Why We're Christians.


Ben and I have been talking and praying a lot about being open and expressive about our faith. Its sometimes hard for  me because I don't want to present Christ in a way that he isn't, or to bring up bad feelings that people have had about the way churches have treated them or other Christians. Almost everyone (including myself) has had a bad experience with someone who believed in Christ. 

I probably have caused some.
For instance, one time in my high school days I was explaining to a guy about how great God is and how if you are willing he'll move in your life and you can feel his presence.
The guy retorted a quite ugly comment....and I punched him in the face. Not cool, Brittany.

Never the less, in my very imperfect way, I've found that this Christ guy, really is worth knowing and as hard as I try to represent him the best I can, if I fail, I just try more. I want those that I meet to get the idea that this relationship with Christ bit  for them too. Because it is.

So...I get the question a lot as to why I would believe.

I suppose there's several examples and reasons. But if there's one thing that I treasure, its the restorative nature of Christ. I love the character that he has and after coming to the point where I believed for sure he was real (through book reading, Astronomy class and more,) the idea that this guy died and rose again (since he's god) just to bring myself to him is moving. Not only that, but if you read the new testament and the old testament, you can see the stage being set up and the whole bible just screaming how much God loves us.

I remember someone telling me this when I was arguing with them about 'other lifestyles.' I was asking him about who God would accept and who he wouldn't. And the man replied "God accepts every individual, however every lifestyle that a person chooses that isn't Christ will leave him or her unfulfilled and empty in the end. So God waits until he's wanted back."

Since then I've challenged people that have said they don't need Christ to live the life they are living, but when they reach the point that they still feel empty, look to Christ. I guarantee that you will be left incomplete if you don't have Jesus Christ in your life. It is the most fulfilling and awesome journey when I asked him to take over. Seriously.

Whats beautiful is its never too late for Him. He's seen it all and nothing we do will ever make us unacceptable or make him unwilling to come in and fulfill us. Yeah, he'll change us and he'll ask us to give up the things destroying us, but he replaces it with so much more.

Its more than just a "okay I believe' its letting Him transform your life. He'll do just that. Its a wild ride worth taking.

I just wanted to post this little commentary because I feel that if you read this blog and don't get the vibe that its about Him, its all kind of pointless. If you ever want to talk about it, I'd love to.

I challenge all of y'all, is he the center of your life? Do you know more about him than anything else? Have you even given Christ the opportunity to show himself? Whats holding you back?

Officially a Sprague, and other shenanigans.


Today I went out into the big world of Saint Paul and Minneapolis on a quest to offically become a Sprague. First I went to the wrong Social security office, then I finally arrived at the right one (after much construction (thanks to pam the tomtom, she saved me and helped me arrive)) and sat for quite some time. Once they called the beautiful number N82, I got up walked over and showed all my documents. Then, after a few questions (to make sure I'm legit) I officially, yes OFFICIALLY became a Sprague. He even gave me a receipt stating "Brittany Sprague"

A hoot and a holla!!!!

Plus, or wedding pictures came in just last weekend and they're the bomb. like..way cool. I'll be buying CD's this weekend to send out to the fam. Its all pretty exciting.

I start my new position, not next week but the week after. I wonder if my name tag will say Brittany Sprague? I'd be pretty pumped if it did.
Never the less, Ben and I are living oh so blissfully in the big city of Minneapolis.
Busy bee's at the Sprague hive. 

P.S. Funny story of the day, last time we went swimming at the pool there was a cute little ginger (red headed) boy who upon seeing Ben declared at the top of his lungs "YOU'RE HAIRY!"
Ben replied, "Yes, yes I am.."

Over and out

Where the Cool Kids are


Lesson #34 When you get married, you find out where the cool kids go.

So, Ben is not only the master of many a musical instrument, he also has mean computer programing skills, he's a master video gamer and has, newest discovery: all marvel knowledge.
Now...when I first married this ridiculously attractive man, I did not realize just how sweet these skills were....until I saw this.

There's a place, where all the geniuses go. Where they talk about super human skills and sell old fashioned cream soda and have pretty posters everywhere.
I was weary at first...but not only is it a sweet place to go because of the mentioned things above, its also sweet because I'm practically the only woman ever in these places, which makes me...a Lewis and Clark of women. Not braggin...just saying.
For instance, did you know that there is a HANDBOOK regarding Kryptonite?
 Don't feel ashamed, I didn't either.

But guess what? This cornucopia of knowledge is for anyone to know about! look at all the resources!

Its a little overwhelming, but I have Ben to explain everything to me. Sorry for those who don't have a genius husband. 

Never the less, I have now been informed and felt the need to share this awesome news with you all.
I know pretty much where every comic store is within the Twin Cities area, if you need a place to start, go ahead and give me a call. 

Yours truly,

Move Me Mondays : DIY Mustache Party!

We turn not older with years, but newer every day. - Emily Dickinson

Well, the big day has come and gone and it was such a delight. While waiting to pick up Ben from work, I hiked over to the mall for some much needed thinking time. There's a caribou smack in the middle of the mall where I ordered some chai and made my pretty list of 21 things to do for the 21st year. :) 

Here are a few:
1. Bake an apple pie from scratch
2. Sew the following: apron, dress, skirt,  & coat
3. Have a rockin 1st year of marriage.
4. Secret
5. Be more compassionate to family.
6. Secret
7. Get in the habit of laughing.
8. Secret
9. Learn Guitar, write Ben a love song
10. Start looking for ways to 'bless others' rather than 'treat myself."
11. Make our neighbors cookies :D
12. Secret
13. Secret
14. See the ocean with Ben.
15-18 Secret
19. Finish my knitting projects :)
20. Get to know Mr. Ben even better.
21. Super secret!
22. Learn the napolean dynamite dance (Yes, I'm quite the over achiever)
 After I made my lists and watched all these cute pregnant women (every pregnant woman in Minneapolis came to the mall yesterday) walk around, I headed off to pick up my husband.
After I picked up mr. Ben, he began the real birthday celebrations:

After going out to eat, he took me to SURPRISE. The guitar center and got me the most beautiful guitar. I played it all night until my fingers hurt and was. SO. Happy.
Ben's quite the teacher with guitar as well. Ladies and Gentlemen, I picked well. Thanks Ben, for the most kickin b-day ever.
You're the most amazing man ever.
So, good birthday indeed.

All thanks to this guy:
Greatest. Birthday. Ever

Over and out.

The past few weeks


We have:
  • set up our apartment, built book shelves a desk and soon a table
  • Looked at future cars
  • beat a video game
  • had a blender spray all over the kitchen (our blender is possessed)
  • Burned pancakes, then ben saved them all.
  • Made a lot of delicious baked goods
  • went to the farmers market
  • went swimming
  • Went to sonic-HEYO!
  • Made pretty art (well...i did)
  • Edited and developed all sorts of ireland pictures
  • wrote thank you cards
  • Danced in the kitchen
  • laughed. alot.
  • learned atleast 51 new things about each other

DIY: Pillow Case Dress


For all my sweet lady friends, thought you might like this cute blog post i found

Cute eh? Its a Pillow case dress. Loves.

Letter 3

Dear Mr Ben Sprague, last night you oo'd and awed all of my hard work and even walked with me to the laundry room because I was scared. You are the nicest man I've ever met. I get giddy knowing that I'm Mrs. Ben Sprague for life. W00t. P.S. You smell good. Dear Grocery stores in Minneapolis, you are confusing and expensive, but within you are hidden treasures like the ingredients to cheesecake, which I will be making tonight. Dear Girls like Emily, Aubrey, Amy and my other beloveds, I think about you every time I see an art print, see a girl running, hear someone laughing, or see a coffee shop. These occurrences happen quite often so you are often on my brain. Dear Bruce, I'm proud of you. You made it all the way from Wisconsin to Minnesota a fourth time, you have lived for over 9 months and you are beautiful. High fish fin to you.
now...for cleaning and some cheesecake shenanigans.
Over and out,
the mrs. (w00t)

DUBLIN! Ireland-Part I


Greetings from us! We've been married for 10 whole days!

At 7 in the morning I write. I've been up since 5:30 because of the time change. Ben is still sleeping. :)
There's no doubt that these past two weeks have been magical. We've been surrounded by our lovely friends and family, lovely new strangers and have begun the coolest adventure. Ever.

After our kickin wedding (it really turned out quite lovely with the help of all our friends and fam) we headed off to our way cool honeymoon...IRELAND!

When Ben and I first bought Nora we bought a HUGE sd card (atleast we thought it was huge) of 8 GB for pictures. I've had 2 GB and never filled it. Well...surprise. we practically filled that SD card with beautiful pictures of Ireland. For the next few posts i'll share a few of my favorites. (Note to fam: we're plannin on sending you a special CD with the pictures on it, just so you can print any if you'd like.)
So...here's a few pictures from our very first destination...


Isn't it magical?
This whole city was drenched with history. We would be walking a long and see fancy old churches, buildings established in the 1600's...and then there was the medieval district. Everywhere was so beautiful. There were monuments where you'd least expect and funny little ice cream shoppes on corners. It was absolutely lovely. One such lovely ice cream shoppe was murphys

it became a MUST. Every town we went to, we searched to see if we could find one of these sweet little parlors. We succeeded more than once, much to our big hearts contents.

Never the less, we found our hotel after much searching (fun note: every and I mean EVERY block has a different street name. We past our hotel atleast 4 times before finding it.) We arrived at the sweet Cassidy's hotel. 
Where we were directed to, get this, one of the master suites. Once we got into our hotel room, I kept asking Ben if they made a mistake. But, no..it really was ours. It was lovely. Soon after getting all situated we headed out to explore the streets

...and were greeted with some lovely sights.

All the while finding sweet hidden treasures...
Isn't this so neat? ( I definately thought of you Emily) It's Mona Lisa....we found this in a backalley at Temple Bar. Lovely.
This is a little weird...but yet oh so cool. It was on a garage near Temple Bar...Ben was gracious to me all day, he was having to watch out for me since I looked so much like a tourist. No doubt married the most wonderful man ever.
After all the art, we continued to stumble upon all of these amazing doors.Dulbin has postcards and all sorts of merchandize displaying the colorful doors. We saw them everywhere. Here' just one of many that we saw.
After touring the streets of Dublin, we headed to grab a bite at a pub
Where Ben ordered a guiness. I tried it, it was bitter, but the food was AMAZING. I'm even craving the beef stew I had. Yum-o.
Oh, goodness. It was so lovely.

 This was by far the most amazing vacation we have ever been on (not because it was the first). It was an awesome time to get to know eachother, to see each other in new situations (driving on the opposite side of the street, not understanding the natives, figuring out how the tip system works and more!) and to start forming habits of Christ-like love. I become more and more impressed with Ben each and every day. He's such a good husband and friend. We are crazy blessed.

Until next post...
Love, Ben and Brittany