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I once had a coworker tell me that in a marriage one of 3 things would most often be strained. To expect these things would save frustertration and hard ache. "Your finances, your relationship with a family member or your health will always be under pressure." She was going through some financial strain at the time, but counted herself blessed because she would rather that then her relationships or health.

I was driving to work today after droping off my ridiculously incredible husband. (I'm really not exaggerating with these statements. He really is wonderful) and realized just how blessed I really am.

There is no doubt that even in these past few months of marriage we've had some hard ache, some uncomfortable moments and some major times of prayer, but at the end of every day we've had peaceful rest and wake up loving eachother and our lives just the same.

I really am blessed and would bargain that most of all us really are quite blessed. I know that some of us are struggling with major health, financial and relationship issues and I dont want to belittle those in any way. I want to encourage you though that it one thing we can count on. Life with issues is a constant, and what a joy it is that when we get to heaven the things we'll count on is joy, peace and no more tears.

Things I'm thankful for:
* The fact that my house being invaded by a little mouse is not in fact a cockroach or other bigger, scarier or uglier little guy.
* The beautiful way Ben wakes me up in the morning
* Dinner time, and crazy laughter
*The guy with the Utah license driving infront of us this morning. and Ben's ridiculous wit
* The Love Dare 365 day challenge.
* Dr Pepper
* The sacrificial leading of my husband.
* The funniness of my mom and sister and I combined. My stomach aches always afterwards.
* My dads calmness about life.
* My husbands optimism about circumstances, and the way he'll be on my defense and help me with my problems.
*My Coworkers, and how they make me laugh. Especially two lovely ladies
*The way that time moves. I once had a friend tell me "The one thing I love about time/life is that it keeps moving." I agree. Its quite comforting.
* Chai Tea
* Dreams about becoming a photographer, Graphic designer, church worker, teacher, etc. and my incredible husband who gets as excited as I do
*The idea that Ben and I will a) ride a ferris wheel b) Go to one of the coasts without planning the trip c) have season photo shoots for life :) and d) Someday make a sweet family with crazy hairs.
* The way ben tells me he loves me and that he'll never leave me no matter what. He tells me sometimes at random...and it makes me light-headed with gratitute.

I am Blessed.

Stay Warm in the rain!

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