Tuesday's Letters


Dear paint set, for the past 2 weeks I have been letting the children I've been entertaining play with you. Today, however, I played with you too. 6 cards later I realized I was hoging all the paper and paints...oops. Thanks for making me feel like a 4th grader again, and for getting  my fingers all messy. Dear Captain Awesome, You are indeed awesome and I'm happy you are mine. You looked ridiculously attractive walking to work today. I checked you out the whole time. For real. Dear Laundry, why should I wash you? You're just going to get dirty again.  Dear crazy children that have taught me ALOT about what it means to be sassy. You make me feel quite cool, and quite sassy, I kind of want to start shaking my finger and getting some sway in my walk like you do. Unfortunately, I'll just look odd, while you all look adorable and cool. Dear Hus to the band, Pretty sure that being married to you is like mixing pop rocks and soda, and then doing back flips. It makes me so happy I explode.

* P.S. 'Tuesday's letters is originally an idea of Today's letters. Definitely check them out. They're incredible. 

Thankful Day number 2


Dear 9 blog followers who I love dearly,

Your small number makes me feel like a cute little pose, I love that you come and visit me.. And when or if our family someday grows, for you I will always be thankful

Dear cute little blog: Color me Katie you are my newest favoritest blog. Thank you for letting me find you and leaving ben laughing at improv stuff all night.

Dear Ridiculously amazing husband.

...Today...you went on a very large rant about how aliens with an ingenius use for alluminum foil and other metal would come to our planet, go to our garbage dumps and find all the aluminum we wasted. Then they would maybe...maybe take over the world...You're an environmentalist and you didn't even know it. and have a ridiculous smart-brain. It astounds me...and makes me look to the sky on our late night walks....

P.S. apart from your random awesomeness, you show me incredible videos and we pee our pants laughing. You are the coolest roommate e.v.e.r.

P.S.S. AWESOME! Ben, our children must have this ability, you being a superhero and all...

and this: Ben announced we were going to buy 6 treadmills and recreate this. Great. Idea.


Tuesdays Letters


Dear Husband, #134 why you are so awesome: today you told me "hypothetically, if I had a genie, and could have one wish, I would wish that we could live in the Marvel universe and have super abilities"..I thought you were cool for randomly saying such a crazy idea, but then you told me we would be super heroes together like in fantastic 4 and still believe in Jesus...that's when I knew for sure I caught a good one. Dear little kids that I got to play with yesterday at work, when you told me that you were going to be a fireman AND an artist and that you had a very special nickle...you won my attention, but then when you insisted I paint with you and showed me your karate moves you became the coolest.kid.ever. Kudos for stealing my little heart and making me want to be a Kindergarten teacher. Dear chai tea, you are the sweetness of my mornings. Dear Superhero husband, you have slowly begun to transform my world-When I'm bored at work, I picture what super abilities my coworkers would have, it makes for a very kickin morning. Thank you for challenging me to have fun and for making life 100% more intersting. You're the bees knees.

Over and out.
[Insert sweet super hero name here]
* P.S. 'Tuesday's letters is originally an idea of Today's letters. Definitely check them out. They're incredible. 

Sweet Sweet Summer


What is better than apple pie, Summer flowers, hanging baskets eating at crazy cute diners, watching cheesy movies and doing crazy cool things in one weekend? Doing it with los padres!
We showed the fam the farmers market. 

Saw beautiful people and beautiful things.

Beautiful hibiscus!
   My mom bought a Mexican lime tree and Ben bought me a HUGE hanging basket.

I laughed with my sweet momma, and we laughed at my dad's ridiculous jokes.

Ben drove us to distant lands to see crazy things, then we went to this 50's style denny's

and drank milk shakes...and laughed some more at Ben and my dad's ridiculous wit.

AND THEN! today we got to see this sweet face


Over and out.

P.S. Ben, when we started talking about our dreams and how excited we are to help each other reach them, it reminded me just how ridiculously amazing it is to have you as a husband. Thanks for picking me.
P.S.S You get really excited about music and comic books and explaining facts to me. The way you look doing so is way attractive. Please keep telling me all of your knowledge.
P.S.S.S. You banged your thumb up, and then still rocked at bass today. you're the most kickin bass player ever.  high five for driving all our friends home.

Wedding Pictures MIA?


Dear Family that we love dearly,

Just wanted to let you know that the CD of the wedding pictures are slowly on their way. We feel very sad indeed that we havent gotten them to you pronto. The website should work, but apparently it is being funny, so I emailed our photographer and she'll check in soon. Just wanted to give you an update, so you dont think someone snooped in your mail and stole your CD of pictures.
Ben+Me+CD BURNER=fiesta.

Love, Ben and Brittany

P.S.thanks for your grace and patience.
P.S.S.S. Momma Sprague- your enchilada recipe is the bomb. Seriously. THE BOMB.


Well... This is my first post on here. This is the husband of the most beautiful, amazing, devoted, loving, funny wife. Brittany, I love you with all my heart. I'm so happy you have made this blog to chronicle our life's adventures. I know I don't tell you enough, but it is very special to me to have this. I appreciate all the hard work you do in our marriage and deeply care for you and for everything you do. I love who you are, how funny you are and how much you care about people you meet. You are the most interesting thing I have ever seen in my life and I pray I will always be there to love you and care for you and protect you.

I love you, Brittany! You are the most amazing human being on earth!

Shout out Sunday: Ben, you're dynamite


Ben, you're the best husband ever. Not only have you showed me how wonderful love is, you've taught me so much about what it means to give
You're incredible. You take me crazy fun places like the Irish fest.

and as we walk around and listen to Irish music, you laugh and dream with me of the day we'll wear matching outfits like this delicious couple. Hopefully we'll get ones in these colors.

Seriously, though you'd look hott in a kilt.

We watch cool concerts,

well..you watch cool concerts and I watch the funny mohawk kid using the mud as a slip-in-slide. 

 You make life sweet. You challenge me and make me aim higher. You don't let us settle for a good marriage.
But work with me for an excellent one.
Then when all the musics done and the crazy kids are going to the port-a-potty, you take me on pretty walks by the river.

and tell me how much you love me and crack really ridiculous jokes. Which are actually quite hilarious.

Who would have thought that we'd have such a cool weekend. or that I'd end up with such a kickin good husband.
Double shout out for you being the best roommate, adventurer, comedic, loving husband  I could have ever asked for. And the one only human on the planet that makes me pee my pants laughing every.day. Thanks for the bucket of forgiveness, love, and giddy jam sessions. 
You. Rock.

4 Simple Goals


Crafty Elsie Flannigan is having a fun blog post about setting 4 goals before 2011 to finish. I decided to join.

I decided on these:
1.  Be committed to keeping Christ & Ben the priority. 
Maybe not the simplest goal, but definitely the most important. It takes simple steps to keep.  As things get busier, I easily get 10 feet deep in what I'm involved in. Keeping J.C. and Ben as my two main squeezes makes life have so much meaning and it gives me so much JOY! I plan on keeping this goal by keeping up with the kicking journaling idea that Ben has started us on, along with our devotional and continuing to enjoy that Crazy-cool man God gave me. Ben, you make life kickin sweet. Thanks God.
Deuteronomy 24:5.

2. Enjoy the simple joys, and let those things define a 'good day' 
So often I decide the success of my days based on how accomplished I was, or how smoothly my day went. However for the rest of this year/ Fo' Life? I'm throwing out this notion. Enjoying those times when Ben looks up at me and announces "you're so beautiful," when I really hear the voice of God, when Ben cracks me up in the kitchen or when the hot stickiness of summer makes us laugh and make smoothies..which then explode all over us. Yes..THESE things=Great success. Based on these criteria? I've had an incredibly successful day.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

3. Resolving to see if I can make it, or find it for free before I go and buy it.
I CAN MAKE SO MUCH STUFF! Padfolio? Made! Need a book? ello, Library! Want an apple pie? Baked! These past few months of really watching our finances and trying to not default to purchasing things has changed my view on 'stuff' incredibly.  I have become much more creative and resourceful and it makes me SO thrilled. Giddy really. I want to keep doing this because its fuel for so many fun conversations, little craft nights and ben's "oo's" and "aahhhs" (he always gives them when I show him the new stuff I made...especially the pies) I. Love. It. and will definitely keep it up. Maybe even show you?

4. Become more concerned with loving on people, rather than ensuring they have a good opinion of me
Starting work really has challenged me in this! When I first walked in, I was so ready to show my stuff and be on my game. What I found was that so were the 1,100 involved in this section of Americore. WHICH IS AMAZING! Today Ben and I decided that we were going to really focus on just loving on individuals we met/ interacted with and...my goodness did it change my focus and the way in which I related. People have AMAZING ideas, and such beautiful life stories. Sometimes I get so busy with my own, I don't take time to look at how I can listen or help make their idea be successful.

At the end of the day, I felt so much more fulfilled knowing I supported someone else's brainchild then working to scream out my own (not that there was any screaming :P) I want to work hard on loving on and supporting the people around me. Christ can take care of the good opinion part. I want to do more listening, and encouraging instead of comparing. Rather than saying "Oh, I did something like that once" I'll say " that's really incredible." You'd be surprised the responses.
2 Corinthians 12:9-10

 What are your goals? Carry it on, make them and post your blog or the list in my comments. I'd love to find out!


Tuesday's Letters


Dear man who I am wed to for life, ever since we started the 365 Love Dare Devotionals you picked up, I have become more and more impressed with how much you rock at leading. Seriously. You rock. P.S.  You are one hott baker. Cookies have never tasted better. Dear Blender, We loved you first because you were red. However, your color should have hinted to us that you are pure.evil.  You have exploded not once, but twice at Ben and I while stirring delicious contents. You have left me and our kitchen COVERED in blueberry or strawberry liquid...Was it something we said? Please stop, or we will have to get rid of you. Dear DMV, walking into your building to get a MN license makes me feel like a 15 and a half year old again. I just hope I dont look like it to you. Dear husband with sweet dance moves, being married to you is the bomb diggidy.Best choice I've ever made. Ever

* P.S. 'Tuesday's letters is originally an idea of Today's letters. Definitely check them out. They're incredible.

Blog Makeover and New pages


Hope you all like the new look of the blog. I've added a few tabs that include some great freebies/craft DIY's and more. Take a look and tell me what you think.


Happy Library Fest



I've been reorganizing this little home like a madwoman, Finding cute printables
and making pretty crafts.
We're headin to the library tonight, and i'm giddy. We're going to take pictures
Training starts NEXT WEEK!
I have the coolest husband ever.

Why do you ask? Because he sings cheers better than any man I've ever seen. He has kickin dance moves. He makes me pee my pants. and he is up for ADVENTURE. Ben! YOU!ARE!SO!COOL!

Over and out.

Cute August Calender

This weekend we....


This weekend we car shopped all the way to st. cloud (but no car yet) went to a pretty party where we saw pretty friends, discovered a cool app on the iphone that lets you take Polaroids (I'm obsessed), Learned a whole lot about each other, took a pretty walk where i showed Ben my hardcore baseball skills (he was way impressed) and talked about all of our dreams and are happy pandas.
We even bought STUFFED CRUST PIZZA. Yes, we are livin' large. We actually were giddy about it all the drive home talking about how when are parents let us it was a real treat.

Things we learned this weekend: Christ makes life smoother. Making food together=very cool. I've got such a kickin roomate. Ben says "Oh snap!" and other random sayings while playing video games which is Hilarious. Ben learned I talk in my sleep and sleep walk (Surprise!) and we like being 'The Spragues' Stuffed Crust= THE BOMB

The end.
P.S.  I went on a sweet road trip with my favorite pal em to celebrate a very sweet girls birthday on Friday, Pictures to come soon!

"I will praise you O Lord, among the nations, I will sing of you among the peoples. For GREAT is your love, reaching to the heavens, your heavens reaching to the skies. Be exalted, O God, above the heavens let your glory be all over the earth."
Psalms 57:9-11