Elias Grows :: Three Months


Only a few more weeks and we're officially into the 'infant' stage and out of 'newborn' stage. Each week seems more and more fun. Elias, your personality is exploding right now and the smiles and happy inhales are leaving us all a little twitterpated. You're the sweetest thing. Seeing you grow, and getting to see you and your sister grow your relationship has been one of my favorite parts of this season.

One thing is for sure, life has gotten a whole lot sweeter since you came around.

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Fourth Trimester Spiffying :: Eshakti Dress Review


 Last year was the first time I'd ever bought a customized dress. I ordered it online-actually from a retailer on amazon-and was pretty happy with the results. With a body that was still figuring itself out after Eowyn, it was a sweet relief to be able to put in specific sizes to fit my measurements.

Since then, I've found ways of knowing what shapes and styles do well on my body. Slowly I've limited my wardrobe, and you'll often see me wear the same things. I've even got a 'fourth trimester' wardrobe that I keep around for this season we're in. Most options revolve on loose fitting clothes for easy access to feed the little guy.

One thing I've noticed myself doing, however, is allowing my clothes to become more and more casual. Granted, it's the season. I'm a stay-at-home mom and even bought my first pair of yoga pants a couple of months ago (and all the angels did in fact sing.) But I've been starting to keep an eye out for a bit nicer duds in hopes of having some spiffy things for that special night out and what have you.

So, with eyes on the lookout, (and a realization that I only brought one semi-formal dress with us to Finland,) imagine my pleasure when eShakti contacted me wanting to know if I'd review an item of clothing from their website.

I had heard of them before, but had only visited their site briefly, so I took some time to score their site to see if there was something I was interested in. I was actually pretty impressed with the options available. They're a site that allows for customization and has clothing from 0-36W. So, even my 36 week pregnant self, was relatively confident I'd get what I was hoping for. Being able to decide hem length and specify other measurements on a really navigable site was encouraging. Worst case scenario, I got a dress for free that didn't fit. Best case scenario, I got a great dress, and a new place to shop online.

I went for a beautiful floral dress (that Ben actually picked) with a high waist band and a seemingly accessible chest area (hello nursing friendly.) A nice full skirt to flatter and a print I was really loving. I wasn't really sure what I'd be looking like once this 9 pound baby was birthed, so I figured we'd give it a go and hope for the best.

 While eShakti only ships to the US & Canada, lucky for me, my sister and mom were coming the very next month. The stars aligned, really.

When I got the dress, I was immediately pleased with the fabric quality. When I went to try it on, the zipper was a bit stiff, but I find that often happens when there's a dress with a change in fabric around the bust. I've had a few dresses do the same thing.  So, no bigs. I shortly discovered the POCKETS were nice and deep. as well as a confirmed nursing friendly top half. Things were looking good, friends.

The icing on the cake was just how many things this matches. I've worn brown, black and grey shoes with this number as well as different cardigans over it. the skirt quality is heavy enough that it actually does a decent job at warmth for these brisk spring mornings and the top is a fabric that retains shape even after pulling on it to feed a little one.

All this to say, I'm a big fan.

Ben got to be my photographer (Lucky him, right?),His direct instructions were to "look longingly through the window." Apparently longing looks into other people's apartments are key to fashion blog success. ;)

eShakti is having some pretty stellar deals right now, especially for newcomers. In addition, all my readers get a discount code!  Use the code 'Celebrationsdaily'- to get 10% OFF your order. (Valid until May 22.)

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Twelve Reasons Why Toddlers Would Make Horrible / Awesome College Roommates


Late at night, when we've finally wrangled our toddler and baby into bed and are taking a breath from it all, our conversations take a turn for the random. It sometimes forms into lists. Here are two such  lists:

Why Toddlers Would Be Horrible College Roommates*:

1. They sometimes pee in the bed and have no plans of changing it.

2. Anytime a snack is brought out for oneself-they want demand some.

3.They don't really do their share of keeping the place clean, in fact, they think it's kind of fun to run through the dirt piles you sweep up.

4.When trying to get homework done, they almost always convince you to hang with them instead.

5. Surprise! They took off all the clothes you just worked hard to wrangle on them.

6. They eat like they're drunk. The spoon goes in your mouth, not your hair.

7.Speaking of inebriation, they often ask you to wipe their bum for them. Weirdly, you oblige and congratulate THEM on the job well done.

8. When you decide to go out together, you're almost guaranteed a few shenanigans. Ready or not, here they come.

9.Comedy to a toddler is closing anothers laptop when they're working on something. Like just now.

10.They get a wee bit jealous if you hang with other people or sit in their chair" No! My momma. My 'eat down'"

11. Much of toddler life is tragedy ridden. They kind of cry a lot over some pretty silly stuff. Your cup is within reach, but you're "stuck" between the couch and the footstool and thus can't reach it. 

12. They insist on joining you in the bathroom, complete with intrusive questions about what number you're going. Or, if you're Ben, they sit by the door with a downcast face that you wouldn't let them in.

Why Toddlers Would Be Awesome Roommates*:

1. Everything you do, regardless of what it is, if you laugh, they do. It's not even a sympathy chuckle, it's a fully engaged belly laugh. It's Awesome.

2. When asking about an outfit, they always tell you it's "SO pretty."

3. They're super attune to emotions. So, if you cry, they're great at stopping what they're doing to comfort you. "Sad, mama? No worries..!"

4. They like to help with your laundry. They like to help with pretty much everything, actually.

5. Going anywhere is an adventure when they're around. Even the sunshine is exciting.

6. They've got some wicked dance moves and never make you feel silly when you shake it off.

7. No passive-aggressive nonsense. They let you know exactly how they feel.

8. Nakedness is experienced a lot when around toddlers. A refreshing no-shame-perspective to greet you daily. Hey! They're like the Finns!

9. When you come back from whatever you were doing for the day-they're super jazzed you're back. It's like a perpetual coming-home-from-war party. Makes one feel rather important. 

10. Pretty much every selfie is 10X better with them in it.

11. The fierce loyalty of a toddler is incomparable.

12. They'll always join you in the bathroom. Complete with hand holding if needed for moral support. "Good Job, mama!" Thanks kid. Thanks.

*Experiences may vary. College Roommates, please don't use this list as a reference on how to be awesome, unless you want to have the dorm to yourself or get suspended.

Two + Three Fourths :: Eowyn Grows


It's funny how appropriate this picture is to demonstrate who Eowyn is at this moment. She's fiest. She's all about being 'scary' and working to get that scream. She's all sorts of ridiculous and is, to be honest, especially naughty. When we talk through the naughty moments she does just about anything to get us to laugh. Her little grin while we're disciplining is both infuriating and, well...kind of funny. Eowyn is pretty convinced as long as she says "I Happy!" then it doesn't matter what sort of mischief she just committed, it should be looked over because her attitude is good. :)

It's a funny thing to see the little human she's turning out to be. My deep empathizer, my feeler, my emotional one. 

And while we have already joked about how we're getting to the 'threenager stage' early, I don't know that I'd change it. While her emotions are STRONG and always have been, the way she checks in on others, the way she asks 'sad?' anytime a friend isn't smiling with a hand on their shoulder-the way God has crafted her heart to be so sensitive to the emotional climate of a place, getting to see all that develop? I get overwhelmed by her heart.

If there's a new person in the room, she sees them and will find a way, ever so slowly to stand by them. Regardless of age. If there's someone crying, she'll work to make it better. The only way to describe it..is that she absorbs those around her. She's got a spot for each and everyone. 

I love this about her so much.

She's funny. Eowyn is all about the jokes these days. That and 101 Dalmatians. She's taking to repeating phrases the way Mrs. Deville does (You, you you!!!!) which makes all her statements seem a tad more dramatic. This means that our house is a 24/7 soap opera.

"I, I, I!!! I need help!" "You, You, You!!! Turned off show!" 

And while she 'eats a lot of naughty bugs' on a regular basis (a silly phrase we use to try and steer the climate back to baseline) she also is all sorts of kind and wonderful. 

Favorite Phrases right now:

"MMMM nummy nummy tummy!"

"Keep trying, you'll get bettter!"

"Me too, Either!"

"Choca milk?!"

"I NEED food!"

"Sooo tuuute!"

"Mom. Mommy, Momma. Mommm, I awake!"

"Daddy {insert object}" to describe various sizes of things. The smallest of which is an "Elias."

"I go poot poot."

"When daddy leaves, he always comes back."

"Elias, ELias, ELIAS! Calm down, Calm down CALM DOWN, SHHH"


I'm so proud she's our kid.

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Oh how good a friday it is.


This weekend has, for my whole life, been one of my favorite weekends ever. While some parents really go big for various holidays, with my clan, Easter was the Christmas+Halloween+Younameit all rolled into one. There's candy. There's presents. There's dancing. There's the beautiful lead up with the palm branches and there's the visible evidence all around of things that were dead coming to life.

Perhaps what makes Easter weekend so terribly special was how often I got to be a part of the preparation. For so many holidays, the day happens to the kids. For Easter, especially as a pastor's kid, I actively participated in its preparation. I helped my mom go to the flower shop for the palm branches for palm Sunday, we set up the sanctuary, we got to pick out our Easter dresses, we had the feast, and we knew there would be a sweet basket of goodies come Easter morning.

Side note : My mom got a crack out of hiding our baskets some where on our old five acre farm property. Nothing like sending two sleepy girls out into a dew-filled Sunday morning with the goal of finding their baskets, getting ready for church, and eating breakfast in under an hour. I think my mom enjoyed it a little too much (I once even found mine high in a tree. Mad Props to my 5 ft 2" mother and the great lengths I imagine she took to accomplish that. :))

But more than all fun goody baskets, pretty pastel dresses and even the prep work, was the conversations. My mom and dad made a point of telling us what this weekend meant to them personally. While I heard my dad talking about this Jesus guy near ever Sunday, my mom especially would take moments to share bits of her own story, especially on this day. One thing was clearly communicated time and time again: had Jesus not died and risen, we'd to be most pitied. Share bits of your stories with your kids for 20 some years, and there's a whole lot of meaning to Easter Sunday.

Now that I'm older, I no longer just tag along in the celebration. I no longer just hear the stories. Now I get to be the mama sharing her own story of what her Jesus did. Now I get to be the mama to buy the Easter basket and to include the sweet treasures and start the conversations.

Today we had our very first go at it. We told Eowyn what day it was. We told her that the Jesus we pray to died.

 To which she replied: "Oh no! I so sad...."

And if that were the end of it, we all would be. But then, with excitement we told her the good news.

"But on Sunday..."

On Sunday, my friends, he conquers death! and rises again! and all the things he said he'd do he does! He makes all things new! He saves! and redeems! and conquers the very thing that destroys us!

When we informed our girl of this reality, she replied: "I so excited!"

Me too girl,

me too.


After the kids went to sleep, I snuck out and ran my first run of the season. It was raining-which for all the Good Fridays I can remember, it has. While my feet hit the pavement and I looked around at a mostly torn up island where our apartment is, (and future apartments will soon be built,) I couldn't help but think about how that rubble has so often been the condition of my own heart.

Had Good Friday never happened, my heart would stay there.

But it doesn't.

Because Sunday is coming.

Because Jesus.

and death is dead.


Happy Easter Weekend, friends. 
May we experience Jesus in all the ways he promised us we could and may we let him get rid of all the rubble in our hearts and lives that kills us.  May we get to rest in the joy and peace that he's not just a spiritual God, but one that literally conquered death and physically healed. May we live in a way that leaves room for him to show up and demonstrate the life resurrected.

also? this.