Christmas at the Spragues!


The day after our big Thanksgiving fiesta, Ben turned on the Christmas Carols and we got to setting up the wonderment of Christmas. While what we have in terms of decorations is a bit bleak compared to our previous stash back stateside, it's just enough to make our place look a little more festive. 

Eowyn said "WWWOOOW" about a trillion times that evening. My favorite part indeed. Elias wasn't too fond of the fact that we kept taking the bulbs away from him. While we were setting it all up, it was a bit comical to be trying to get into the Christmas spirit with a screaming baby and preschooler frantic at her brother eating Christmas bulbs.

So we laughed, picked up the babe, just kept going.

We've since had to get our A-game on to keep Elias from pulling down the tree. Is he trying to hug it, and accidentally tearing it down? Or is he aimed at destruction?

It is now properly barricaded-with all lights and bulbs a few branches up (even with it on a table!)

 I anticipate, based on his dedication to that tree, he will either be the jolliest of the whole bunch (or the grinch...) ;)

Eowyn had waited weeks for Christmas, so when it finally came, she was so pleased. We waited to put out all the presents till Christmas eve night and woke up early to see her reaction to the presents.

I think what I loved most was how quickly E took to giving every one their turn. "alright! your turn daddy!" as soon as she would open up a gift she was on to letting someone else. Elias was mostly interested in wrapping paper (much to the surprise of no one.)

One perk of not having amazon deliver free of charge is having to  put in a lot of thought as to where to shop. I did a bit of research, and since we try to maintain the whole three gift thing I've talked about before (we bought a few more than that, but only one or two more) I really wanted to make our gifts count. Plus, smallish apartment means keeping filler toys away. By far my favorite gifts were the magnetic tiles (the name brand is Magna Tiles, we bought an offbrand Playmags and are plenty pleased) and gymnastic ribbons we got for Eowyn. They've both kept her fully entertained and moving. Elias is slowly figuring out his little walker and enjoys tearing down Eowyn's magnetic towers.

If you received gift cards for your kids, etc. I'd seriously recommend the magnetic tiles.  

After presents, Ben made delicious pancakes and eggs, we relaxed and the kids took awesome naps. We made our feast and skyped with family far away. Then, we cleaned up the mess and got ready for  our friends coming over the next day for a leftover feast.

As Ben commented at the nights end "Today was a really good day."

Happy Birthday Jesus.

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