Why We're Christians.


Ben and I have been talking and praying a lot about being open and expressive about our faith. Its sometimes hard for  me because I don't want to present Christ in a way that he isn't, or to bring up bad feelings that people have had about the way churches have treated them or other Christians. Almost everyone (including myself) has had a bad experience with someone who believed in Christ. 

I probably have caused some.
For instance, one time in my high school days I was explaining to a guy about how great God is and how if you are willing he'll move in your life and you can feel his presence.
The guy retorted a quite ugly comment....and I punched him in the face. Not cool, Brittany.

Never the less, in my very imperfect way, I've found that this Christ guy, really is worth knowing and as hard as I try to represent him the best I can, if I fail, I just try more. I want those that I meet to get the idea that this relationship with Christ bit  for them too. Because it is.

So...I get the question a lot as to why I would believe.

I suppose there's several examples and reasons. But if there's one thing that I treasure, its the restorative nature of Christ. I love the character that he has and after coming to the point where I believed for sure he was real (through book reading, Astronomy class and more,) the idea that this guy died and rose again (since he's god) just to bring myself to him is moving. Not only that, but if you read the new testament and the old testament, you can see the stage being set up and the whole bible just screaming how much God loves us.

I remember someone telling me this when I was arguing with them about 'other lifestyles.' I was asking him about who God would accept and who he wouldn't. And the man replied "God accepts every individual, however every lifestyle that a person chooses that isn't Christ will leave him or her unfulfilled and empty in the end. So God waits until he's wanted back."

Since then I've challenged people that have said they don't need Christ to live the life they are living, but when they reach the point that they still feel empty, look to Christ. I guarantee that you will be left incomplete if you don't have Jesus Christ in your life. It is the most fulfilling and awesome journey when I asked him to take over. Seriously.

Whats beautiful is its never too late for Him. He's seen it all and nothing we do will ever make us unacceptable or make him unwilling to come in and fulfill us. Yeah, he'll change us and he'll ask us to give up the things destroying us, but he replaces it with so much more.

Its more than just a "okay I believe' its letting Him transform your life. He'll do just that. Its a wild ride worth taking.

I just wanted to post this little commentary because I feel that if you read this blog and don't get the vibe that its about Him, its all kind of pointless. If you ever want to talk about it, I'd love to.

I challenge all of y'all, is he the center of your life? Do you know more about him than anything else? Have you even given Christ the opportunity to show himself? Whats holding you back?

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  1. My Brittany,

    As a mother (and your mother specifically)I am utterly amazed and humbled that when I look back at your life at 2 and now your life at 21, how much God truly has transformed you into the vessel He can use for His pleasure. You are a jewel to me and I do believe a treasure to God. Never stop growing in the Lord, he still has so much more for you and Ben. It will be an adventure you won't want to miss.