Dream Field Farms


This is our second year going to Dream Field Farms. It's about a thirty minute drive from our place, and it feels like such a perfect way to usher in autumn. We always wait till the temperatures are properly fitting.

Favorite Memories:

When we arrived, Elias started running through an open field. He suddenly let out a screech and hollered "I'm SO HAPPY!"

Eowyn walking through looking at each pumpkin meticulously.

Elias disappearing out of site in the pumpkin patch and then him reappearing with a wheel barrow perfectly his size.

All the cute southern kids dressed in their fancy pumpkin patch clothes, and our kids still wearing pajamas. The sudden downpour we experienced acted as the great divide, for our kids it was an invitation, for theirs they needed to take cover. Elias and Eowyn, dancing in the rain, reminding me that experiences are what I'm really wanting rather than just the photo op (and all of you know how much I love a good photo-op.)

Rowan being mesmerized by the animals, Elias being fearless and sneaking his little hands to pet the piglets.

That last picture on the right. Those quick seconds when I can see into the future of what will be-my girl all grown-and the gift of the reminder to take it all in.

Eowyn's Pure joy at getting to hold that baby goat.

All the monarch butterflies. We must have picked the weekend they arrived in Alabama. There were hundreds of them.

The end of reverse winter.


It's no real secret that we're midwesterners through and through. If anything sealed our fate, it was when we realized, much to our surprise-that we missed our snow and cold temperatures last winter. Our girl withers like a flower out of water when she enters into 90 degree heat, so we've been anticipating the day that the high is in the 70s rather than the 80-100 that it's been. We jokingly call it our 'reverse winter.' and we keep waiting for the day for it to end.

Today was that day.

These next few months will be spent mostly outside absorbing as much as sun as we can. With those kind, cool breezes, we'll be soaking up every last once of it.