It's been a particularily sweet autumn this year. Since it has been' warmer, we've been able to go out on more hikes spontaneously, and soak up the autumn changes.

I get the hype about New England autumn.

As the temperatures get cooler, I've dug up our garden beds and put them to rest, we're keeping on with the compost bins, and digging up dahlia tubers. We have a few hikes we're hoping to squeeze in but are turning towards dreams of sledding hills and seeing if we can locate some snow shoes.

One thing I love about having four distinct seasons is that each calls for a different pace. While living in Alabama, temerpatures were hot, and then hotter. While we did get a few days of chill, It didn't affect our month to month. Here however, it does. While I miss the sun (oh how I miss that forever alabama sun!) I do appreciate the gift of quieting down.

Eowyn has been waiting for winter for ages. We had our first snow sprinkle a few days ago and it happened again today. that girl is quite pleased.

I hope you have a beautiful season ahead of you, however cold it may be!