What is this Blog About? 

 A family that loves Jesus
 Plainly put we love us some Jesus. 

 A Memory Keeper

Being a place to store memories has always been on the list of why this blog exists.  We love adventure, our spraguelets (what we affectionately call our offspring,) and all the life that gets captured with our camera. The memories and adventures we make are placed here to treasure.

 A Lifestyle/Family Blog

I like this all-encompassing label because it serves this blog so well. Stick around and you'll find,  Adventures, Events, Reflections, Babies, Book Recommendations;  You'll find bits of all of it here.

4 . A Connector

The  purpose of this blog from the beginning was to stay connected with family, as are most blogs. We moved several miles ( most recently to Helsinki, Finland) from our extended family ( living in the U.S of A) and we wanted to still share life as it was happening. As the years progress, we've gotten to share with more than just our family and now have made friends through this blog. This has been super exciting for us and we have loved the community we've gotten to experience because of this blog.

5. A Place to Celebrate. Daily.
This family likes to party. This blog is a means to actively seek out daily ways to celebrate authentically. There's joy to be found, and we make it a priority to find it. 

You're Welcome here.

Don't just scroll, Join in the conversation, let us get to know you! Shoot us an email or a comment. I'd love to talk and get to know you.

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