then say your sorry-and repeat back why. Then, be ready to do what it takes to earn any trust that needs to be earned, or to repair anything broken.

Advice: This advice:"you don't really need to keep it up anymore now that you're married," is ridiculous. While  the 'you're married' part is in fact true. The not needing to keep up anymore is bologna, worse its mystery meat. So what should you do? Step away from it and run.. While He'll love you even if you put on a few pounds, because his love isn't inversely correlated with your weight nor is it related to many of societal pressures that tell you to try to attain some ridiculous standard...don't let this little rumor be true in your life. If Ben were to say the same to his buddies "we'll I really don't need to keep trying, i mean after all I already got the girl" You'd be mad. So, Keep working hard to show you care. Now with that said. Go to the next advice.

Knowledge: His drama tee's, crazy clothes and random shirts and figurines are the equivalent to your silly pictures, letters and random mementos. Unfortunately his are bigger. But they still are just as sentimental. Don't even joke about throwing them away.

Advice: Let Christ define beauty and your identity and how you define success.. Not t.v., not social media. Not your friends, not stalking your friends or blogs on facebook, not random (or not so random) people that are in your life. If you allow anything else other than Christ, your husband, and yourself (the humans can be risky) to define what your beauty, success, or identity is you will be defeated. There's just no way to reign victorious when you are surrounded by images  or voices that tell you that you aren't enough in your image, your position, or anything else. Choosing to let Christ define the standard of beauty, the standard of success, and the identity HE has for you and working with your husband to have him affirm you in those standards  will  a) make you feel unique and feel approved b) give you a realistic objective. and c) give you enough grace to make it through this life while having enough determination to live it well.

Knowledge: If a girl sits next to a guy doing completely different activities. The guy will consider that intense quality time. Don't be offended. Just ask him to listen with his eyes when it comes time to talk.

Advice: Brush your teeth. and tell him 'thata boy' at least once a day. He most likely deserves it.

Knowledge: The yes you said a month ago, that was the greatest earthly promise you ever bound your life to. Ever.

Advice: Go watch your husband play video games and cheer on his street fighter skills.

Over and out.

These Past Few Weeks

Have Been full of:
Silly pictures and deep conversations.

Awesome games of Softball with even more awesome girls.
All the while showin' the ladies how its done.With Ben being our one consistent fan, making me the coolest kid on the block. (It's amazing what bringing a hunky boy to a softball game does for your awesome level.)

In addition,
we have watched this lovely couple

Say some vows in front of witnesses and the Lord Almighty,
and tie the knot
Then, at the reception we got to see some faces we haven't seen in ages. Like literally. Ages. Which filled my heart so full. I may have squeezed babies and young ladies a little too tight out of excitement.  
I wont apologize. 

We've eaten Delicious Burgers
At the best burger joint in town.
where they serve the world renowned
  all the while rockin'
and feeling more gratitude over all our blessings than I've ever remembered feeling thankful.
Ben's been ultra awesome too. I swear he's so good at this marriage gig, Ben is awesome. He even buys me ice cream after every game and stares deep into my eyes while i stuff my face with ice cream and gummy bears. Dreamy.

Overall, I'd say we've had ourselves a few pretty successful weeks. And I've landed my self a pretty awesome life due to my pretty stellar God who gave me my pretty rockin husband.

Over and out.

Beta Approved: Living with Less, so your family has more



I have recently been reading a book by Mark and Jill Savage titled "Living with less so your family has more."
 I was expecting it to be stock full of crazy saving tips and what not-but it actually proved to be far more than that. Its written by a Pastor who has transitioned into a separate Ministry with his wife and it is essentially about how they as a family have chosen frugality or 'less' so that they can enjoy life and God's blessings to the fullest. 

One part that really has spoke to me is a story that Jill shares. She and her family visited a compassion ministries location in South America where they were asked the question "what is the opposite of poverty?" She says " in my mind, I immediately thought 'wealth'" She was surprised however when the compassion representative answered "its enough."

If you were to ask me, are you wealthy? I dont know if i would say yes. Because, while we do okay-we've got the joys of student debt, general life expectations. But we most certainly have enough. Its been a blessing reading this book, especially as we transition into a stage where we will be earning less. 

I've loved reading this book, I rented it at my local library and I've been really blessed by the implications of it. Its challenging not only the way I see God and the resources he gives me but even the ways I view my priorities in life, in my career etc. I, as with every book I get to read retell all my favorite parts to Ben. He commented how he understands the concept, especially after these past few months of us choosing to live more frugally-saving more etc. but more than that, he's noticed the peace that comes with having one of us at home more to have a home in order, get important errands that typically need to be done in the day completed, and the likes. It felt reassuring to hear this. While this isn't necessarily the route we'll go forever. I think both of us are ones to value our time, and are choosing that if we are able to have more time, we will chose less money. These past few weeks, this book and our conversations have really brought a sense of peace into the next stages of our life. Ultimately God is in control.

Thus,   This is definitely Beta Approved.

Hope you had an excellent weekend. I'll post some pictures of the beautiful wedding we attended tomorrow. It was a treat.

Over and out.

22 before 23


 Here is my list of 22 things to do before 23. I'll let you know how I did in 365 Days :D

My birthday was the most awesome day ever.

 Last week I opened my present up early to find the most amazing dress form. Whom (yes its a being) I love dearly. After much joy and elation, I now have a dress and a skirt in my closet-both of which look pretty decent, if i do say so myself.. But to be honest, I was a little worried. Was it going to be like the time my parents let us open up all our presents on christmas eve, and then when we woke up christmas morning we were sad because there were no more presents? I was concerned. Not that birthdays are all about presents....I was just worried that If i enjoyed in the celebrating now, i wouldn't have any left over for the actual day. Ya know?

Fast forward to Birthday week.
  • Day 1-Ben lets me buy the most gorgeous dress ever to wear on my birthday (Point number one)
  • Day 2-Brittany gets to see awesome Amy and feel all giddy about how awesome my friends are.
  • Day 3-BIRTHDAY-
    1. brittany wakes up to breakfast in bed.
    2. brittany drives to see awesome sister and spend the day laughing and checking out pretty places with wee little babes
    3. brittany drives home to be surprised by CHINESE TAKEOUT. This is more than a girls dream. This is heaven on the best day of my life. I love Chinese food. I love takeout. I love that Ben ordered takeout from a Christian Chinese joint (as was discovered by the giant Jesus Mural on the wall.)
    4. Then we return home to open gifts from Ben's awesome family
    5. Ben takes Brittany shopping to buy most beautiful necklace and not one but 3 pairs of shoes. Yes, thats right. Three. Pairs. of. Shoes.
    6. Ben watches silly love movie with brittany and tells her it 'actually has quite a creative twist.'
    7. Awesomeness

One would think "wow ben, youre pretty awesome. No. He's more awesome then you could ever dream.
Flash forward to Bible study the following night. We're driving and where does he go? No-he doesn't go to their house first, he goes and picks me up a DELICIOUS ICE CREAM CAKE!!!!!!

Which i get to share with my favorite friends and we play games and laugh till our belly aches.

It might just be the best birthday ever. I take that back. It IS the best birthday week. Ever.

And now its friday and I get to spend my evening with my amazing family. Driving home into the awesomeness that is Wisconsin while delighting in my super-awesome Ben.

And that. My friends, is how a girl feels so much love she bursts.

Lesson? Ben gets a million points for making this birthday so filled with happyness I cried. twice.. My sister gets the eternal awesome sister award for making the day filled with smiles and giddiness. and everyone else involved gets an electronic giant hug from me for really teaching me to celebrate. Ben's family is the best at this. I love that. I love my families. If you want a real hug, you can have that too.
All i can say is this:

I am Blessed.

Over and Out

Dear John #6

Blog Hacked! Happy Birthday!


So, it's my wife's birthday, and to celebrate, I am officially hacking her blog.


You are the love of my life. You fill my heart. You make me laugh when I'm sad, you make me comfortable when I hurt, you fill me with food when I'm hungry. You're the kindest woman I've ever met. You care for those less fortunate and love the unlovable. You're willing to show extra grace to those who require it (especially me). You take care of your family.

You sew amazing dresses, knit groovy head-bands, and photoshop jaw-dropping pictures. You sing gracefully as you worship our King, and pray boldly to our Lord.

I'm lucky to get you for the rest of my life. I'm so excited to see you continue to grow as a Christian woman, a wife, eventually a mom, a grandma, and on...

Happy Birthday, my love.



Ben-When were you born?
Brittany: at noon, like 12:02
Ben-Were you hungry? 'Cuz you missed breakfast?

And she'll be called blessed...

My heart is full.

Maybe its because I've lived a  full 21 years of life. Maybe because I found the one my soul longs for when I was young, maybe its because I found the one to partner with me for all my days before I felt the feelings of anxiousness. Maybe its because I sit with a home that has already had enough laughter and silly inside jokes to fill the walls with memories. Maybe its because the Lord has poured out on me in more ways than I could have asked. In my anxiousness he's provided peace. When I was in need He always provides. And I sit, astounded. The God of the Universe loves me. Has already done enough by taking away my sins and letting me know him personally. But he doesn't stop there-no He walks beside me all my days. He provides peace in lifes turbulance in lifes stressful moments he gives me joy.  He celebrates with me in my joys and he surprises me with love. I. Am. Blessed.

I've gotten to live 2 full decades of seeing His work. And I have had the priveledge of 1 more. And now, I get to approach yet another year to live for my Savior. And what a better way than living a whole year getting to study his word, and put his word into practice in my relationships, and in my work. This may be the best year of my life to date.

I found a blog the other day of a woman who had recently lost her husband. I weaped for her. Her candid honesty made me hurt with her. It got me thinking. A lot of about relationships, a lot about death. And I decided. I've said this before, but i'll say it again. If i dont make it through this  year. That's just fine. I have lived life to the fullest. I have gotten my taste of all of lives joys, and much of lifes pains. I have felt love deeper than I thought was in existence, experienced miracles, felt deep sorrow, and found deep rejoicing through christ. I . have. lived. SO FULLY. I've felt my belly ache with laughter-so much my lungs hurt and my eyes are leaking. I've felt that emptiness that makes one cling to Christ all the more and appreciate relationships. I've felt accomplishment, I've felt the vast amount of sinfulness that separates me from my Savior, and I feel the great amount of Love and Grace that filled the gap to bring me to him. I have, at least in part-experienced all of life's joys and gifts.

I'm sure when I have my first baby, my mind will be blown even further in terms of how much a heart can love. And i'm sure it will be only expounded on the years to come. If God grants me those, I'll call them blessed. But for now-I just want to be thankful. You've given me more than enough. And I humbly worship the God that gives and takes away. Thanks God, for your son, for this life, and for the countless joys you've given me. It cost you more than I know. Thanks for creating me 21 years and 364 days ago.

Things I'm thankful for:
1. Sweet times with sweet friends. I love you Amy. You make me the happiest and the fullest a friend can be.
2. Chocolate cheesecake. It tastes good, even like 10 days later. Yum to the o
3. Seeing God provide financially. Especially in times of doubt. To all those that have filled the gaps and have poured out their blessings on us.
4. My husband. And his grace. and his forgiveness.
5. My husband. For killing the bees that are trying to kill me.
6. Lists. Getting to make 22 things I'm going to be doing and feeling the joy that sets in with the taste of new adventure
7. Birthdays. Because they make me pause to be thankful
8. Sisters-I only have one. But she sure fills me with joy.
9. Trading out 'getting stuff' for accomplishing dreams. Boy does it leave my heart full-and my rooms just empty enough.
10. Jesus. For never letting me out of his sight.

over and Out

Today I'm thankful for:


  • Pretty dresses for birthday presents
  • a clean home
  • a family I can call and talk to
  • Ben-all  he is and does
  • Jesus. and his good news.
  • Summer heat. And the way it warms my skin
  • Softball
  • the smell of dishwasher cleaner
  • breakfast in bed
  • laughing till my lungs might burst

Choosing Joy.

This is the truth: God chose you-yes you-to be in the position you are right now. He placed you here, not by happenstance-but for a specific purpose. You are called to this field. This is your mission. Do not belittle God’s calling on your daily life by comparing it to his calling on another’s, theirs is theirs, and yours is yours. Where many fail is that they spend their efforts trying to convince God to change their station, not realizing that without this station, these moments, these trials, the individual will not become who He has called them to be. We must learn quickly that our position is not what God has given us to control. It is only our attitude, and how we decide to work within our position. This is what God takes notice of. The rest He has taken care of.

A Tutorial in awesome

2 days till my burfday!
over and out

Cuz we're daring like that..


Ben- Hey Brittany,
Brittany- Hi Ben,
Ben- Guess what we should do?
Ben- Record ourselves on the roller-coaster....

Done. Pretty sure we qualify for a whole new level of awesome. If one could compete in total awesomeness. Ben and I would most def. get at least a shiny ribbon. At least.

I hope my kids someday find this blog, or this video.
Child 1-"Dude, child 2 Check this out!'
Child 2- "Woah, mom and dad-they were insane!"
Child 3- "lets make them dinner for being so awesome!"

Pretty excited for that moment.

Sorry if this video is so well done you get nauseous from watching it. Don't say i didn't warn you. Of course this is at the you may not read this till after the video. If so. Sorry. It makes me a little dizzy too.

Over and Out

Home- Final part of the trilogy


So, now comes the part where I gush:

I love my family. love LOVE my family.
Ben and I kept playing these videos one by one and laughing. I love those sweet boys.I love their sweet mom, I love their goofy dad, I love my goofy mom, I love my crazy-cool dad.
Woo. I feel all smiley.
Our nephews are awesome-and its all due to their awesome mom and dad. They really do an awesome job. I love my family. I love home.

Okay, i think I'm done.

Happy Day

Ben is going to be playing video games all night with other cool video-gamer men. I will be sewing at home fantastic projects that will blow my mind (I'll be channeling Ben's great-aunt because she's an incredible seamstress, and I need some of that going on over here) and I may be eating one of the following desserts multiple times:
Rice Krispie Treats-courtesy of Ben
Chocolate cheesecake with strawberries
Reeses peanut butter bars
because that's how we roll in the Sprague household.

Ben will probably come home and find me in a coma. But a sweet one it will be.

Over and Out

Dear John #5

Letter : Life


Dear Life,

I have decided a few things and wanted to let you know of my discoveries. Thanks for listening. First off,  over all you've done pretty well by me. In your duration of being with me, I've been placed in a kickin family,  married an incredible husband and I've had almost 22 years of days filled with sunshine, Jesus and memories of laughing till tears ran. I'd say that you've been pretty good to me.

And while you've been pretty good to me, you haven't spoiled me, in fact sometimes you haven't been kind at all-and I want to thank you for that too. I've had days of doubt, days of failure, and days where things really were not as I hoped. I've tasted rejection and pain, and stuff that makes me still grieve when i think about it, but I know there's a point for all that too.  I've become all the more content with my joys and even learned how to find joy in grieving. So thanks for giving me a dose of hardships to balance the sunshine and rainbows. I know you're not done with this part, but thats okay. I'll count it joy all the same. 

You've given me the opportunity to learn the concept of being content in all circumstances and above all things to obey my God no matter what. One of my favorite quotes is this:

Be not deceived, Wormwood, our cause is never more in jeopardy than when a human, no longer desiring but still intending to do our Enemy's[God's] will, looks round upon a universe in which every trace of Him seems to have vanished, and asks why he has been forsaken, and still obeys.. (Screwtape letters, C.S. Lewis [mine] )

You're letting me practice the act of choosing to obey.  I know that this alone is what your about.

So, In just a few days I get to start a whole another year. Lord willing, I'll live for a few more and get to experience more joys and more trials. Based on the past 21, I'll probably have a few sunshine-filled days and a few darker ones too. I'm cool with that. God has given me a lot of you, life. And I think anything I get from this point-pain and crises included-really is just added blessing, especially because it makes me all the more like Him.

Thanks for getting me this far. Thanks to our maker for giving me legs, and arms and lungs and a brain and a heart and all the rest to keep it running so i can keep experiencing you. I'd say that alone leaves me a pretty blessed gal.

Over and out.

Back in Minnesota!


When we arrived home last night, I walked in to our house last night with Ben covering my eyes. He walked me into our office to reveal this!

I've been wanting one of these beauties for ages, and for my burfay (which is in 9 days!) Ben surprised me this special  adjustable dress form. He bought it a bit early so I'd have time to play before it was time for me to start LDI.  all night I planned out different dresses I could make with the fabric I already have.I teared up and maybe hugged it like it was a real person.Pretty sure I'll be naming it like its a real person too. Thank you, Ben.

  We went to Lifefest on saturday (holla) and after watching all sorts of rockstars, Ben and I both decided that a band is most certainly in our future. We spent the ride back talking about our Band name, pretty serious stuff, folks.

 I've noticed that while I've kept up with my 30 for 30, i pretty much keep rotating the first 12 outfits. In summer, i basically live in my black and brown dress and this striped skirt. I'll see if Ben can take a few shots tonight,  (its already day 22!) I'm actually looking pretty forward to getting use my whole closet again. I think I've grown in appreciation just how blessed we really are as a couple and as a nation. God is good.

Over and Out