Highlight Reel: 2015


It's time!!!

My all time favorite post of the year. I love going through seasons past and seeing all that has happened. It's a key part of the process for me as I sort through the end of a year and the beginning of a new one. While I aim to be honest, I also aim to celebrate. Photos really do that for me.

Without further adieu, HIGHLIGHT REEL 2015!!!

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The year kicked of in a season of waiting. We counted down weeks till our baby boy would come and when he did, what a joy it was!

While we soaked him up, the weeks blurred and the paternity leave got spent and we were blessed with a pleasant visit from my mom & sister.

2015, Farewell

I craved less change from you, 2015. I craved easy. You gave not a bit of easy, and a whole lot of change.

I wanted this year to be filled with accomplishment, with conviction in decisions. You gave a lot of attempts, do overs, and 'tries.' Resolutions still unresolved. Proud, Yoda would not be.

I wanted to be able to say mostly the right thing, to really figure out grace, but of course to not need it (not too much, at least.) You gave me a lot of times to apologize, a lot of hazy days with little sleep and gave me prime time to be the full receiver of ALL the grace. I'm not quite sure how there's even any left. If you're worried, reader, fear not. There's a whole lot left. Also, I've finally mourned the loss of my 'morning person' title I held on to for decades. My husband laughs now if I declare that I'm a morning person, perhaps if that means waking a grizzly pre-spring time...All that to say, you've brought out a lot of honesty, in the least.

Christmas at the Spragues!


The day after our big Thanksgiving fiesta, Ben turned on the Christmas Carols and we got to setting up the wonderment of Christmas. While what we have in terms of decorations is a bit bleak compared to our previous stash back stateside, it's just enough to make our place look a little more festive. 

Elias & the snow


After a wildly dreary Christmas day, what a sweet treat it was to see the skies a fury with snow on Boxing day. By the time it started snowing it was already dark, so we waited till morning and headed out to play. 

Life Lately :: December 2015


It's been a quiet bunch of weeks. We fill our days with quick outings, bathtub bubbles & cookie making. To be honest, while most days it's all a bit tiring, it is actually a bit of magic adventuring with these two. Getting to take it slow in the cold foggy December we're having is giving my heart the delight of having time to savor. This is quite a contrast with my Christmas seasons of previous. This has been our first holiday season as a family of four. While we added one in number, it's our most quiet to date.

Ten Months :: Elias Grows

Thanksgiving 2015 :: Best One Yet.