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Ben and I are changing.

I went through the old headers and uploaded my favorite old one. A consecutive set of pictures taken right after the other. Me likes it.

Some things you probably know of you've journey'd with us for any extended period of time: I like to blog and make new headers and Ben likes to play video games.

I think now that this blog is going to be almost a year and a half that we might change the name.  Kind of like when you go from calling the baby " Baby" to its actual name. But we're in the ackward transitionary phase of figuring out wht that means.  Here was our conversation

me: I'm thinking our blog needs a new name.
Ben: Yeah?
me. yeah.
me: What about  "BS" you know Brittany/Ben Sprague (hahaha. I'm so funny)
Ben: [continues to look at gamer website]
me: So...Yes? BS? You like it!?
Ben: [ignoring my incredible wit] How about "B&B"
me: ....That's bed and Breakfast.
Ben: Its also Ben and Brittany...[looks away from brainstorming session....]....I need nail clippers.

Maybe we can't let go of the baby-nesss of our blog. Like going from calling it 'Baby Jack' to Jacophelor Clide or something to that affect and it just feels awkward and too grown up. I don't know folks. I don't know..

Maybe that's what I should name it. Jacopheler. No, that's nonsense. Everyone would be confused...I would be confused..

Never the less, we like looking at old headers and I think we might be going through some growth spurts.

In other news, I broke the internet (Ben won't say I broke it, but he knows I did. I can see it in his eyes every time it ask him " Do you think I broke it?" Thanks for pretending. ) and so I'm hacking some neighbors internet. Neighbor, if you read this-I hope you know that I appreciate you leaving your internet unsecured....and if you ever need a cup of sugar or an apple pie, its on me.

And to all you who think its dangerous being on unsecured internets, Dont worry-I worked an IT gig for 3 years and Ben is still-We be genius at this.

Oh. P.S. tomorrow I get to go back Home. like HOME HOME. All things good.

This post is incredibly random.

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