We've been fighting through sickness for what seems like ages now. We've gone from having the flu, to a major cold/cough to some sort of intestinal bug with the kids in the past month. Things are feeling a bit worn down at this point.  That being said, there are still sweet happening occurring around these parts. Here's a bit of a family update, little snippets into our days.

Elias is obsessed with bubbles lately. He'll find the bubble container and follow me around until we play with them. He isn't super giddy about them, just stares at them in wonder. While Eowyn tries to eat them (she loves to get a rise out of me, and says they taste like 'sweeties' (British term for candy.)) Bubbles have saved many an afternoon. //
What started out as some workbooks and other 'preschool' type materials at the beginning of the school year has turned into a much more developed little system. We decided to follow along with Simply Learning's curriculum (her pinterest pages are so great, as is her blog) and have been spending 30-40 minutes or so doing activities together. It's perfect since Elias naps his morning nap during this window. It's all very laid back, as she's three and I'm very much convinced she'll be just fine either way. Still, it has been a really great time to focus our attention on one another. I'm seeing her focus and attention span develop a bit more and she's surprising me with all that she remembers. We did an 'emotions' unit one week and she's been unsurprisingly adept at remembering how to express her little self. Not that she needed any help with that. She's quite pleased with all she's learning, which makes the whole process even more fun.  // A couple of months ago I purchased a lock and kept it in my purse waiting for that magical date night. While we do have monthly date nights, thanks to our little 12 dates for Christmas gift, we just weren't getting to the bridge I had in mind. Between our island and the mainland, there's a little bridge that a few people have put locks on. There's an official love lock bridge downtown-with a plaque and everything-but there's something sweet about our little island having its own little bridge. So when both kids were sick, but we were desperate to go  out, we grabbed that lock and headed out. We put our names on in permanent marker (which was already rubbing off-whoops) and locked it on the bridge, then, in true love-lock tradition, we took the key and threw it into the sea.
While I was waiting for a romantic evening together, perhaps its more fitting that we threw that key into the river when we were both exhausted, and were all battling sickness. Committing to love in the midst of the harder parts of marriage has become a far more romantic gesture to my heart.

Elias is as about as happy as a baby boy can be, and as fury-filled as one can be. We love how much he laughs-which is much. We're still learning how to work with him when he gets upset. Maybe it's just a boy thing? No clue, but slowly we're understanding him better.

The other day I went on a walk solo, just to get out of the house and was reminded just how beautiful Helsinki is. It was one of the warmest days so far, and it was oh-so-glorious. I really truly love this city. 

Life is still filled with overtime, and figuring out life with long days and less sleep than preferable. It's a season I'm still trying to sort out how to deal with, but we're finding rhythms. We're figuring our kids out. We're sorting through life and learning how to make the most of these days, as weary as they may be. I can say yes easily or no easily. I don't feel quite so responsible to things that I don't need to feel responsible to. I do feel like we've reached the point where showering regularly, taking multi-vitamins and general self-care is a thing again (yes, its taken me much longer than average.) I feel like I'm finally catching my breath with our kids and feel legitimately able to go out and about. Elias will definitely start screaming for at least 5-10 minutes every outing, and Eowyn will probably test me and refuse to come or go or give or take at some point. But, these realities aren't so heavy for me as they used to be. I find I'm actually courageous enough to leave the house on a daily basis. At one point, the tears and the push back was just too much for my heart. I'm learning weary ground is often rich ground to grow into the brave, not-so-insecure mama I once was. I'm grateful to see that there's good work. What often feels like pure toiling isn't in fact all in vain, I'm finding. My kids are still rascals-no parenting advice coming from this corner of the internet-but they're rascals who I understand a bit more. And I see good things sprouting up even from their little hearts. Which encourages me.

Cheers to a good life where Spring always comes! Where babies grow out of hard phases, and where hard seasons never last forever! The best is yet to come-and the now is a weary beautiful.


  1. Love, love, love this. :) And I hear you on the daily showering- I have a ways to go for that!! ;) Thanks for sharing as always. It helps this mom feel a bit more normal, and like- maybe just maybe I'm not failing quite as much as I feel at times. Hugs.

    1. Val, I love you mama. You are so not failing. The first year of a baby's life is especially weary. You're doing such good work. Praying for rest and for assurance. I cling to a quote I heard once "God isn't asking me to be have motherhood mastered, He's asking me to follow the mater of motherhood. All we can do is be faithful with what we know to do.

      Love you and your lovingly kind heart.