Two Weeks.


Sweet baby E,

You're two weeks and a few days old. We're learning. The sleep deprivation is surprisingly not so bad. It hurts at 2 AM, when you're clearly not a happy camper, but at 5 AM when your sweet little face and heavy little breath is pretty much all I can see and hear, I think "this isn't so bad."

We've figured out the diaper explosion issue, and you should be impressed. We've blocked some spray-action not once but TWICE in the last week. We're practically pro's now.

You love having water poured over  your pretty head during bath time and you like laying on your little tummy. You're a freakishly long baby, which leads us to think the Olympics might offer you a promising future. Your dad has high aspirations. I'm just excited to play around in the dirt with you and romp through the forests and collect rocks.

Your grandma has been here this week, I'm excited for when you get older and you realize just how loved you are by your family. It's a rarity little one, to have a family like ours. Both sides, your dads and mom's both love Jesus and are excited to demonstrate his awesome love. I don't think I can adequately explain what a blessing that is, but trust me-its huge.

I catch your dad staring at you sometimes. He gets this little grin on his face. He calls you perfect, and beautiful. And the trust you already have for him is enough to make this heart swell.

He's right. You're perfect. You're beautiful.

Eowyn // Week 1




You're a week old tomorrow. Which also happens to be my birthday. Pretty sure you're the best present I've ever gotten. Ever.

Right now your dad is holding you and you've got little hiccups. You won't remember this, but if you could see your dad-there would be no mistaking that you are loved beyond comprehension. 
That man loves you with a special kind of love.

So far, we've learned that you aren't too big of a fan of clothes, you'd prefer to be neked, and you'd rather not be in your car seat either. 

We pray over you before you go to bed. Its amazing to me to even begin to remember all the prayers that have been prayed over you. I can attest that God has answered hundreds of them. You're a testament to a God who answers prayers.

Funny Random bit. When you were born, your umbilical cord was wrapped around both feet-like a bungee cord. Our doctor joked that if you didn't like it out here, you could just bungee back in. 
Praise God you didn't bungee back in.

Yesterday, you officially introduced me to parenthood. I was changing your diaper, and I pulled a rookie mistake-I didn't cover your little bumpis right away with a diaper. You then, out of no where shot your poo a good 4 feet across the room (you think I'm exaggerating, your dad claims its more like 5 feet). Shocked, I tried to stop it with my hand (rookie mistake #2), then as every human would do-cried out to the only one with any control in this situation. God and Jesus were both summoned in a shriek.

Then (rookie move #3) I brought my hand to my face.  Then enters your dad. Him-thinking you fell off the table or lost an arm or something (I did, after all call out to the Almighty) sees me, with poo on my face and quickly goes into hero mode. He doesn't even laugh. That man started cleaning things up as I stood frozen-crying about how I ruined everything. He reassured everything would be a-okay.

Luckily, not all was in fact ruined. your dad ran to the store and the mess was shortly thereafter removed. This was further affirmed by you you immediately going into a peaceful slumber. You weren't too bothered by the whole event.

Your dad later admits that the drive home he was chuckling to himself over the whole ordeal. By the end of the night, and in writing this story- I find it pretty funny too. I'm especially excited for when we get to tell stories like this at your graduation parties and the like. Hah. (just kidding...)


You have awesome facial expressions. And awesome monkey arms and legs. You have a little mullet head going on in the back of your head and you like to either a) be sucking on your tongue, or b) be breathing out of that mouth. It makes for a sweet sight either way. 

At 2 in the morning, I think that's when it hits me that you are actually ours. I really like that reality.

Miss Eowyn Christine


On Friday the 13th, Little Miss Eowyn Christine made her grand entrance. She was a little over 4 weeks early, but we have a sneaking suspicion she was in fact older than we estimated. After taking the last available room at our hospital, and 18 hours of back-labor we got to meet our sweet baby girl. All 6 lbs, 13 ounces of her.

We got to stick around the hospital extra days to make sure she was healthy and ensuring she didn't spike in jaundice. Now she is safe and sound at home. We keep gushing. She's absolutely perfect and that husband of mine makes an even better dad then I ever could have imagined ( and I did a lot of delighting over the idea.)

She came out looking just like him, but everyday starts looking a little more like her momma. The nurses kept commenting on how pretty she is (they sure know how to make a momma beam) and that shrieky high pitched little scream-cry she's likes to surprise us with still is something we smile at when she lets us hear it. She's got a voice, and shes fond of using it. That little falcon-shriek child.

Her little personality is already coming through. By day 5, (wow its day 5 already?) she's already showing her likes and dislikes, and her overall easy going nature. Again, she takes after that chill dad of hers. 

 We're overwhelmingly joyful over her being here. And so thankful for all the love we've experienced by our family and friends who came and have already brought us food, visited, and even cleaned our home. Thank you! Sincerely, thank you.

Now I'm off to go absorb all the adorableness emanating from that little body. Looking forward to documenting all sorts of crazy things that little girl is bringing.

The Day You Came

Colorado Photo Bomb



Back in 2009, I sent this pretty little postcard to Mr. Ben. We weren't married yet, and in fact-weren't even engaged yet (but was already saying I love you-bold move, Brittany, bold move.)  I got to go with my family to our family reunion and spent many of the late evenings calling him just to hear his voice and see how he was doing. I remember saying that if we got married-He'd come with me someday.

Well that happy day arrived, and a few weeks ago we got the pleasure to go to Colorado for a Thompson family reunion together. 

The Thompson Clan gets together roughly every 2 years for a big family reunion. It's actually pretty remarkable that we can gather 44 people from across the nation and mexico to all get together for  few days. It was a great time, and Ben's 1st reunion. Here are a few pictures we captured from the event. Most of them are with my immediate family in that I really only took pictures during the traveling and the little adventure we took one of the days-the rest was spent having good conversations and playing games. 


I think Ben's hunky-dory smile in this last picture is a riot. And the apparent peace sign I'm making in a picture above was taken on our two year anniversary! The entire road trip was a joy and the views we got to see were absolutely incredible. God did a good job in His creation. 

35 weeks