Cake for Breakfast


Seeing as we reference this Jim Gaffigan piece regularly, after a hardy laugh we figured it we'd post it for you to enjoy.

We also had pancakes for dinner.

Funny-Monty Python Kid Style

Hi Baby! 15 weeks


 and just to show you how excited we are:

I'm excited when you can read and go back and look at how awesomely excited we were for you.

Get ready to feel a whole lotta love.

Dear John #30

Free Printable

Well isn't this nice? Hope on over to Wedding Chicks for a nice little printable that you can print and declare your undying love. I like this.

Check it out here

Dear John

To My Bride...


We've been expecting 98 days.

We've been married 598 days.

We've been dating 989 days.

We've known each other 1621 days.

Time has flown knowing you. You are the love of my life, the delight of my eyes, the desire of my heart. My lily among thorns. The bride of my youth. My stablizer. My friend. My lover. My cheerleader and supporter.

You point me to Christ time and time again. You make me laugh when I don't want to, and cry when I need to. You walk with me and help me and encourage me through the hard things in life.
You are gracious towards me when I don't deserve it. You shine Christ's love on me continuously.

Happy Valentine's Day. It is my prayer that we would be able to spend many, many more together.

I love you.

Hi Baby: 13 Weeks



It's been pretty cold this week, which hasn't made for wanting to take too many pictures. At first I was thinking that I wasn't experiencing any symptoms any more (not feeling too nauseous-praise the Lord, not waking up with pounding headaches anymore) but I'm finding all sorts of new things. The whole hip-achiness and overall body soreness  isn't necessarily my favorite part, but enjoying naps a lot is nice, for the most part. I think realizing that all of these pains are good things, meaning you're gonna be, or currently are a happier camper because of it makes it all good. 

I haven't really started to show, yet other  times I'm feeling like I've got a nice ol' man gut. I dont have that official 'pregnancy bump' but, in due time. 

They say you're moving around all over, and if I shine a flash light on my belly you may actually sense it and move (uh, thats awesome) They also say that in a couple weeks you may be able to hear my voice and loud noises. I can't wait to have you hear all the awesome music we play at church. You're gonna dig it. 

So, with second trimester on the horizon, I'm pretty excited to think about how quickly the rest of the time's gonna pass and how sooner-than-later I'm gonna have one hairy little baby to look at. 

I hope you get your dads eyes. And my teeth. But, if you have to end up getting braces, thats cool. 

We love you. 

Friday: Awesome recap


This week as been something else. But, we'll consider ourselves blessed. In order to do that, we're gonna spend sometime talking about the great things that make this week AWESOME! Let us begin.

  •  Going to the Timber Wolves Game with Ben, Katie, and our friend Chris.
  • Taking Ben to Trader Joe's for the first time. 
  • going on an ice cream date, and talking about babies, and how close we are to becoming those hippie people. Ben says not to worry about it. 
  • Ben and I making poop jokes. Yes, we're 5 years old.
  • Paying off one of my student loans. Praising Jesus for that one.
  • Spending time with Katie and Danielle this morning, and going thrifting. It feels so good to have such good friends.   
  • Ben showing me sweet dance moves while also making dinner (uh, hello amazing.)
  • God showing up every day.
We really are blessed with just how much love we've got pouring into us. I'm continually thankful for that. My Hope is that we can be that blessing back. Thanks for being so great to us, all of you involved in our lives. We really are blessed.

Tonight we're just chillin.' I hope its a restful one for you all too. 

Hi Baby! 12 weeks



Babies are an interesting thing. They make me think about things I've never thought about before. And make  me realize how awesome my husband is when he steps up in ways he doesn't even have to. or when he talks to me for hours about emotions, or  about how delicious food stuffs are.  That man. 

Ben, I'm really really excited to see you as a dad. Your Hotness level is going to be like +394 points. (you already are at the highest capacity ever seen in the human race for man-beauty. Just FYI. The impact of these bonus points are inconceivable. ) 

I'm excited to see the little baby squirm, and to see if it has curly hair. And to name it our awesome names.
 I'm  also (especially) excited for when I can stop pushing out my stomach in the mirror and it actually will look like there's a baby in there.

My mom says it probably won't happen for a while longer, especially if I'm anything like her first pregnancy. All is well. 

 We're excited to get to know this little nugget. And to raise him or her to know how great of a God we serve and how intricately created we are, and how beautiful the Gospel is and how that gives us reason to celebrate big time. 

Little S,  you're about to experience what it means to party. And I'm telling you now, you will be someone who learns to says Amen, and hallelujah awkwardly (yet appropriately) in sermons (your dad laughs-its fun).  Learn my child, you will. 

This. Is. Going. To. Be. AWESOME.

Showin us how's its done.



There's a woman named Lauren Fleishman who is doing a project of documenting and interviewing couples who have been married for over 50 years. Its so beautiful. 

She has a kickstarter project to keep documenting here. 
Take a  look at the few more pictures and the sweet things they say. 

Thanks to rockstar diaries for posting about this. 

I'm excited to, Lord willing if we keep on breathing, join the ranks of these couples. Ben will be one sexy man in his 80's and 90's.  

Dear John #28