Road Trip!


Apple and blueberry pie baked, presents wrapped, bags packed, fish fed, and Christmas music playing...

We'll be celebrating all sorts of merriness over in Wisconsin this week! We're P.U.M.P.E.D

Hope all of those who lay eyes on this post have an incredible Christmas and celebrate our Savior being born. If you haven't decided to follow Christ, do business with him, accept him as your personal Lord, Savior and Ruler in your life. Just think, he came to take away all of our sins so that we can have a relationship with the God that created EVERY thing. God loves with a deep and unquenchable love. Don't turn away from that. You'll never be satisfied fully in anyone or thing except by Him.

Merry Christmas!

Ben & Brittany

P.S. Dear Ben...

A Social Network Christmas



Loved this when Pastor Steve shared this. Thought I'd share...

Music for this Christmas


Well lovely ladies and gentleman,

There is no doubt that we have snow. A lot of snow. All those in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area are probably just like me right now and having a major case of cabin fever! To make even the snowed in days all the more jolly, the pretty lady taza offered up a link to some fantastic Christmas music. I thought I'd share. Here.

Ha ha hilarious...


  What does one do when their husband fits...oh like...7 of these?
Embrace it. Then hit up the comic book store.
P.S. the idea of a comic book table is awesome...just saying

100th Post! Celebration Soundtrack!


For my 100th post (hazaah!)
I wanted to do something a little different.
Here's some pretty music that I love...

Trying to pick which style of music to share with you all, I decided just to share the playlist I have been listening these past few weeks. Its cold here, and kind of dark, I think due to that.. the music might have a more sombering mood (not so celebratory...but still oh-so-lovely). Hopefully you like it as much as I do. Listen.and enjoy.

Much Love. The Husband and I have got some kickin plans this weekend. See you on the other side!

Need something to do this weekend?


Definately check out the beautiful No Coast Craft-O-Rama this Friday or Saturday!
Your favorite Ben & Brittany (thats us) will be there Saturday in the mornin with their favorite friend Grace. Hope you are too!

10 things you didn't know about us...


Hi there,

Its been a little bit quite around this little site. Mostly because we've been flying and when we're not flying we're busy working at our very busy, but very awesome jobs. In the meantime, I thought it would be neat to give you a special 10 things you didn't know about mr. Ben and I. Double points if you actually know these things in that they are rather random...

Random Facts
Number One: Ben loves chocolate milk, but doesn't like normal milk. ( I found this out today...)

Number Two: Brittany has a promising career of cartoon voices. Ben tells her so on a regular basis

Number Three: Whenever Ben and I are driving together and spot a vacant building, we draft up plans for a comic book shop/ cupcake shoppe

Number Four: Brittany dreams of opening up a bakery with a nerdy style and pretty cupcakes and pies

Number Five: Ben is incredibly good at drumming. He learned his skills at rockband. At first I doubted, but he's shown me. He's amazing-on real drums

Number Six: Brittany has played violin for 5 years, doesn't talk about it much, and doesn't play for anyone but ben and her parents cuz she gets nervous. She's actually okay at it.

Number Seven: Ben collects comic books and from this he has taken his wife to the most obscure places on the planet.He brings her because she's amazing at treasure hunting. His voice heightens in excitement when he sees a huge amount of comic books and general states " NO WAY!"

Number Eight :  Brittany loves taking pictures of Ben and making Ben shrines because he's so hunky.

Number Nine: Ben has a man crush on the entire Band of Relient K.

Lucky Number 10: This next month we'll be married for 6 whole months!

Soon, I'll show you all our pretty pictures of animals, food, thanksgiving and pretty sunsets....Hooray!

Dear Husband.....


You're the bee's knees.

Thanks for getting us home safe and sound, for making me breakfast, and for rocking out to christmas toons.

Mrs. Sprague, thanks for letting us stay at your cozy home and eat your delicious food for an entire week. You're the bomb. Plus, thanks for the pretty necklace you helped me make.

Dear Snow, I like Arizona better.

Dear 27 days till we celebrate jesus' Birthday...I'm super pumped about you.

Ben, you're so rad....

A little funny to brighten your day.....

Letter to my 16-year-old self....


A few of my friends in the blog community have been posting letters to their sixteen-year-old selves. I love reading them. They are quite thought provoking. It left me thinking what I would tell my self if I could. If I could write my little sweet self, I would tell you this:

If you're reading this right when you turned 16, you're ridiculously excited because you can finally date! . Kudos in letting the boy you will date ask you and not jumping the gun by asking him. Its a good lesson to learn and will serve you later in life. The boy you're thinking of right now, you'll  make a year and a quarter commitment and ride that out, but I have to tell you (somewhat reassuringly) it will end. Don't work yourself up thinking that this relationship is the 'one' nor worry about him when you begin to feel like its not. In fact, I recommend not spending the later 6 months of the relationship debating if you really want this, let it go once you start feeling it. Enjoy his friendship, and treasure the time. You'll reminisce later, but ultimately, he'll move on and so will you.(In fact, he'll have a girlfriend in less than a few months after you guys break up. Yes, you won that bet.)

Since that will be the case, spent some more time with your girlfriends and with that one crazy guy friend of yours. One of your girlfriends will turn out to be your closest friend through college and even marriage (but I won't tell you which one.) So invest in all of them, wisely. Your girlfriends are precious. And so are you.

You worry a lot about how you look, its in part because of some of the 'friends' you choose, if any guy or girl for that matter begins to joke about you losing weight, dont internalize it. In fact, go ahead and quit being their friend. You wait to do this far past the due date, and then have to sort through a lot of comments just to realize that none of them were true. Listen to your mom, she knows the truth and sees that your 115 pounds is just fine. (And it is.)

On that note, you may not realize it, but I think you vaguely do....your parents really matter. You end up spending a great deal of your senior year with them which later influences your college years. Your mom is incredible, and there's a TON more to her than you know. You get to find out how strong she is and how wonderful she is in college. Your dad will end up talking you through some of your most gut-wrenching college lectures and your mom will comfort you through a good chunk of your young adult life. So appreciate the sweetness of hanging out with them and laughing with them. You'll get to later, but its not the same as when you see their faces everyday and your mom does your laundry. By the way, you should thank her for that.

Now there's a friend of yours in particular that you need to let go. Its a boy, and he's mean to you. Your mom was right, he's not worth investing in a friendship. Listen. Its okay to have some friendships die so that you can spend your energies on the people that really care for you. You don't realize how much your friends treasure you and you chase after friendships that don't really matter. Luckily, your friends are more loyal than you are and they stay by your side. Choose not to put them through that. Treasure them. You have INCREDIBLE friends, who grow up to be even more remarkable people.

Be apart of their lives...don't insist they're just a part of yours.

Other than that, I'm happy to say you turn out okay. You find out who you are even after your sister leaves. You end up having an amazing college roommate and some really great college girlfriends.You land a pretty sweet gig and you marry a man with a beard (weird I know!) He ends up being even better than you ever dreamed up at 16, or 21 for that matter, and you live in a big city and help people that live there. Your college years are really fun, but don't spend so much time looking for 'the one.' You actually meet him right away (like...first semester) but aren't ready for any type of relationship anyways, nor will you realize how awesome he is for a while quit while your ahead and wait for him to tell you (and trust me he will tell you Loud and Clear.) You make some smart moves in college and you pick the best guy on all of campus (and all the other campuses in fact) to be your husband. and you turn 21 without having partied and are quite okay with that. Your choices aren't the average college experience, but leave you with some dignity that you didn't go with the flow.Everything turns out really good. There will be times when you think I've lied to you and it doesn't feel like it...but trust me, it really is wonderful.

I want you to work really hard at this one thing: Pay attention to the here and now and stop worrying about the future. Think "One Day at a Time." If you dont, you'll race through your life and feel like you've been cheated. So just stop and rest.

Now go hug your mom, call your friends and invite them over and don't' spend so much time on the phone, get out and travel your tiny town and take pictures! You later will put these pictures in scrapbooks and treasure these moments fondly!

Over all, britt I've gotta tell you, Life turns out even better than you hoped it would.

What would you say to your 16 year old self?If you choose to write a letter and would like to share it, link it in the comments and I'll be sure to read it. Its such a good thing to think about....Happy Friday!

Overtime, Chocolate cheesecake and weird fish..


So, I've been wondering about Mr. Bruce lately. He's a pretty odd fish, and does some pretty funny things. This we know and we accept. However, most recently he's been digging his head in the rocks.. he puts his head underneath the little rocks and just hangs out there and doesn't move. (Ha, yes I've moved the tank around and he is not in fact dead.) I keep checking on him thinking he died...but he didn't..he just likes to stick his head in the ground...He's an odd little one, but he's family...

To be honest, these past two weeks have been pretty hectic. I keep holding my breath and counting to ten just to feel less stressed. (It works, if you haven't tried it, just take a SUPER deep breath and count to ten, breathing out you'll feel tingly.)
In order to deal with the lack of sunlight and the lack of sleep what do I do?

1. Plan out vacations Ben and I are going to. Italy, Little weekend getaways, random advertisements that show up in my mailbox from the airlines.... :)

2.Plan out all sorts of christmas presents

3.Make Pies!

This cute freebie is sitting on my fridge. It helps me breath a little. Ben walked into the kitchen after I printed it, read the quote and said "Truth..." He then later commented how he liked that sign we put on our fridge (*hint hint*) ha...  So...I made him chocolate cheesecake tonight while he was gone (not pie, but still delicious.) I'm excited to show him. I even took a chocolate covered wafer and skinned it to have chocolate shavings. It looks pretty fantastic, surprisingly enough. I'm pumped.
Just FYI: If my life plans fail, I'm opening up a bakery. I may do so anyways. I really do love it.

So folks, the Spragues are two tired people, but we're counting the days till we get to see Ben's fam! (We're Pumped to see you guys!) and in the meantime eating pie (or cheesecake.)

Things on the Agenda....


1. Make Pad Thai-Homemade-Holla! (I never knew there was such a thing as 'fish sauce...")

2. Going on a hott date with my now shaven, baby-faced husband (yay for novembeard competitions)

3. Make pretty Christmas Presents!


5. Chocolate Cheesecake
 6. Breana having a baby (any time now little boy child)
7. Snuggling since the weathers getting chilly.
8. ROCKBAND (I will rock someday)
9. Dancing for Jesus
10. GOING TO ARIZONA in 3 weeks!

(All pictures were google imaged: Pad Thai, beard, rosette bib necklace,Vote, and Chocolate Cheesecake")

P.S. In btwn these very exciting moments are very normal moments. Although I tend to write solely about the great things about our lives, I hope my lovely readers realize that we both have downer-days and sad moments. This blog is simply a way for us to praise Jesus for all his greatness. Our struggles and heartache are for us to struggle through and become victorious. Not for good ol blog entries. (Just wanted you to know, so you know theres a whole lot of realness and normalness to the lives of beardless men and crazy haired women.)

We meet again...


Well my lovely friends, still no Nora. I feel like I've lost a child. Except I didn't notice how much I'd miss her till she was gone. Which I'm pretty sure in real life would be fairly poor parenting. Never the less....soon. She will return.

EXCITING things are happening in the Sprague household.

For starters, We have Rock band 3. and have instantly made new friends (Aha, so THAT'S how you get couples to your house....) Ben already rocks at the piano, which is a pity...since I still fail at it. I suppose that's how video games will always go. Sad Panda. (Ben is playing a Hispanic song as we speak. This makes me heart super no complaints. Juanez forever. )

I've decided we're moving to Italy/Greece tonight..not like TONIGHT, but this decision has been made this evening..... (Ofcourse, I decided tokyo like last month...but I'm pretty sure we really are going to live here.) In fact, living in Italy was one of the conditions I had when marrying my husband (Ben may deny it, but he agreed to one day live in italy with me for alteast 6 months.) So, start saving money, you can stay in our house. It just might not happen for another 25 years.

In other more recent news, Grace and I saw an albino squirrel on Sunday and she gave me the next idea we're having for a party here. Grace you really are the dream woman. PLUS I got not one but TWO orders of my wedding pictures because the mail fails, but snapfish ROCKS. Its cold outside, but we have great fall sweaters! and...we just found out that Papa Murphy makes an INSANE stuffed pizza...Really, we're beginning to question our entire lives after discovering this pizza...if this pizza exists..what else are we missing? The possibilities are endless.

In other news, we're on the hunt for 9 comic books that were written last year and I'm making an insane amount of paper cranes. Its the small crazy things that make life so ridiculously awesome...

So Friends, Hope your life is as exciting as ours...or even more so.

P.S. I saw a woman texting in the car next to me. Therefore I witnessed a crime in Minnesota.

P.S.S. We get to go to cheese land tomorrow to see my growing bellied sister and my sweet momma bear! yes. my life is really pure bliss.

I will leave you with an image of what young love looks like. This was taken the WEEK we decided to like each other (radical isn't it?)

Reasons why our life is awesome.


1. Nora got a broken face, but we got to take her to the store and she will be fixed in 3 weeks for free. Yay for insurance. (sad day that I cant take a picture for practically a month)
2. We had a fire in our apartment building, some crazy arson set off our mailboxes...the whole area is chared, but when we checked our mail the next morning-it was still there. Hazzah.
3. We got our wedding pictures & they are the bomb.
4. My crazy dreams prove to be false. Which is always a good thing.
5. My sister is going to have a baby in any second, which is kickin.
6. Ben is hott.
7. No Mouse sighting since the fishbowl. I think we have a reputation now.
8. Its almost november and it hasn't snowed yet. This is a good thing. (knock on wood)
9. Ben's birthday is next week, and he's getting the coolest presents ever. Fact.
10. Its fall.

From a very special little blog I bring you this...


I found these two little bits of goodness here.I thought i'd share...


"I got out of bed
on two strong legs.
It might have been
otherwise. I ate
cereal, sweet
milk, ripe, flawless
peach. It might
have been otherwise.
I took the dog uphill
to the birch wood.
All morning I did
the work I love.

At noon I lay down
with my mate. It might
have been otherwise.
We ate dinner together
at a table with silver
candlesticks. It might
have been otherwise.
I slept in a bed
in a room with paintings
on the walls, and
planned another day
just like this day.
But one day, I know,
it will be otherwise."

Jane Kenyon

" The egoism from which I should like to protect you is not the constant tendency to be continually and exclusively absorbed in our own interests and to sacrifice to them the interests, rights and happiness of others. This egoism is incompatible with any form of virtue, and even with any honest feeling; it would be too much to bear if I felt it necessary to protect you from such a feeling.
I am discussing the egoism which, in everyday life, makes us see everything in terms of our own health, our convenience, our tastes and our well-being; an egoism which keeps us in some sense in the presence of ourselves, which feeds on the small sacrifices it imposes on others without feeling, and almost without knowing, their injustice; an egoism, which finds whatever suits it natural and just, and whatever harms it unjust and bizarre, and which complains loudly about caprice and tyranny if someone else, while humoring it, thinks also of himself.
This failing diminishes benevolence and harms and cools friendship. We become dissatisfied with others, because their self- denial can never be sufficient. We become dissatisfied with ourselves, because our vague, aimless mood develops into a constant, painful feeling which we no longer have the strength to escape.
If you want to avoid this misfortune, ensure that the feelings of equality and justice become second nature to you. Expect and demand from others only a little less than you would do for them. If you make sacrifices for them, appreciate them for what they really cost you and not according to the fact that they are sacrifices. Seek compensation for them in your reason, which will assure you that they would be reciprocated, and in your heart, which will tell you that they do not need to be. You will find that life in society is more pleasant and, dare I say, more convenient, if you live for others. Only then do you truly live for yourself. "
1794, Marquis de Condorcet



Well cadets, my rockstar of a husband is kickin it out in the wild for this weekend with all the men of our church. So, I myself was in need of some adventure.That need, my beloved friends led to a very glorious weekend indeed.

Without further adieu; Reasons why the past 24 hours have been ridiculous and delightful:

1. I Spent some time with one of the most genuinely wonderful women of this century

2. Laughed a good deal at the ridiculousness and irony of our lives.
Thats a cork..with a screw and a broken cork-screw. She-hulk unveiled.

3. Had Chai tea (twice!), spaghetti and a large amount of deliciousness. Holy Bamoly

4. Went on a ridiculous 4.5 mile adventure through the woods, where I learned about more trees than I can remember, (thanks, grace) and I was explained why fall is the way it is (Double thanks, grace) and was told about several invasive species of MN. There's some knowledge to be learned out there folks.
 And some crazy pastures to tromp in.

5. Walked away feeling very, very happy to have such a wonderful life,
and singing Hooray for friends that remind me of how crazy awesome life is.

 P.S. Grace, You're the hot sauce to my tamale.

Hope all of your weekends are lovely as well!

Happy weekend!


Dear beloved readers.

I have two very odd stories for you.

Story number one.
Husband and Wife (AKA Ben & Brittany) Had a mouse problem. As is proper, we attempted to block out all the holes and caught a few, put all edible things in indestructible containers and after much hard labor did not spot another mouse(6, yes 6 mousies later). Victory was assumed, and was celebrated accordingly.

A few weeks later, Wife is deep cleaning because her most dear friend Grace is coming over for a sleepover. and she notices a few little mouse bits (if you know what i mean) and thinks ("I think we may still have a mouse...") and tells her husband when he comes home "I think we may still have a mouse." Husband has a dream that night about a mouse infestation. True story.

The story is not over. In fact, its only begun....
the following morning, the wife wakes up and goes to the kitchen

Wife starts screaming out her husbands name in panic

Husband comes in bewildered and sees what she's screaming about

Can you guess?
no you certainly can. not.

Bruce, Our AMAZING beta fish (practically our child) was swimming at the top of his tank...with a DEAD MOUSE at the bottom of it. A mouse dead in our fish tank. Bruce was just hanging out at the top...and there was a dead mouse at the bottom. (yes i did just repeat that fact three times...) I'm still overwhelmed by the fact.

this is scientific proof of 3 things.
1. We did in fact still have a mouse (although now we can truly celebrate victory)
2. Bruce is a ninja
3. the 5 mouse traps? not effective. One fish bowl? affective indeed.

Any PETA that read this blog, I didn't intentionally drown the poor little creature.
Although I'm not very sad he is dead.

Story number two:
Professional Brittany is at her desk trying to act very professional on a this lovely Friday.Brittany then stumbles upon this hilarious video linked from rockstar diaries

Brittany tries to hold in laughter for the entire mini-video.
Brittany almost combusts.

ITS SO ADORABLE. Watch it and giggle.

MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

Story time is over. HAVE A HAPPY WEEKEND.

50 things...


Once upon a time, even before married to mr. ben, I wrote this. I thought I would repost it. It makes me happy.

1. His name is John Benjamin, hers is Brittany Lynne.
2. He's graduated and she will be graduating in May from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.
3. They both wear glasses.
4. He has the coolest dance moves any one has ever seen. ever.
5. He has a ridiculously handsome smile and laugh. and she falls in love with it every time she hears it.
6. they do little dances in the kitchen. and he helps me make food, but then every time thanks her, as if she did it all myself.
7. He has a freckle right in the middle of his eyebrows. she has a freckle everywhere.
8. We have all our children's names picked out, with the exception of one.
9. He tells her his secrets, and she tells him hers.
10. His prayers are always long, and he generally forgets what he was supposed to be praying for :) but she love them all the same.
11. He plays bass, both the cool band kind and the cool orchestra kind, and she plays violin, and piano and sings.
12. they sing reliant K songs in the car together
13. He's so ridiculous. shes goofy. We're the goofiest people to ever live.
14. if he had his way, our wedding would be medieval style.
15. He has a car named Otis. Which she loves with all her heart.
16. He is the most considerate man she have ever met.
17. We both want a puggle. (its a super cute dog)...well I want a puggle, and someday so will he, after much convincing. (which i don't understand why there needs to be any convincing :))
18. He likes mac n Cheese with hot dogs, she likes ramen.
19. We play video games together. Correction, he plays video games and she tries to play them too.
20. He's quick to make things right. We're quick to get over fights. Probably because he's so gracious
21. When she's grumpy he doesn't call her out on it. He's so loving. so gracious.
22. Ben has amazing stories of his college years, from t-shirt competitions to weird guys in his hallways, to long Saturdays playing certain card games.Its her favorite when he starts reminiscing. His face lights up.
23. She love the way he worships.
24. He's a software developer, she's going to be in the non-profit field (counseling/social work)
25. He goes on photo shoots with her and has these ridiculously awesome ideas. she loves it.
26. I fall more in love with everyday.
27.She's never met a more sincere man.
28. He's gentle and so fun to watch when around kids. He's going to be the best dad Ever.
29. He makes crazy plans with her. And stays up talking to her.
30. He's 6'2'' she's 5' 4''
31. He wants to go to Japan, she wants to go to Italy, and France, and Greece, and Africa, and Romania
32. We're concert junkies.
33. We have plans bigger than Texas.
34. He's so intelligent. The smartest in the galaxy
35. They talk theology in long car rides, and everyone always wins.
36. Chipotle.
37. He takes her to fancy places she's never ever been, Like 'spill the wine,' and rain-forest cafe. And he takes her on roller coasters. He's so rad.
38. They play dress up and get all fancy for dates.
39. He liked her freshman year, she told him no.
40. Two years later,she liked him, and he liked her back.
41. He proposed to her on her parents 25th wedding anniversary. at the prettiest park, with the shiniest ring she had ever seen.
42. Now she will never take it off. Ever. And she will be blinded by its brilliance in class and at work and everywhere she goes for all the days of her life.
43. She draws her future name on several notes and types up her assignments that way.
44. He tells her sweet things at night, and in the morning, and in the mid noon.
45. He's quite a romantic. And she loves it. very very much.
46. She sits next to him knitting and surfing craft websites, and he plays video games and 'oo's and 'aaa's all of her crafty ideas.
47. She gets giddy realizing how awesome of a man she has and is so excited to see him every. day of her life.
48. No man has ever come close to being as charming, as smart, as able, as strong, as courageous, as honest, or as sincere as he is. She realizes this every morning, and falls right back in love with him every second.
49. She likes photography and road trips, He likes spending time with her and chilling.
50. He is everything she has ever wanted. And God is so good.

Quick Weekend Note


Hey Fam & Friends

The posts have been a little sparse lately.This weekend we plan on updating and revamping this pretty little blog and adding some posts on all the exciting things we've been doing. We've got a sweet Thai Date, a photoshoot,  and some much-needed down time planned in between the busy-ness! So, plan on seeing a sweet new header and new posts come Monday. In the meantime have a kickin weekend!

P.S. for all of you in the twin cities area, word on the street is the Fall 'art crawl' is this weekend in St. Paul. Definately check it out, a few of my besties will be there!

Much Love,
Ben & Brittany

Beta Approved


Beautiful ones,
I've been finding a few exciting pockets of goodness on the world wide web and figured I'd share in the wealth. Here are 3 of the things I'm giddy about:

1.Freebies 4 Mom. A blog that offers a cornucopia of information regarding free stuff like magazines and other pretty special items (i even got a razor pack. SCORE!). Its pretty helpful for the amount of pictures Ben & I develop because she often will give hints about special free prints! Right now she's even talking about a free REDBOOK subscription which is one of my favorite magazines. If ya'll haven't checked her out. Definitely do. You'll be clappin and giggling with when you find out all the kickin stuff you've discovered. She even has a mail list that sends freebie notifcations to your e-mail box. Um. Pretty cool. If I do say so myself.

2. HOLY BAMOLY! An Owl Calender? Bre would definitely dig this. You can select all sorts of different owl prints and it creates a very special calender. Pretty AMAZING. Make one and you can send your thanks to me later.

3. CupCakes? Magazine? Cupcake magazine? double back flip for that one.
Heres a super cute online magazine that the pretty Rachel Denbow (A blog I've followed since I was just a wee high school student) was featured in. Its super cute. Beta Approved

Enjoy and happy Thursday!

Reasons why Ben is the bomb diggity


First Date!

1. He lets me buy ridiculous amounts of pumpkins in honor of the fall
2. He exterminates mice with is bare hands (okay not really, but he does get rid of them)
3. He has karate moves that would terrify millions
4. he has smooth dance moves that would woo the masses (especially this freckle kid)
5. He helps  me make grub  and he adds a hunky bit of love to every dish
6. He reads comic books and is a genius
7. Speaking of Genius, He stimulates my brain till it fees like it will implode! ! "We are in 3 dimensions but our shadows are in the 2nd, so if God were to pass before us, its possible his shadow would be in the 3rd dimension..Maybe that's what Moses saw when God passed before him-it was only his shadow...."Who would have thought I'd be sitting here thinking about the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even 5th dimensions....Holy Moly
8. He's really good looking. Like...Reeeeeeeeeeeealy gooooooood looking.
9. He got a haircut which makes number 8 squared. Yum-o
10. We discover kickin' music together and he makes my heart go pitter patter with his music abilities. I married a rock star, people.

Hey Mr., Comic book store tonight?
UNCLE SVENS! Pound it.

Tuesdays Letters

Dear Kickin Husband, Being sick? Not so cool, Being sick together and thus getting to eat icees and hot chocolate to make our throats feel better? A little more rad. Thanks for always sharing, even when it hurts.  Dear Tuesdays, If it wasn't for you, I may not blog on a consistent basis. You're good for me. Dear fall and October, you have transformed my little house into a pumpkin patch. I love you. Dear Mouses (aka mice) that are STILL ALIVE. We've killed a small portion of your family, we're sad about making your clan die, and would rather you just leave. Please a) start reading this blog so you can be aware of our intentions. b) pack up your little mouse bags and c) Leave forever. You can also just do C. Dear Man of my life, 4.5 hour car rides,  singing in crazy falsetto to Avril Lavigne while driving  (HOTT) and making out in parking lots? (Yum to the O) Makes you the coolest man ever. Please lets repeat these until we meet Jesus.

Over & Out.

P.S. Young Boys & Girls: Cooties are Real. They don't go away till your married.

* P.S. 'Tuesday's letters is originally an idea of Today's letters. Definitely check them out. They're incredible.  

Fall Makes My Heart Happy


These are 3 projects for this week:



& something like this:
Show you soon!

XO. Britt

Tuesdays Letters


Dear sweet-husband- bass-player, I watch you during worship and definitely check you out. I'm not sure if that's a ok or not, but you look very good.looking.when you worship. Just admiring God's creation! Dear 6:00 AM you come too soon. Not too sure if Ben & I are going to get used to waking up when you come around...even the sun doesn't. I suggest showing up a little later. Dear Leaves I collect on walks, you're so bright when i get you and then you get crispy crunchy at the end of the day. You're an interesting analogy for life. I hope I dont get crispy.  Dear Husband. We've made it for 3 whole months having a pretty light schedule, now its crazy! Glad I have you to remind me to put on my helmet.
P.S. Dear nephew that's soon turning 4. You better digg your present, if you don't.... we'll totally take it (even though we wont be able to use it cuz its small size. Still...) Get ready to crown us the coolest relatives you have (I won't tell mom)

* P.S. 'Tuesday's letters is originally an idea of Today's letters. Definitely check them out. They're incredible.  

Weekend Inspiration


P.S. In Pandora if you type in "Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop" (By Landon Pigg) A station will form. This station will deliver the best music to ever be known to man. and woman.

Future Travel Plans:Tokyo


I've had several dreams the past few nights about moving to a foreign country. In fact, last night I had a crazy wild dream that we packed up and did so in six months. When I woke up, I realized that I had a year left with Americorps (where I serve) and so six months of moving to a different country is not really going to happen. ...but after my service?..... I'm pretty sure we should move. I don't think my rents would be all too pleased (Hi mom!) But it gives both sets a reason to vacation to a cool new place. I think its just my subconscious getting upset I graduated early instead of studying abroad. (So glad I graduated early)  I didn't really want to do all that traveling alone, I wanted a hott hunk to take me. Now that I have him (Ben, you really are smokin), we need to pack. I think I'll discuss this with my husband tonight.

I'm pretty sure he'll be stoked.

P.S. So, this morning when I went and saw how big our little group has grown (16 people! Thats a Soccer team!PLUS SOME) I was P.U.M.P.E.D. thanks to those who chose to join our little love-fest. You=ROCK

Seriously. You made my day.
Where would you move to?

Happy Monday


This little weekend was quite magical! We played a few games of Halo, ( I'm getting better. Slowly.) We went to  a really wonderful Bible-study-leader training and there, we met the coolest couple ever! We'll be co-leading a b-stud through the year with them and are very VERY excited. (Both Ben and I were pretty Giddy at just how cool they are. They really are fantastic) I then, got to go out with some of my lovely friends to celebrate the lovely Emily's Birthday and we watched Total Babe at First Ave.

Sunday was pretty lovely as well. We went and bought some things we were needing, tried to kill a mouse (no luck) and bought some delicious smoothies/shakes at Culver's as a last hoorah of summer. We also got to chat with the 'rents, Sprague-side, which always warms our hearts. Very successful weekend.

Little secret:
I've been listening to The Civil Wars 
They 're my music for fall. Check them out and download their music free. I've been crushing on them for over a year now and think they're pretty rad, maybe you will to. If the Indie, chill, coffee shop feel is to your liking.

For this week:
I get to make a GA- zillion Birthday Cards for Meals on Wheels, make a few projects like this and watch the colors change. As most Minnesotans, I love fall! In fact last night I dug out all my fall/winter clothing and was so enthused at all the cuteness I've had packed away for the past 6 months.

Hope you had a lovely weekend and a happy, happy Monday!

Such a Cool little project


 I was just reading this little page about this man in Copenhagen. Thought I'd share. So cool eh?

I wonder what would happen if we did something like this in good ol MPLS

Morning Thoughts


I once had a coworker tell me that in a marriage one of 3 things would most often be strained. To expect these things would save frustertration and hard ache. "Your finances, your relationship with a family member or your health will always be under pressure." She was going through some financial strain at the time, but counted herself blessed because she would rather that then her relationships or health.

I was driving to work today after droping off my ridiculously incredible husband. (I'm really not exaggerating with these statements. He really is wonderful) and realized just how blessed I really am.

There is no doubt that even in these past few months of marriage we've had some hard ache, some uncomfortable moments and some major times of prayer, but at the end of every day we've had peaceful rest and wake up loving eachother and our lives just the same.

I really am blessed and would bargain that most of all us really are quite blessed. I know that some of us are struggling with major health, financial and relationship issues and I dont want to belittle those in any way. I want to encourage you though that it one thing we can count on. Life with issues is a constant, and what a joy it is that when we get to heaven the things we'll count on is joy, peace and no more tears.

Things I'm thankful for:
* The fact that my house being invaded by a little mouse is not in fact a cockroach or other bigger, scarier or uglier little guy.
* The beautiful way Ben wakes me up in the morning
* Dinner time, and crazy laughter
*The guy with the Utah license driving infront of us this morning. and Ben's ridiculous wit
* The Love Dare 365 day challenge.
* Dr Pepper
* The sacrificial leading of my husband.
* The funniness of my mom and sister and I combined. My stomach aches always afterwards.
* My dads calmness about life.
* My husbands optimism about circumstances, and the way he'll be on my defense and help me with my problems.
*My Coworkers, and how they make me laugh. Especially two lovely ladies
*The way that time moves. I once had a friend tell me "The one thing I love about time/life is that it keeps moving." I agree. Its quite comforting.
* Chai Tea
* Dreams about becoming a photographer, Graphic designer, church worker, teacher, etc. and my incredible husband who gets as excited as I do
*The idea that Ben and I will a) ride a ferris wheel b) Go to one of the coasts without planning the trip c) have season photo shoots for life :) and d) Someday make a sweet family with crazy hairs.
* The way ben tells me he loves me and that he'll never leave me no matter what. He tells me sometimes at random...and it makes me light-headed with gratitute.

I am Blessed.

Stay Warm in the rain!

Tuesdays Letters


Dear Very incredible Husband, When you took me on a walk last night, you started crunching on all the leaves on purpose. The leaf crunching fight that I BEAT YOU IN (just kidding) kind of made my week. Thanks for still having a child-like heart and for taking me on pretty walks and holding my hand. Dear Nora the Nikon, Your beautifulness astounds me. I love that you and I get to be friends for ever.  Dear Dreams of future, thinking of all the things that Ben and I get to do makes me so excited I could pee my pants. Thanks for letting us think about you. Dear Jesus, you're so cool. Thanks for giving me the hottest guy ever, both inside and out. and for forgiving me of all my sins...and for being the best friend I've ever wanted. Dear Beloved, We're working to become really good friends, which includes doing eachothers fun stuff....You rock at Magic. and I fail. But. thanks for letting me beat you yesterday. I felt very nerdy and very cool.

* P.S. 'Tuesday's letters is originally an idea of Today's letters. Definitely check them out. They're incredible.  

W00t W00t


So....ever since high school I've had a little girl crush on Ms. Elsie Flannigan
and TODAY I found out that Elsie and her boo will be at the craft fair! in 3 hours We will be driving on the first girls trip me, my sista and my mom have ever been on. PLUS with news that Elsie will be there.


Dear mom, thank you for buying all the snacks, I know there will be an ample supply of dr. pepper and deliciousness. Dear Breana Banana, letting us drive there in the mini-van makes this adventure that much hipper. Dear Renegade Craft Fair. I haven't met you yet, But i already know. This is love.

Tuesday's Letters


Dear paint set, for the past 2 weeks I have been letting the children I've been entertaining play with you. Today, however, I played with you too. 6 cards later I realized I was hoging all the paper and paints...oops. Thanks for making me feel like a 4th grader again, and for getting  my fingers all messy. Dear Captain Awesome, You are indeed awesome and I'm happy you are mine. You looked ridiculously attractive walking to work today. I checked you out the whole time. For real. Dear Laundry, why should I wash you? You're just going to get dirty again.  Dear crazy children that have taught me ALOT about what it means to be sassy. You make me feel quite cool, and quite sassy, I kind of want to start shaking my finger and getting some sway in my walk like you do. Unfortunately, I'll just look odd, while you all look adorable and cool. Dear Hus to the band, Pretty sure that being married to you is like mixing pop rocks and soda, and then doing back flips. It makes me so happy I explode.

* P.S. 'Tuesday's letters is originally an idea of Today's letters. Definitely check them out. They're incredible. 

Thankful Day number 2


Dear 9 blog followers who I love dearly,

Your small number makes me feel like a cute little pose, I love that you come and visit me.. And when or if our family someday grows, for you I will always be thankful

Dear cute little blog: Color me Katie you are my newest favoritest blog. Thank you for letting me find you and leaving ben laughing at improv stuff all night.

Dear Ridiculously amazing husband. went on a very large rant about how aliens with an ingenius use for alluminum foil and other metal would come to our planet, go to our garbage dumps and find all the aluminum we wasted. Then they would maybe...maybe take over the world...You're an environmentalist and you didn't even know it. and have a ridiculous smart-brain. It astounds me...and makes me look to the sky on our late night walks....

P.S. apart from your random awesomeness, you show me incredible videos and we pee our pants laughing. You are the coolest roommate e.v.e.r.

P.S.S. AWESOME! Ben, our children must have this ability, you being a superhero and all...

and this: Ben announced we were going to buy 6 treadmills and recreate this. Great. Idea.


Tuesdays Letters


Dear Husband, #134 why you are so awesome: today you told me "hypothetically, if I had a genie, and could have one wish, I would wish that we could live in the Marvel universe and have super abilities"..I thought you were cool for randomly saying such a crazy idea, but then you told me we would be super heroes together like in fantastic 4 and still believe in Jesus...that's when I knew for sure I caught a good one. Dear little kids that I got to play with yesterday at work, when you told me that you were going to be a fireman AND an artist and that you had a very special won my attention, but then when you insisted I paint with you and showed me your karate moves you became the coolest.kid.ever. Kudos for stealing my little heart and making me want to be a Kindergarten teacher. Dear chai tea, you are the sweetness of my mornings. Dear Superhero husband, you have slowly begun to transform my world-When I'm bored at work, I picture what super abilities my coworkers would have, it makes for a very kickin morning. Thank you for challenging me to have fun and for making life 100% more intersting. You're the bees knees.

Over and out.
[Insert sweet super hero name here]
* P.S. 'Tuesday's letters is originally an idea of Today's letters. Definitely check them out. They're incredible. 

Sweet Sweet Summer


What is better than apple pie, Summer flowers, hanging baskets eating at crazy cute diners, watching cheesy movies and doing crazy cool things in one weekend? Doing it with los padres!
We showed the fam the farmers market. 

Saw beautiful people and beautiful things.

Beautiful hibiscus!
   My mom bought a Mexican lime tree and Ben bought me a HUGE hanging basket.

I laughed with my sweet momma, and we laughed at my dad's ridiculous jokes.

Ben drove us to distant lands to see crazy things, then we went to this 50's style denny's

and drank milk shakes...and laughed some more at Ben and my dad's ridiculous wit.

AND THEN! today we got to see this sweet face


Over and out.

P.S. Ben, when we started talking about our dreams and how excited we are to help each other reach them, it reminded me just how ridiculously amazing it is to have you as a husband. Thanks for picking me.
P.S.S You get really excited about music and comic books and explaining facts to me. The way you look doing so is way attractive. Please keep telling me all of your knowledge.
P.S.S.S. You banged your thumb up, and then still rocked at bass today. you're the most kickin bass player ever.  high five for driving all our friends home.

Wedding Pictures MIA?


Dear Family that we love dearly,

Just wanted to let you know that the CD of the wedding pictures are slowly on their way. We feel very sad indeed that we havent gotten them to you pronto. The website should work, but apparently it is being funny, so I emailed our photographer and she'll check in soon. Just wanted to give you an update, so you dont think someone snooped in your mail and stole your CD of pictures.
Ben+Me+CD BURNER=fiesta.

Love, Ben and Brittany

P.S.thanks for your grace and patience.
P.S.S.S. Momma Sprague- your enchilada recipe is the bomb. Seriously. THE BOMB.


Well... This is my first post on here. This is the husband of the most beautiful, amazing, devoted, loving, funny wife. Brittany, I love you with all my heart. I'm so happy you have made this blog to chronicle our life's adventures. I know I don't tell you enough, but it is very special to me to have this. I appreciate all the hard work you do in our marriage and deeply care for you and for everything you do. I love who you are, how funny you are and how much you care about people you meet. You are the most interesting thing I have ever seen in my life and I pray I will always be there to love you and care for you and protect you.

I love you, Brittany! You are the most amazing human being on earth!

Shout out Sunday: Ben, you're dynamite


Ben, you're the best husband ever. Not only have you showed me how wonderful love is, you've taught me so much about what it means to give
You're incredible. You take me crazy fun places like the Irish fest.

and as we walk around and listen to Irish music, you laugh and dream with me of the day we'll wear matching outfits like this delicious couple. Hopefully we'll get ones in these colors.

Seriously, though you'd look hott in a kilt.

We watch cool concerts, watch cool concerts and I watch the funny mohawk kid using the mud as a slip-in-slide. 

 You make life sweet. You challenge me and make me aim higher. You don't let us settle for a good marriage.
But work with me for an excellent one.
Then when all the musics done and the crazy kids are going to the port-a-potty, you take me on pretty walks by the river.

and tell me how much you love me and crack really ridiculous jokes. Which are actually quite hilarious.

Who would have thought that we'd have such a cool weekend. or that I'd end up with such a kickin good husband.
Double shout out for you being the best roommate, adventurer, comedic, loving husband  I could have ever asked for. And the one only human on the planet that makes me pee my pants laughing Thanks for the bucket of forgiveness, love, and giddy jam sessions. 
You. Rock.

4 Simple Goals


Crafty Elsie Flannigan is having a fun blog post about setting 4 goals before 2011 to finish. I decided to join.

I decided on these:
1.  Be committed to keeping Christ & Ben the priority. 
Maybe not the simplest goal, but definitely the most important. It takes simple steps to keep.  As things get busier, I easily get 10 feet deep in what I'm involved in. Keeping J.C. and Ben as my two main squeezes makes life have so much meaning and it gives me so much JOY! I plan on keeping this goal by keeping up with the kicking journaling idea that Ben has started us on, along with our devotional and continuing to enjoy that Crazy-cool man God gave me. Ben, you make life kickin sweet. Thanks God.
Deuteronomy 24:5.

2. Enjoy the simple joys, and let those things define a 'good day' 
So often I decide the success of my days based on how accomplished I was, or how smoothly my day went. However for the rest of this year/ Fo' Life? I'm throwing out this notion. Enjoying those times when Ben looks up at me and announces "you're so beautiful," when I really hear the voice of God, when Ben cracks me up in the kitchen or when the hot stickiness of summer makes us laugh and make smoothies..which then explode all over us. Yes..THESE things=Great success. Based on these criteria? I've had an incredibly successful day.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

3. Resolving to see if I can make it, or find it for free before I go and buy it.
I CAN MAKE SO MUCH STUFF! Padfolio? Made! Need a book? ello, Library! Want an apple pie? Baked! These past few months of really watching our finances and trying to not default to purchasing things has changed my view on 'stuff' incredibly.  I have become much more creative and resourceful and it makes me SO thrilled. Giddy really. I want to keep doing this because its fuel for so many fun conversations, little craft nights and ben's "oo's" and "aahhhs" (he always gives them when I show him the new stuff I made...especially the pies) I. Love. It. and will definitely keep it up. Maybe even show you?

4. Become more concerned with loving on people, rather than ensuring they have a good opinion of me
Starting work really has challenged me in this! When I first walked in, I was so ready to show my stuff and be on my game. What I found was that so were the 1,100 involved in this section of Americore. WHICH IS AMAZING! Today Ben and I decided that we were going to really focus on just loving on individuals we met/ interacted with goodness did it change my focus and the way in which I related. People have AMAZING ideas, and such beautiful life stories. Sometimes I get so busy with my own, I don't take time to look at how I can listen or help make their idea be successful.

At the end of the day, I felt so much more fulfilled knowing I supported someone else's brainchild then working to scream out my own (not that there was any screaming :P) I want to work hard on loving on and supporting the people around me. Christ can take care of the good opinion part. I want to do more listening, and encouraging instead of comparing. Rather than saying "Oh, I did something like that once" I'll say " that's really incredible." You'd be surprised the responses.
2 Corinthians 12:9-10

 What are your goals? Carry it on, make them and post your blog or the list in my comments. I'd love to find out!


Tuesday's Letters


Dear man who I am wed to for life, ever since we started the 365 Love Dare Devotionals you picked up, I have become more and more impressed with how much you rock at leading. Seriously. You rock. P.S.  You are one hott baker. Cookies have never tasted better. Dear Blender, We loved you first because you were red. However, your color should have hinted to us that you are pure.evil.  You have exploded not once, but twice at Ben and I while stirring delicious contents. You have left me and our kitchen COVERED in blueberry or strawberry liquid...Was it something we said? Please stop, or we will have to get rid of you. Dear DMV, walking into your building to get a MN license makes me feel like a 15 and a half year old again. I just hope I dont look like it to you. Dear husband with sweet dance moves, being married to you is the bomb diggidy.Best choice I've ever made. Ever

* P.S. 'Tuesday's letters is originally an idea of Today's letters. Definitely check them out. They're incredible.