Birthday Dance!!!! WOOOO It's Ben's BIRTHDAY!


Hey Handsome Man! Its your birthday!!!!

To the man who makes me laugh sweet tears of joy (and makes every one else laugh those same sweet tears,) to the gracious man who is quick to fix (in both real stuff and with apologies and grace), and quick to give praise-you're what men should strive to be. 
You set the standard. You in fact have blown me away with just how great of a man you are. I'MSOPROUDOFYOU!

You're genius, and clever and witty (boy are you witty.) You make people feel like they belong and you have such a presence. Its such a calming, yet awesome presence.
People seem to think we're a cool couple worth hanging out with. You wanna know why? Because of you. You are just...magnetic. And yet in your quiet self you let others be who they'll be. You dont steal the show and yet you say more than most do without ever saying words.

Boy you are just one fine specimen. I love being Mrs Ben Sprague and I will always pride myself  on the fact that you are the best arm candy ever and I'm yours. What a beautiful truth!

And Now....

My favorite part
26 (that's how old you are!) things I LOVE LOVE LOVE about you.

1. You resemble all the Mr. Darcy's and Mr Knightleys I read about in books. It tickles me I actually married the tall, dark, and handsome man. MMM!

2. You've taught me how to be proud of what God's gifted me with. You are someone who is never ashamed of the gifts, or interests God has put in you. It makes me proud of you, and from example, my self.

3. You get this little grin every time you check the mail box and there's a comic book in it. I can tell you're about to smile and it makes me instantly laugh. There's some child in you yet.

4. Speaking of child, you were the most adorable little Ben ever! I love thinking about what our kids are gonna look like. Beautiful little spraguelets, growing a beard at 2.

5. You get that same grin as mentioned previously when you're about to surprise me, or ask me for something you want, or take me to Mexican food (you love Mexican food!) . Its a wee bit sheepish, but mostly just delighted. I. Love. It.

6. You let me put my ice cold feet on you. And you act like you're dying in battle over it...but you still let me do it. I'll craft you an award if you make it through this winter.

7. You're man enough to call things 'cute' and you even try to impress me with your knowledge of 'peep toe shoes' and silly stuff like that. I'm impressed.

8. You treat women nicely, but you don't really get into deep conversations, or really even joke with them individually too often. While it wouldn't be bad if you did, I like how reserved you've always been when it comes to the female persuasion.. You save your girl-sharing time for me. And that makes me feel so so so special. I've always loved that (even before we were dating.)

9. As Stan (personality assessment guy at our church) said it "You got a lot going on between those two ears." I like a man who thinks deep. and you, sir Ben, think some deep things.

10. You have a deep faith in Jesus, and you teach me how not having all the answers, doesn't mean not knowing the truth.

11. You say crazy stuff that makes me rip-roar laugh. My ginormo six pack thanks you for it.

12. You stick up for me. Even when people are just joking. I like that.

13. Something about the fact you can grow a beard in .45 seconds is super hott. you're pure man.

14. You tell me your sad stuff, and the good stuff, and the stuff that you're still getting through. You get the whole 'emotional closeness' of a marriage and you fight for that. Some men would rather not-It's hard, it takes hours of time, and its painful-but you do it anyways. You've never given me even a second to think you're not 100% into us. That's a big ginormous deal.

15. While we have our fights, and we definitely don't have a perfect marriage, you take this marriage seriously. As that one farmer guy we sat by at the wedding stated: "Marriage is like a job, sometimes its the best thing, sometimes its just something out get through one day at a time." You've shown me that this is something that you're serious about, and that your okay with sometimes getting through but  you take care that we enjoy it. you're an excellent leader.

16. When we talk about tragedy (past, present and future) , you talk about how it'll  bring us closer. I know come life's hardships, you were the best person I could walk through them with.

17. You are a sexy man. I know you shake your head when I say stuff like this but -Boy.....You are Gooooood loookkkinn! Woo Hallelujah!! I love lookin' at the Almighty' Lords Creation! Praise you Jesus.

18. I love that I know exactly what your face is going to do after you read number 17. Ben. Embrace it.
You're gorgeous.

19. You are a humble man. Which is humbling to me when I see just how gracious you are. I could list you more than 100 things you could be proud of, but you choose humility.

20. Speaking of humility, I am without words when it comes to how you deal with my heart.

21. You're ridiculously smart at comic books

22. You're fascinatingly good at video games.

23. You make things I only dream about become realities. I.e. This week: " Ben, I really want to do blog design someday...." and lo and behold you decide to tell a whole group how great I am at blog design-"in case anyone want to take me up on it."...You have so much faith in me.

24. Our future children are so luckily to have such an incredible father like you.

25. You surpass all my hopes and expectations. You have outdone every list I have ever written. I have honestly never met a man that takes his role as husband so seriously and who puts so much into it. You are a man among men. Full of Character and wisdom and strength, all the while having graciousness and such a celebratory view on life.

26. as the card I was about to buy you (but didn't so i could buy you an even cooler present!) says "The best part of marriage is you."

Happy Birthday.

I love you,

Dear John

things I love...


* Rain hitting the windshield and falling asleep to it.
* The tears that come when laughing so good.
* Having deep discussions about ridiculous things
* Ice cream-and how it is seen as a mandatory in our home.
* The beauty and the magic of big dreams
* Thoughtfulness. 'initiative'
* Looking over at pictures and realizing that my smile looks way to big...and liking that fact.
* The laugh lines I'm getting at 22.
* Seeing Ben get older, and more good-looking
* Photographs with more and more people in them.
* The possibility of all the things I ever hoped for.
* The Beauty of Jesus
* Picking up my love(violin) and playing her for a while and realizing-much to my surprise-my fingers still remember real well.
* Family and laughter and the quotes I heard growing up "You'll always have family..." And how blessed I am that I actually have that reality.
* Knowing full well that Christ is coming soon.

What do you love?

Romantic things Ben Says


I think all guys are capable of being 'romantic.'
And I think
there are two types of 'romantic' men in the world.

There are those whose words come easy and they're charmers. They know what to say and how to say it.

And there are those, who's words don't come easy.

Ben's is the latter of the two. He's a listener, and he doesn't have all the smooth fancy lines. He says he feels he can communicate better when he writes things down and when I want compliments, he doesn't spit them out a in a split second, he ponders. But then man, when he says stuff, I know he really means it.

Ben is the best kind of romantic and here's my story proving it.

We have this running joke. About 2 or so months ago we were watching a nerdy you tube video on different dimensions (3d, 4d, etc till the 10th dimension, ) the conclusion of this video is there's a gazillion realities we could all be living right now. Its crazy, but its kind of fun to joke about and the math behind it is pretty shnazzy. 

Never the less, I thought I would be witty and I said "Wow, think about it. In a different reality I could be married to someone else!" 

To which he replied: "No Brittany-in every reality we get married."

To which (three days later) I replied: I have to have at least ONE reality where i don't, because then its not choice-just like there has to be one where I don't have Jesus in my heart-otherwise it wouldn't be by choice that I became a believer. 
He agreed with my logic  and commented how sad and dreadful that that reality would be (true story.)
So all cute and dandy so far.

Well flash forward a good month or so to Today:

We're in the car, talking about technology and how we couldn't bungee jump and sky dive if we lived in the 1800' know usual conversational material. Then I stated "weird, i'd probably would have never met you and would have married someone in California, or Wisconsin, or Texas.....

To which he replied: " Nah, we would have found each other.  No matter what we'd end up together."

Whats romantic isn''t that he said it. Its that he said it so nonchalantly. He loves me deep and that love withstands alternative realities and time machines.  Its an obvious thing to him like the sky is blue. And when he talks about us, he talks about it the same way. The sky is blue, and no matter what we'd be together.

To which I have spent all day thinking about. And I have concluded I have the most wonderful husband in this reality, and I'll bet my fun money in every other reality too..

Baby, you don't need no shnazzy lines, those side comments make me swoon.

Over and Out,

Archives and Branding and random.


Ben and I are changing.

I went through the old headers and uploaded my favorite old one. A consecutive set of pictures taken right after the other. Me likes it.

Some things you probably know of you've journey'd with us for any extended period of time: I like to blog and make new headers and Ben likes to play video games.

I think now that this blog is going to be almost a year and a half that we might change the name.  Kind of like when you go from calling the baby " Baby" to its actual name. But we're in the ackward transitionary phase of figuring out wht that means.  Here was our conversation

me: I'm thinking our blog needs a new name.
Ben: Yeah?
me. yeah.
me: What about  "BS" you know Brittany/Ben Sprague (hahaha. I'm so funny)
Ben: [continues to look at gamer website]
me: So...Yes? BS? You like it!?
Ben: [ignoring my incredible wit] How about "B&B"
me: ....That's bed and Breakfast.
Ben: Its also Ben and Brittany...[looks away from brainstorming session....]....I need nail clippers.

Maybe we can't let go of the baby-nesss of our blog. Like going from calling it 'Baby Jack' to Jacophelor Clide or something to that affect and it just feels awkward and too grown up. I don't know folks. I don't know..

Maybe that's what I should name it. Jacopheler. No, that's nonsense. Everyone would be confused...I would be confused..

Never the less, we like looking at old headers and I think we might be going through some growth spurts.

In other news, I broke the internet (Ben won't say I broke it, but he knows I did. I can see it in his eyes every time it ask him " Do you think I broke it?" Thanks for pretending. ) and so I'm hacking some neighbors internet. Neighbor, if you read this-I hope you know that I appreciate you leaving your internet unsecured....and if you ever need a cup of sugar or an apple pie, its on me.

And to all you who think its dangerous being on unsecured internets, Dont worry-I worked an IT gig for 3 years and Ben is still-We be genius at this.

Oh. P.S. tomorrow I get to go back Home. like HOME HOME. All things good.

This post is incredibly random.

//Dear John\\

LDI Girls: a short story of awesome


When I was a wee girl, I would always dream of having my very own group of ladies to be deep with (when I was a wee-tyke, being deep meant catching salamanders but still, deep). We moved around a lot, and while God was gracious to keep some good women in my life, I consistently craved those women that I could just be real with. As I got older, that need became more and more apparent. In each stage of my life God has done more and more in this area. After graduation from college, I started a job, and I felt my heart crave that real contact with women again that I was experiencing through college. With so many of my college girlfriends moving in different directions of life, I was wondering just how I could get deep with women in that same way. Then I got plugged into Hope. And I tasted that in my Small group, then God did even more and brought me to the LDI Program.

This is a story about how God is awesome. and how I'm blessed with a bunch of awesome women in the LDI program. And this is the part where I talk about how  awesome they are. Because this is fun to talk about. And because I got to take some pictures of them.And their beauty overflows even outside their good looks.Which will be further elaborated in every single paragraph.

 I love you LDI girls in a real, real deep way.

So, let us begin.

Laura- Laura is our LDI women's leader who, being a LDIer herself is awesome and providing insight and being generally encouraging. She's a gift to the LDI girls. When I started meeting her one on one, I was quite moved at just the capacity she has to encourage and to show me how real women fall in love with a real Jesus. 'Leaders' in my life have always been someone to look up to and emulate. She fits this wholeheartedly, but in addition to that she's shown a vulnerability in ministry that has allowed me to see that I can be vulnerable too. This has caused my heart to be ministered in a deeper way that I ever had experienced before. Outside of character stuff, she's just plain fun to be around. She's goofy and quick to laugh and quick to take time to help me figure stuff out. She's like...the southern woman who always invites people over. She makes you feel like Christmas inside. And her hanging out with you is the one giant awesome present you had hoped someone would get you but hadn't told anyone.. 

What do I love most? That girls laugh. I'll be a good 4 rooms away and I can hear it. I cannot help but smile every time. Its so real and genuine and just plain awesome. ha. I'm giggling to myself right now over it. I love that girl's laugh. If you don't know her, it might be worth going and meeting her just for the sake of hearing it.

Kari- She was the first 'future' LDIer' that I met. She's such a genuine girl, that its easy to give you a quick description, (She's super fun, says catchy things and for the most part will tell you how she's feeling about things-which is incredibly refreshing!) but I'm discovering this girl has depth like no ones business and quick descriptions aren't the half of it. First impression of Kari is she's lighthearted and silly, super fun to be around. This is true. She's also super contemplative. and uses the word super often :) She's deep. and she's consistently surprised me by her innitiative and consideration. I love her. She predicts peoples needs and meets them. This is a crazy gift. Something I've been blown away by more than a handful of times.

What do I love best? Her impromptu dancing sessions. Girl, you can break it down! Ha. . It frees me from being so business oriented in ministry and teaches me just to find joy in Jesus, even in writing emails for Him. I love it.

Danielle-Oh Danielle! She's got a big humor and an even bigger heart. I LOVE sitting next to her, or sitting across from her because we will inevitably chuckle about something. ( Or I will chuckle at what she said even if she doesn't realize it, because she's hilarious.) What I love is that while she is quick to laugh or quick to share funny stories, she's also quick to be real and she's someone I've already been able to be geniune with-even with scary stuff I'm worried to share. She's met it with grace and love and I've felt Jesus through those conversations with her. I get the urge to hug her on a consistent basis. She's a gem. A real Gem.

What do I love best? When I ask her how's she's doing. She tells me truthfully, then generally tells a funny story. She shows me how to find joy. Period. If its a rough day, she'll state it, then share the humor of her day. If its a good day, we laugh the same. Her laugh is pretty awesome too. Its one of those good laughs that make you feel it deep down. I don't know if I could describe it. But i love it. I love her. Oh, and she's got some nice lookin legs.  ;)

Alisa-Goodness. She's something. She's got a presence. She's one of those girls that when she laughs, you feel special at what you said, and while she does carry that, she's quick to laugh, quick to extend grace and quick to be real with you. I've gotten to drive with her many a time and those conversations we have are always so refreshing to me. She's the other 'married' gal, and I love getting to share with her how LDI fits in the context of marriage. Her willingness to do this with me has ministered to my heart. I love her.

 What do I love best? She says things that cut to my heart. She'll share just her personal thoughts and what God's doing in such a way that I'm left changed. While we have a good chunk of fun pretty much ever time I've ever been in her presence, I also walk away feeling freedom and understanding in my relationship with Christ and with Ben. Its hard even to describe, but its awesome. I like this mucho.

Bekah- Girl. She's a lighthouse. A giant light-of-grace-house. I think any one who comes into her presence feels the grace that comes with Jesus. She assumes the best and is so kind to people. I love watching her with other people. They. LIGHT. up. There's some individuals who being in their presence makes you feel pretty good for knowing them-that you benefited from them, and there's others who when you hang out with them you walk away feeling like you have something big to offer.She's the latter. She empowers people. She makes them feel like they got something big to offer and that is a phenomenal gifting. I love it.

What doI love Best?- her intense desire to love on people. It's everywhere. When she has conversations, she's there. She takes people seriously and her self not so much. Its a big big BIG deal. I admire it and love it.  Bekah, You got something good going on.

Katie-Sweet Katie. Talk about a girl who pretty much can do anything. She crafts, she works with the wee-babes, she cooks, she laughs, she's a professional photographer, Basically wonder woman. But a midst her insane ability to excercize in all of these giftings, she's always ready to have a great conversation. She reminds me often what it means to have real relationships and to take time to build into others. There have been countless times where I've said things in passing, that she's asked specifically about, and I'm grateful for her kindness and consideration. She's quick to help out and quick to be a blessing.

What do I love Best? Katie is considerate in a way I've never seen people be considerate. She's quick to find out what really blesses people and then works to make it happen. She's shown me the most LITERAL sense of blessing people and it's really challenged me to get to know how to really minister to the people around me, not just assume I know. I love that about her.

Shannon-Shannon was the first girl I said " I think she really gets me." And I had only known her for a few days. I've loved every minute with Shannon. She talks directly, and genuinely, which has been awesome for my heart-since I talk a wee-bit directly as well. And she laughs with me. Boy does she laugh with me. My belly aches with any extended time with her. She's allowed me to 'let it all hang out' and just be real, even when that means me being not so awesome. And she's loved me all the same. At first i thought 'boy am I special!' While I do think that to some extend, she really is ready to love on people and be real with anyone willing. Which has shown me just how to do the same. She's ready to tell you how God has changed her life and how he can do that for you too, and she's unwilling to just leave you to do it alone. that is BIG. And she's really pretty. Which makes me a little giddy.

What I love Best? Her full throttle humor. This girl is funny. I love the laughs we can have in sticky situations, like floating downstream in water or not being able to get back up on a dock when our swimsuit breaks and spider webs are everywhere, or when we have to get events organized. She's able to find joy which, for someone as intense as I am, is so awesome. She's making me live longer, people. I love her.

Naty (right)-The Betty Rizo of the us LDI Pink Ladies. She's awesome. She sets a standard that as women, we're gonna love on other women because of what Jesus did. And she shows us just how to do that. She's set a whole new standard for how I view women's ministry and I've become excited at just how many women, including myself can have real deep awesome relationships with women free from cattiness, or anything negatively labeled 'female.' She cares. Genuinely. And I've admired her so much for that. She sets the bar high and we are a blessed church to have her lead the Women's Ministry.

What I love best? She's shown me that to have a dynamic ministry, the individual leading doesn't have to be all bells and whistles. Naty is fully capable of being the bells and whistles, but she's chosen not to outperform others, but rather raise people up.  She's chosen to allow real women to function in ministry and outside of it in such a way that they can continue to be real while loving Jesus- which means not putting on a show. Its liberating. And she's funny. I might have peed a few times when laughing because of her.

Oh, and I've learned to listen to her extra close because she says things packed with wisdom in passing. Its uncanny how those little comments are what God has used to show me how to really minister to my friends and family and people in general. Listen close girls, those side comments are a gold mine.

Rachel (left)-While she's not an 'LDI'er, she is the glue. She's a major part of the Women's Ministry and pretty much keeps Hope running. Every time I get to talk with her, I always leave with a smile on my face. She's generous with her assistance, and she's quick to laugh at jokes-even if they're lame. She's just awesome. She's taught me how to go about getting things done, while also maintaining the caring nature of ministry. She's probably set the most practical example for me. I've benefited greatly from it.

What do i love best? She's incredibly silly in her emails and has an incredible array of catchy sayings. 
Oh and she loves green, and I love green. Which is way nice. Oh, and she says funny things. and has a nice smile...I stare at her sometimes.

So thats all the LDI ladies.

  This is the part where I want to walk up to each of these ladies and hug them and squeez them and dance around for a bit. I know a good half of them would find this incredibly awkward. SO I wont. but know, if i could-that is precisely what I would be doing.

And so I'll just continue staring at these pictures. Its ridiculous how beautiful you girls are.

I especially love writing these type posts because it allows me to see (and hopefully a few of you to see) just how unique what you have to offer really is, cuz this is real stuff not fluffy-made-up stuff.. Each of these ladies has shown me something about Christ, about ministry, and about friendship that I had never ever considered. Its amazing the way God has shaped us and its so encouraging as I see just how much each of us has a crucial place in the body of Christ. Thanks girls for being real. and letting me share life with you gals.

Over and Out,

Extra Extra shout out to Katie for taking pictures with me and Kari for organizing this little photo op.

Ben shows me funny stuff



Ben is the funniest boy I've ever met, and he finds the funniest videos I've ever seen.
Here's a nice giggle for your monday.

Dear John

Spot. On.


I look up and I see my fancy diploma, and right above it Bens.
I look out my door and there's the washer and dryer reminding me that the solution for clean clothes is cleaning them.
And I sit in this messy-soon-to-be-cleaned (hopefully) town home that I've fallen quite in love with and think about these past few months turned years that Ben and I have been a 'we' and we've gone through.

And what I can for sure declare is this: God was spot. on. with this one.

I think about some of the hardest conversations we've had, the 'fights' which include us both talking very quietly-because we're like that- and some of the hard decisions we've had to make.

I think about the late nights I've needed a leader, and Ben has pointed me to Christ

I think about the times that we go out and roam target or hit up sonic, or get fast food then sit in empty parking lots.

I have a million gillion memories with this man who I call my husband. And I get why I yurned so much for this in my heart. I get why I really did want this, and I also get how I didn't have a clue what I needed, and I think I understand more fully than ever, that if it was up to me, I would not have ever been this happy.

I told my best friend many a year ago " I will never, EVER date Ben."

Oh, God thank you for proving me wrong! thank you for letting me not end up marrying the guys I thought were good catches for me.

I gotta tell you ladies, God is so much better at picking out a guy for you than you are.


And then I look at pictures like these and I'm convinced of that fact.

My laughing muscles have worked more since 'us' than in the 19 years before.

Over and Out.

Funny Friday

This is boys acting like girls:

which results in brittany laughing till her sides punch her for laughing so much.

I'm sorry if this is a wee-bit offensive to anyone.  

i was dying to show it to you today.
I giggle.

Dear John-I could write these all day!

The post about current.


The month of october is crazy. Its one of the most inspiring months for me, and yet almost always the most crazy. We've got every weekend booked with good things and every week booked with classes, ministry, and other sorts of things. We're already joking about how excited we are for December. A season that promises a whole-lotta rest.

The good news is: God has really been faithful. A lot of change has been happenin in this squishy heart over here and I'm lovin the new plans God has been whispering to my heart, and the awesome ways I see more and more just how perfect God's plan is. Its especially hit me with just how genius it was to put Ben and I together-that was some mad skills.

We're eating frozen fruit right now, Ben is living it up with the comics. We just got back from SHAPE a strength finders, meets myers briggs meets mininstry in the Body of Christ class-which is so far AWESOME.
I have so many special ideas for this blog, when I'm runnin i get lost in all the cool stuff I hope for it. Hopefully when the time slows down, more TLC can be attributed to this and all my great dreams can be realized. I'm excited for a year or two down the road, and just how much this blog can be developed to better represent everything I want it to.  Big ideas folks, big. ideas.

And now, I'll show you awesome pictures of our weekend which was filled with awesome boys turning 5 years old:

And his awesome parents throwing him a bowling party:


And him showing me how old he is:

And watching what awesome looks like.
and talking to pretty ladies:
otherwise known as my momma.

Then, after much celebrating, we went to watch a marathon:
All those people over there are runners. it went on for miles.
and here's us there. feeling cool by association.

and while there we talked about how awesome Grace is for running it. She has the best legs in town.
and after, we celebrated our churches  15th Birthday party, where I had deep talks with 3-6 year olds regarding the ducky with the star on the bottom and if they could find it.
yes, that blue fluffy stuff is cotton candy.  yes, my lips stayed blue for a few hours after. And then ben's were too.....from eating cotton candy. Side note: that t-shirt was in my senior pictures of highschool! woot woot!

And then we drove home.

The end.

Hope your 'current' is going really wonderfully.

He makes all things beautiful


Sometimes I play a game of wondering what it would be like to be big like God and see all his beautiful creation. I think this is atleast a little of it.

The Unseen Sea from Simon Christen on Vimeo.

He really is something, isn't He?