Hi there. I'm Brittany. Those closest to me (or those that just want to..) call me Brit. 

I'm a wife to Ben. We knew each other for a year and half, started dating for two and half months, got engaged, and were married a year and a month after we started officially dating. We've been together for a decade and it just keeps getting sweeter.

I'm a mother to my girl and my two boys. Their faces are all over this blog. We have two children we have yet to meet and their death brought one of the heaviest seasons Ben and I have faced. If you've struggled with loss/misscarriage and need someone to share in grief, please contact me. 

The bulk of my time? During the day I home school those babies. . If you first meet me, and ask me what I do, that's what I'll say. 

In the later day/evening and weekends, I'm a writer and photographer. I blog, dabble in blog/web design, and do freelance photography. Lifestyle photography is my passion. If you want pictures of your face (or your littles,) let me know. I work in newborn, family, engagement, and special occasion/ professional photography. I'll refer you to some amazing photographers if you need wedding photos. 

We live in New Hampshire, and have just recently moved in 2019. We're hoping to stick around for a few years.

Currently dabbling in typography, and Ben and I are major boardgamers. If you like board games (like, things not just Hasbro) we'll probably force you into a game night. We'll provide the snacks. And cuddles. If you're a lover of hasbro, we'll play those games too, we just want you to come over.

I'm really good at eating. We enjoy this activity with friends.

Believer in Jesus big time. Hook-line-and-sinker. I get giddy about a good theological chat, but at the end of the day I know I love my Savior, and the rest are often details.  I love C.S. Lewis and Ravi Zacharias. They are the people I'll be hugging when I go home. (If you are interested in more, we'll chat. Jesus talks are best in face-to-face community.)

I like talking about the 'nitty gritty'. Small talk is fun, but if we're gonna be friends, expect the deep questions about what you're passionate about and most scared of. I like awkward just fine.