2.5 :: Elias Grows


I sometimes imagine what God's face was like when he made my children. With Eowyn I picture a smirk on his lips with a tenderness in his eyes. God was showing us his beauty-fierce and gentle. She's always been someone who works to be noticed and blossoms when she feels appreciated.

 When he crafted  Elias you know what I think he looked like? I see him with wild happy eyes, head thrown back in laughter. God was showing his delight. This boy when he cracks a joke that has us all laughing? I get a glimpse of it. He shows me what it means to drink life up.

You've brought us laughter, my boy.

Five :: Eowyn Grows


I'm a big fan of five years old. Often helpful, exploring her world, getting to journey along side my daughter has been a serious delight. She's a special kind of wonderful.

Today was filled with butterflys and mermaids. We're having cake tonight and having a small party come Saturday.  We get to have grandma and grandpa here, so life is looking pretty good these days.

Happy Birthday my girl.

One Month :: Rowan Grows


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Happy One Month  Ro-ro. So glad you're ours.