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Well, the promise of sunny skies for November was quickly compromised and we now are enjoying the typical November grey of Finland. It's interesting what a year and proper expectations can do for perspective. I hear my Minnesotan counterparts complain of their dark, and I kind of do a bit of a huff and a puff because you guys don't even know dark ;). The dark+lonely culture actually is a bit of a thing here, and that post link gives you a bit of a glimpse into why Finnish winters can be so bleak. Yet, it really is beautiful.

 I'm grateful for our community and for the way the "light of Christ" really has taken on whole new meanings for me since moving here. Honestly, it doesn't seem so bad this time around-not when we've given ourselves permission to embrace the cozy, keep the warm drinks a'flowin' and listen to good quality music. All this to say. There's a lot of beauty, even in the darker seasons.

There's a whole lot of nakedness too. We basically live in the tub when it's cold outside.

One of the beauties, I'm learning, of seasons where we have to sit still is the way God ushers my body to quiet and my mind to start processing. We've had a lot of life happening these past several months. Most of it doesn't make it here, as one might expect with two littles and a husband with overtime being a regular part of life. With winter, however, comes a bit of a forced respite.

And I'm grateful.

We have our second thanksgiving here this weekend and I'm a good mix of thrilled and terrified. If you ever get the pleasure of being in our apartment, you'll find its just perfect for our family and a few guests. There will be over 20 heartbeats in these great walls. I keep oscillating between praying over the logistics and singing praises that we have such quality friends to spend such a holiday with.

Again, I'm grateful.

Ben will be working overtime for sure till the new year. So the long baby days will continue, but at this point it really isn't so bad. Out of the 5 a week, we have one day that I'd rather not live again, but that day already happened this week, so we're smooth sailing from here! At least that's what I keep telling myself. It's all about expectations right?

We bought a giant turkey (not by american standards, but large enough for a European fridge) and have had to take out drawers to make it fit. We're thawing it now in the fridge for Saturday, and we've got the grocery list. It's funny how the second time around things seem quite a it easier. Goes to show, doing hard things is worth it. The next time it seems to not be quite so hard. Stretching out of our comfort zones leads to larger comfort zones.

So basically what I'm saying is Ben and I are pros at hosting 20 person fiestas. (I jest.)

Overall, this season all about finding the light. Chasing it really. So we keep chasing it.

Luckily for me, with the three Spragues I get to live with, there's a whole lot of light to my days.

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