LegoLand :: Billund, Denmark


Many moons ago, Ben and I sat down and made a list. This list contains all the places we hope to see during our stint of living here in Finland. On said list is the beautiful land of Denmark with Legoland, and Copenhagen being the two main places of interest.

So when a very important someone happened to be turning thirty, it seemed like the perfect time to cross these off our list.

I'm so glad we went.

Legoland is all that it should be. I imagine it's super great with their water park in the summertime, but our visit during its last opening week gifted us with practically no queuing and beautiful colored trees. The thought they put into all the Lego buildings and figures are awesome.  We rode a few roller coasters (taking turns watching the little ones,) I laughed HEARTILY at a firefighting ride where a daddy did all the work to put out a fire while a little girl thwarted efforts by waving a fire hose everywhere, Elias enjoyed all the sites and people. The hotel was super fun, and Eowyn LOVED IT ALL.

In addition the hotel had a bunch of cool features. First off, it had legos in every room, but we also ordered 'birthday cake' for the big mans birthday. They brought out an amazing cake with what appeared to be a road flare attached (I told Ben to blow it out-we were then informed it would fizzle out on its own. Ha!) The little touches made for a special time.

The coolest part in terms of the sites was a tie between the X-Wing built to real-life size (Ben's Favorite.) and the mini-land (different places around the world, but made out of Lego.)

If I'm totally honest, my FAVORITE part was walking away with minifigures of all of us. If you can't tell, I'm holding a camera, Ben's holding a pizza, and Eowyn a fairy wand. And see that smile on her face? So totally my girl.

We then ventured on a quick road trip through Denmark! Next up, Copenhagen.

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