life latey :: April 2016


The sun is officially making a regular appearance around these parts. April is bringing up flowers and giving us hope for warmer days. When our patio can get nice and heated because of the sun, even when it's still a bit cold out-the hope really starts growing.

"The kids are okay" and other quotes I should tattoo on my body.


At any given moment, in any given day, the unsettled feeling sets in. There's usually a montage of narratives that I tell myself. These thoughts that can push me into a cycle of downward heavy. Like a penny in one of those spinning donation saucers, I can circle. Until 'ping,' my heart sinks hard.

The topics that get dunked in uncertainty range wide and deep. motherhood. beauty. theology. marriage. home-decor. friendship. homemaking. family. missional living. recycling. sock matching. dirt-eating (in the kids mouths, mostly.)

Elias Grows :: One & A Quarter


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-Elias (he nearly deleted this post, while scaling the table.)

Eowyn Grows :: Three & Three Fourths



We've been fighting through sickness for what seems like ages now. We've gone from having the flu, to a major cold/cough to some sort of intestinal bug with the kids in the past month. Things are feeling a bit worn down at this point.  That being said, there are still sweet happening occurring around these parts. Here's a bit of a family update, little snippets into our days.

Elias is obsessed with bubbles lately. He'll find the bubble container and follow me around until we play with them. He isn't super giddy about them, just stares at them in wonder. While Eowyn tries to eat them (she loves to get a rise out of me, and says they taste like 'sweeties' (British term for candy.)) Bubbles have saved many an afternoon. //