Happy Monday


This little weekend was quite magical! We played a few games of Halo, ( I'm getting better. Slowly.) We went to  a really wonderful Bible-study-leader training and there, we met the coolest couple ever! We'll be co-leading a b-stud through the year with them and are very VERY excited. (Both Ben and I were pretty Giddy at just how cool they are. They really are fantastic) I then, got to go out with some of my lovely friends to celebrate the lovely Emily's Birthday and we watched Total Babe at First Ave.

Sunday was pretty lovely as well. We went and bought some things we were needing, tried to kill a mouse (no luck) and bought some delicious smoothies/shakes at Culver's as a last hoorah of summer. We also got to chat with the 'rents, Sprague-side, which always warms our hearts. Very successful weekend.

Little secret:
I've been listening to The Civil Wars 
They 're my music for fall. Check them out and download their music free. I've been crushing on them for over a year now and think they're pretty rad, maybe you will to. If the Indie, chill, coffee shop feel is to your liking.

For this week:
I get to make a GA- zillion Birthday Cards for Meals on Wheels, make a few projects like this and watch the colors change. As most Minnesotans, I love fall! In fact last night I dug out all my fall/winter clothing and was so enthused at all the cuteness I've had packed away for the past 6 months.

Hope you had a lovely weekend and a happy, happy Monday!

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