Spot. On.


I look up and I see my fancy diploma, and right above it Bens.
I look out my door and there's the washer and dryer reminding me that the solution for clean clothes is cleaning them.
And I sit in this messy-soon-to-be-cleaned (hopefully) town home that I've fallen quite in love with and think about these past few months turned years that Ben and I have been a 'we' and we've gone through.

And what I can for sure declare is this: God was spot. on. with this one.

I think about some of the hardest conversations we've had, the 'fights' which include us both talking very quietly-because we're like that- and some of the hard decisions we've had to make.

I think about the late nights I've needed a leader, and Ben has pointed me to Christ

I think about the times that we go out and roam target or hit up sonic, or get fast food then sit in empty parking lots.

I have a million gillion memories with this man who I call my husband. And I get why I yurned so much for this in my heart. I get why I really did want this, and I also get how I didn't have a clue what I needed, and I think I understand more fully than ever, that if it was up to me, I would not have ever been this happy.

I told my best friend many a year ago " I will never, EVER date Ben."

Oh, God thank you for proving me wrong! thank you for letting me not end up marrying the guys I thought were good catches for me.

I gotta tell you ladies, God is so much better at picking out a guy for you than you are.


And then I look at pictures like these and I'm convinced of that fact.

My laughing muscles have worked more since 'us' than in the 19 years before.

Over and Out.

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