Fall Makes My Heart Happy


These are 3 projects for this week:



& something like this:
Show you soon!

XO. Britt

Tuesdays Letters


Dear sweet-husband- bass-player, I watch you during worship and definitely check you out. I'm not sure if that's a ok or not, but you look very good.looking.when you worship. Just admiring God's creation! Dear 6:00 AM you come too soon. Not too sure if Ben & I are going to get used to waking up when you come around...even the sun doesn't. I suggest showing up a little later. Dear Leaves I collect on walks, you're so bright when i get you and then you get crispy crunchy at the end of the day. You're an interesting analogy for life. I hope I dont get crispy.  Dear Husband. We've made it for 3 whole months having a pretty light schedule, now its crazy! Glad I have you to remind me to put on my helmet.
P.S. Dear nephew that's soon turning 4. You better digg your present, if you don't.... we'll totally take it (even though we wont be able to use it cuz its small size. Still...) Get ready to crown us the coolest relatives you have (I won't tell mom)

* P.S. 'Tuesday's letters is originally an idea of Today's letters. Definitely check them out. They're incredible.  

Weekend Inspiration


P.S. In Pandora if you type in "Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop" (By Landon Pigg) A station will form. This station will deliver the best music to ever be known to man. and woman.

Future Travel Plans:Tokyo


I've had several dreams the past few nights about moving to a foreign country. In fact, last night I had a crazy wild dream that we packed up and did so in six months. When I woke up, I realized that I had a year left with Americorps (where I serve) and so six months of moving to a different country is not really going to happen. ...but after my service?..... I'm pretty sure we should move. I don't think my rents would be all too pleased (Hi mom!) But it gives both sets a reason to vacation to a cool new place. I think its just my subconscious getting upset I graduated early instead of studying abroad. (So glad I graduated early)  I didn't really want to do all that traveling alone, I wanted a hott hunk to take me. Now that I have him (Ben, you really are smokin), we need to pack. I think I'll discuss this with my husband tonight.

I'm pretty sure he'll be stoked.

P.S. So, this morning when I went and saw how big our little group has grown (16 people! Thats a Soccer team!PLUS SOME) I was P.U.M.P.E.D. thanks to those who chose to join our little love-fest. You=ROCK

Seriously. You made my day.
Where would you move to?

Happy Monday


This little weekend was quite magical! We played a few games of Halo, ( I'm getting better. Slowly.) We went to  a really wonderful Bible-study-leader training and there, we met the coolest couple ever! We'll be co-leading a b-stud through the year with them and are very VERY excited. (Both Ben and I were pretty Giddy at just how cool they are. They really are fantastic) I then, got to go out with some of my lovely friends to celebrate the lovely Emily's Birthday and we watched Total Babe at First Ave.

Sunday was pretty lovely as well. We went and bought some things we were needing, tried to kill a mouse (no luck) and bought some delicious smoothies/shakes at Culver's as a last hoorah of summer. We also got to chat with the 'rents, Sprague-side, which always warms our hearts. Very successful weekend.

Little secret:
I've been listening to The Civil Wars 
They 're my music for fall. Check them out and download their music free. I've been crushing on them for over a year now and think they're pretty rad, maybe you will to. If the Indie, chill, coffee shop feel is to your liking.

For this week:
I get to make a GA- zillion Birthday Cards for Meals on Wheels, make a few projects like this and watch the colors change. As most Minnesotans, I love fall! In fact last night I dug out all my fall/winter clothing and was so enthused at all the cuteness I've had packed away for the past 6 months.

Hope you had a lovely weekend and a happy, happy Monday!

Such a Cool little project


 I was just reading this little page about this man in Copenhagen. Thought I'd share. So cool eh?

I wonder what would happen if we did something like this in good ol MPLS

Morning Thoughts


I once had a coworker tell me that in a marriage one of 3 things would most often be strained. To expect these things would save frustertration and hard ache. "Your finances, your relationship with a family member or your health will always be under pressure." She was going through some financial strain at the time, but counted herself blessed because she would rather that then her relationships or health.

I was driving to work today after droping off my ridiculously incredible husband. (I'm really not exaggerating with these statements. He really is wonderful) and realized just how blessed I really am.

There is no doubt that even in these past few months of marriage we've had some hard ache, some uncomfortable moments and some major times of prayer, but at the end of every day we've had peaceful rest and wake up loving eachother and our lives just the same.

I really am blessed and would bargain that most of all us really are quite blessed. I know that some of us are struggling with major health, financial and relationship issues and I dont want to belittle those in any way. I want to encourage you though that it one thing we can count on. Life with issues is a constant, and what a joy it is that when we get to heaven the things we'll count on is joy, peace and no more tears.

Things I'm thankful for:
* The fact that my house being invaded by a little mouse is not in fact a cockroach or other bigger, scarier or uglier little guy.
* The beautiful way Ben wakes me up in the morning
* Dinner time, and crazy laughter
*The guy with the Utah license driving infront of us this morning. and Ben's ridiculous wit
* The Love Dare 365 day challenge.
* Dr Pepper
* The sacrificial leading of my husband.
* The funniness of my mom and sister and I combined. My stomach aches always afterwards.
* My dads calmness about life.
* My husbands optimism about circumstances, and the way he'll be on my defense and help me with my problems.
*My Coworkers, and how they make me laugh. Especially two lovely ladies
*The way that time moves. I once had a friend tell me "The one thing I love about time/life is that it keeps moving." I agree. Its quite comforting.
* Chai Tea
* Dreams about becoming a photographer, Graphic designer, church worker, teacher, etc. and my incredible husband who gets as excited as I do
*The idea that Ben and I will a) ride a ferris wheel b) Go to one of the coasts without planning the trip c) have season photo shoots for life :) and d) Someday make a sweet family with crazy hairs.
* The way ben tells me he loves me and that he'll never leave me no matter what. He tells me sometimes at random...and it makes me light-headed with gratitute.

I am Blessed.

Stay Warm in the rain!

Tuesdays Letters


Dear Very incredible Husband, When you took me on a walk last night, you started crunching on all the leaves on purpose. The leaf crunching fight that I BEAT YOU IN (just kidding) kind of made my week. Thanks for still having a child-like heart and for taking me on pretty walks and holding my hand. Dear Nora the Nikon, Your beautifulness astounds me. I love that you and I get to be friends for ever.  Dear Dreams of future, thinking of all the things that Ben and I get to do makes me so excited I could pee my pants. Thanks for letting us think about you. Dear Jesus, you're so cool. Thanks for giving me the hottest guy ever, both inside and out. and for forgiving me of all my sins...and for being the best friend I've ever wanted. Dear Beloved, We're working to become really good friends, which includes doing eachothers fun stuff....You rock at Magic. and I fail. But. thanks for letting me beat you yesterday. I felt very nerdy and very cool.

* P.S. 'Tuesday's letters is originally an idea of Today's letters. Definitely check them out. They're incredible.  

W00t W00t


So....ever since high school I've had a little girl crush on Ms. Elsie Flannigan
and TODAY I found out that Elsie and her boo will be at the craft fair! in 3 hours We will be driving on the first girls trip me, my sista and my mom have ever been on. PLUS with news that Elsie will be there.


Dear mom, thank you for buying all the snacks, I know there will be an ample supply of dr. pepper and deliciousness. Dear Breana Banana, letting us drive there in the mini-van makes this adventure that much hipper. Dear Renegade Craft Fair. I haven't met you yet, But i already know. This is love.