Not Leaving :: Guest Post on Coffee + Crumbs


image by Emily Gnetz

Several months ago, I was feeling brave and began to think about what a big grown up woman like myself would aspire to for this year. One of the thoughts to make the list was to write and be published on one of the websites I love. When I saw Coffee + Crumbs was taking submissions back in Feb. I jumped on board and submited. Imagine my pure delight when they said "Yes! We like it!" 

Today I get the great priviledge of talking about marriage and the harder side of it over on Coffee + Crumbs.

It would be an honor for you to read it. This post is all sorts of tender and real for us and the response has already warmed my heart and made me say "yes! yes! this is why I write!" The 'me too.' oh those blessed two little words.

 It's a beautiful thing to see all that has grown and changed in these past 9 months. Having this post come now seems timely and beautiful. 

If you'd like, take a look. "Not Leaving"

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