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I imagine that those who live in Copenhagen are weekly finding new favorite spots. This place is filled, and I mean FILLED with beautiful sites, character, great eateries, and attractions. Bikes are everywhere, history fills all the cracks, there's such a rich culture here that the amount of time we had was no where near the amount of time to really get a taste of the place.

Copenhagen seemed to be a land of extremes. We would either meet extremely friendly people (like, hug Eowyn as we leave a restaurant, friendly) or we would have really difficult experiences. We had a fair share of both. The good news is, by the end of the trip we could quickly figure out what kind of experience we would have about 5 seconds in and could reroute accordingly! Compared to the very calculated, very straight forward Finns, we had a bit of adjustment to make when getting around in a new country, but overall, I think we did alright! 

I couldn't tell you too much about the food scene, because we really ate on the go and ate cheaply. We were okay with that, since with our two kids in tow + many a site to see, we decided to spend our money and time elsewhere. There is certainly PLENTY to see. I'm so glad we took time to wisely spend it in green spaces when we stopped, rather than dining experiences (that often don't turn out how I envision) and to allow our kids a bit of freedom to roll around in the grass a bit when we rested. I'm learning that travelling with kids really is about figuring out what everyone in the party needs. For our kids, that almost ALWAYS equals time outside.

So outside we stayed. Goodness, Copenhagen, you gave us a feast for our eyes.

We made an attempt to visit the Donut Shop (which was raved by many,) but it was closed till 10, and we had an hour to wait-so we went ahead and visited a local cafe near it- I had a cinnamon latte that I'm still missing. We then ventured to Rundetaarn, but decided against going up, since both kids were struggling a bit with the wind down below, so we figured we wouldn't get to enjoy much of the view up top. We decided to head straight over to Rosenborg Slot (castle) where we spent time in the gardens and had a legitimately fun time relaxing and enjoying the greenery. We went inside and toured a bit. Much to the joy of Eowyn, she was convinced the castle was hers. Unfortunately, she was quickly made aware that it was not when we had a very disgruntled employee follow us around to ensure we remained quiet. Womp. I didn't think she was being loud-we try to be sensitive to those things-I think she was just so excited and kept her accolades about the statues "Look Momma !A daddy stature! Look Momma! The colors! Look A Lion Statue!"  The good news is when we went to visit Amelienborg, the gal at the counter was filled with praises that we brought our three year old to see such sites. Everyone smiled, and when Eowyn was legitimately touching something she wasn't she was redirected kindly. So-as I said previously, it really was a hit or a miss.

We checked out Amalienborg (The winter home of the Danish Royal Family) and had a quick lunch in a garden nearby(we just bought food from the 7-11, which was actually not too shabby) This gave the kids time to run free and us to eat and rest a bit. We got to feed some birds and the laughs we got from that were well worth the sacrifice of not eating finer dining. Then we toured the inside and also visited Nyhavn (the classic image of the brightly painted buildings.) I was SURE this was going to be my favorite spot, unfortunately my favorite son was NOT HAVING IT and so we quickly fled the scene since screaming baby wasn't super fun on a mega tourist filled strip.

We meandered after that quite a bit and saw many other sites along our way home. With feat sore we sent out Ben to a local pizza shop and dined in style for dinner in our hotel room. We ended our stay with a sleeping babe, a bathtub big enough for an adult (!!!) and some Netflix.

It was a quick trip, but she was a beauty.

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