Dream Field Farms :: Sprague Adventures


While last month we went to the Aquarium, this month we wanted to do a trip a bit closer to home, so we decided on a pumpkin patch just 30 minutes away. We were planning on going on an official homeschool day the farm had planned, but with the impending hurricane/tropical storm, we decided to visit the Saturday prior.

It did not dissapoint. I had read they had some fun kids games set up, but they had a fantastic set up. Bouncy houses, corn pits, hayrides, cornmazes, animals to look at, and lastly getting to pick out the pumpkins. You better believe Eowyn found the BIGGEST pumpkin she could find. We told her if she could roll it, she could get it. Perhaps we underestimated her strength because it resulted in us having the biggest pumpkin we've ever had. She's quite proud, as you can imagine.

We spent about two hours there, and still hadn't done all the activities, but our little kids can only handle so much. So we went on our way to go home. The location as free parking and is stroller friendly. They also have restrooms on site. They had a lot of delicious food offerings as well, but we didn't eat any (a lot of it is state fair-esque food, and our european guts have yet to acclimate...) but I imagine its quite delicious.

The price for us to go was around thirty five. While kids two and under get in free, it is a worthwhile expense for the amount of fun activites they had. It really was a wonderful time!

And as a bonus, I ran into a fellow nicu mom who delivered the same week I did! How fun is that? We got a picture with our babies and it was so fun to see how well her little man was doing (both of us had our boys at 35 weeks.)

Eowyn's highlight was definitely getting to hold the duckling. She absolutely loved it. Our favorite bit was watching Elias go down the bouncy slide-first terrified, then bold. We laughed solid belly laughs at his faces as he went down. Goodness, that kid is a risk taker. He's keeping us laughing and on our toes.

What a wonderful place. We'll definitely head back next year.

Rowan Grows :: 4 Months


Praising the Good Lord for you, little man.

We delight in getting to raise you. Your mom and dad deeply value you, Ro.

Georgia Aquarium :: Sprague Adventures


One of my favorite parts of homeschooling when I was a kid (homeschooled for 3rd, 4th and 5th grades) was the field trips we would go on. My mom planned some pretty cool adventures for us. So when we began thinking of homeschooling our little ones, coming up with places to explore was top priority.

Living in Montgomery, geographically we're smack dab in the middle of some of very cool cities. While Montgomery itself doesn't necessarily offer any large attractions outside of its historical significance, it is close to Atlanta, Birmingham and the ocean.

We made it a point in September to venture out for the day to the Aquarium in Atlanta. We actually planned this trip before, in June, but Rowan decided to arrive the day we had planned to drive out! So this time, we just made it a day trip. There's still so much of ATL we want to see (and we have dear friends there we hope to visit) but the aquarium was certainly a good introduction to Atlanta.

It was amazing. Just as everyone says it is. We hiked out there on Labor day and expected it to be packed. So we took everyone's advice and arrived at opening. This proved the most useful tips.  We had the place nearly to ourselves for a whole hour. By the time we left around lunch time it was quite crowded, but we still were able to see all the shows (sea lions, dolphins, and a cool presentation about the whale shark) and we took our time looking at all the sea life. Eowyn and Elias even got to pose with the scuba diver feeding the fish!

We deeply enjoyed our time there.  A month later and our daughter is still aiming at being a 'deep sea diver.'  It looks like the aquarium left its mark on her. :)

To make your trip to the aquarium easier: I'd recommend buying your tickets in advance and buying a parking ticket in advance as well. This made it seamless for us. Show up to the show line a little bit earlier, to make sure you get a spot-all the shows are worth going to! It is very stroller friendly and has stroller parking (like Valet, the give you a ticket) for free for during the shows. I'd recommend visiting the tank with the Whale Shark first (on the right when you walk in.) since it does get pretty busy and it's cool to get to have the place somewhat empty. We didn't purchase any food, so I can't vouch, but there were several places to eat in and around the aquarium. If you buy a ticket in advance you select a time you will arrive. Word on the street is you have a 30 minute grace period that when particularly busy, they hold more strictly to. So be mindful of time changes etc. When scheduling. 😊

We look forward to going back  when Rowan is a bit older so he can enjoy it too. It was well worth the ticket price.