Road Trip!


Apple and blueberry pie baked, presents wrapped, bags packed, fish fed, and Christmas music playing...

We'll be celebrating all sorts of merriness over in Wisconsin this week! We're P.U.M.P.E.D

Hope all of those who lay eyes on this post have an incredible Christmas and celebrate our Savior being born. If you haven't decided to follow Christ, do business with him, accept him as your personal Lord, Savior and Ruler in your life. Just think, he came to take away all of our sins so that we can have a relationship with the God that created EVERY thing. God loves with a deep and unquenchable love. Don't turn away from that. You'll never be satisfied fully in anyone or thing except by Him.

Merry Christmas!

Ben & Brittany

P.S. Dear Ben...

A Social Network Christmas



Loved this when Pastor Steve shared this. Thought I'd share...

Music for this Christmas


Well lovely ladies and gentleman,

There is no doubt that we have snow. A lot of snow. All those in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area are probably just like me right now and having a major case of cabin fever! To make even the snowed in days all the more jolly, the pretty lady taza offered up a link to some fantastic Christmas music. I thought I'd share. Here.

Ha ha hilarious...


  What does one do when their husband fits...oh like...7 of these?
Embrace it. Then hit up the comic book store.
P.S. the idea of a comic book table is awesome...just saying

100th Post! Celebration Soundtrack!


For my 100th post (hazaah!)
I wanted to do something a little different.
Here's some pretty music that I love...

Trying to pick which style of music to share with you all, I decided just to share the playlist I have been listening these past few weeks. Its cold here, and kind of dark, I think due to that.. the music might have a more sombering mood (not so celebratory...but still oh-so-lovely). Hopefully you like it as much as I do. Listen.and enjoy.

Much Love. The Husband and I have got some kickin plans this weekend. See you on the other side!

Need something to do this weekend?


Definately check out the beautiful No Coast Craft-O-Rama this Friday or Saturday!
Your favorite Ben & Brittany (thats us) will be there Saturday in the mornin with their favorite friend Grace. Hope you are too!