Hi Baby! 12 weeks



Babies are an interesting thing. They make me think about things I've never thought about before. And make  me realize how awesome my husband is when he steps up in ways he doesn't even have to. or when he talks to me for hours about emotions, or  about how delicious food stuffs are.  That man. 

Ben, I'm really really excited to see you as a dad. Your Hotness level is going to be like +394 points. (you already are at the highest capacity ever seen in the human race for man-beauty. Just FYI. The impact of these bonus points are inconceivable. ) 

I'm excited to see the little baby squirm, and to see if it has curly hair. And to name it our awesome names.
 I'm  also (especially) excited for when I can stop pushing out my stomach in the mirror and it actually will look like there's a baby in there.

My mom says it probably won't happen for a while longer, especially if I'm anything like her first pregnancy. All is well. 

 We're excited to get to know this little nugget. And to raise him or her to know how great of a God we serve and how intricately created we are, and how beautiful the Gospel is and how that gives us reason to celebrate big time. 

Little S,  you're about to experience what it means to party. And I'm telling you now, you will be someone who learns to says Amen, and hallelujah awkwardly (yet appropriately) in sermons (your dad laughs-its fun).  Learn my child, you will. 

This. Is. Going. To. Be. AWESOME.

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