Because its fun...


If you ever want to see what all your pictures are going to look like after 100 year, check out this link. If it loads in Japanese, click on the English to actually understand it (unless of course, you speak Japanese.) I like it. I think you will too

and another cool one...
If you want to add cool frames to your pictures like these:

Here's a lovely link.  Here Enjoy my loves!

We're off to a pretty fun-filled weekend. Hope you all enjoy yours too!

Cuz cheap dates rock

Want a Cheap Date? Ikea is your place. Cheap food, awesome rooms. Basically the best date ever. We planned out our whole entire life including what Kitchen we will own. All for the small cost of $4.00. This $4.00 meal included pizza, two hot dogs and 2 delicious refreshments. We also learned some Swedish. Pretty awesome.

Easter Weekend Parte dos


After we spent Sunday Morning at Church, we hiked up to Eau Claire to visit with my sister and her family. Easter egg hunting, delicious food and lots of laughing. I love love love having all of us together. It warms my heart like nothing else. And we got such awesome pictures of it all.

Sweet Westyn.
"Baby Westyn" as his brothers call him, has gotten HUGE. He's a fat baby. Pretty sure Breana gets extra points for having that big of a child. At least in my book. Speaking of Breana, I for some reason have no pictures of her. Sad day indeed.
 Riley came with us, and after a few hours of hanging out we hid 40+ eggs for the boys to find. I'm pretty sure I've never seen Ayden more excited than he was just then. Look at this boys face:

And my personal favorite:
I laughed.
 Ben was snapping pictures too. Something about seeing that handsome man with a camera gets me all warm inside.


I love knightly. In none of the pictures could we get him to look up from his Easter basket.
After all that excitement, we decided to go on a walk to the local convenience store with my dad, the boys and Casey. Riley came with too and he somehow got recruited to do this:
 Surprisingly Riley got really excited about it. I think he liked all the responsibility of toting a boy around.
 Casey 'raced' with Knightly which resulted in shrieks of joy from this little guy. Look at his sweet face!

 After we got back from the convenience store Ayden and knightly walked right up to me grabbed my back pockets and stuffed in their juice containers. I had a little junk in my trunk. I'm glad I could be of service:

 It looked a lot worse in real life. Okay, you can scroll down now, nothing more to see here....

After, we got in our car and road home. We had a nice day off on Monday where we went to Ikea, went thrifting (and I scored big time!) and I played my first game of Softball with Hope Women's League! Holla!
Good weekend. In. Deed.

Easter Weekend Part 1


I love Easter weekend. It holds such significance to me especially because Ben and I  have an entire family that worships Jesus. Its so exciting to be able to spend time with my side of the family and talk about what Christ did for us, and then celebrate!


It was pouring rain all Friday.  It was a good reminder of Christ dying for us. I can only imagine how desperate it would feel actually seeing my savior die, not knowing yet he would conquer death and rise again. We are such a blessed generation to see how the prophecies have been fulfilled and to have a God who has physically proven to us He has conquered all things, and is complete control.  

We had gorgeous blue Skies on Saturday
and sweet talks together
 Airplanes, a replaced new phone, good conversations with my parents and naps
and  a little walk around my home made it really an awesome saturday.

Mr. Ben modeling for me. Hott.

There's something about being home. I loved growing up with more sky then buildings and with more grass then pavement. i really have been blessed to grow up in and around nature. God really is good.
I'll show you all the pretty pictures of spending time with my WHOLE family tomorrow.

Death is Dead

Love it!

Rule #2: Most times, when you're in extreme 'want.' It's a sign of a greater need.


Rule #2: Most times, when you're in extreme 'want.' It's a sign of a greater need. 
Just yesterday I posted on all the things I'm excited for. Now, while being excited for things is just fine and dandy, I was REALLY excited for these things. Like..." I'll be so happy, once I get x because then it'll fix y, which will thus make me feel better about myself in this area…." it sounds silly as I  type it out like this, but it’s true.

Yesterday, Ben bought me the camera I had been asking for. It’s an AMAZING little point and shoot that I really do love. I took it home, squealing with delight, and after playing with it for a few hours. I caught myself looking at pinterest, and other blogs and thinking ‘ooo, if I could only have z'.

And I caught myself. "Have I really become this? A girl who bases her joy and her anticipation on what she accumulates next?" The sad reality of these past few weeks, is yes. I’ll run through the whole alphabet of stuff and run through it again and find myself with these same empty feelings.

My first thoughts were to go through my house and look at all the great stuff I already have. The next was to go and look at all the stuff other people don’t have. And while this makes me sad and makes me appreciate what I already have, this also doesn’t fix the issue. See, I’ve done this exact thing before…and Its not just over stuff. It’s over my relationships, over my job, over so many parts of my life….I regularly find myself in this state of unnecessary want just a few months or dare I say weeks later after I go through a list of thankfulness….

I’m a huge fan of Ravi Zacharias. Today, I was listening to his podcasts and he said something quite profound. The loneliest moment in life is when you have just experienced that which would give you the ultimate, and it has let you down. You can never find the ultimate without finding the sacred. Sacredness in ultimacy gives you the purpose for which you were created.”

That struck me.  A lot of the discontentment I have felt in my life, has not been because I am in want with the external around me. I am overwhelmingly blessed. It is because I am not going to the source for my joy and purpose, and rather am going to cheap knockoffs to tell me what I need. I wonder if I spent as much time seeking Identity from The One who created me, rather than so much time on sites,( or books, heck on watching friends around me)  how much differently I would view my wants and needs and my identity. Rather than looking at a fellow blogger, friend, or stranger and thinking “If I could only be like that!,” “ If only my relationship were like that,” “ If only my accomplishments could be like hers..” If I were to rather celebrate the uniqueness, as I celebrate mine and Glorify the God who created us and our relationships…I have a feeling this life would be far more fulfilling, in fact he promises that He came to give life, and life more abundantly (John 10:10)

 I hope that this little (or long…) post is just the start of me really going after Christ and putting my trust that he’s going to show up in all the ways he says he will. That I’ll learn true source for joy and purpose, Christ. It’s crazy that I’ve claimed  Christianity to be my source for so long and yet I rely so heavily on the statements by others about Jesus. I hope that this is the start of change. And that I will find that I want less and less of the things of this world and more and more of that awesome God who promises us so much more.

 “ No Eye has seen, No ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him. “ 1st Corinthians 2:9

I need 300 dollars....


This is what I told Ben this morning. I have 4 or 5 things on my list that have been on my 'want' list for about 4-5 months now. Since the start, they are now a need. These include:

1. The perfect swimsuit that I found just the other day
2. Luggage (because the airplane guys ripped my duffle bag)
3. A small Point and shoot for little mini adventures (where I need to be sneaky.)
4. The perfect yellow dress. (this is hard to find, yet I am determined)
5. Summer garb.

Yes, my life is so hard.

In more important news, for the very first time in my life I'm PUMPED about a video game that came out yesterday. Ben and I can play together and it will be bliss. Portal, you are amazing.

I get to see my mom, my dad, my sister, my brother-in-law and all my sweet nephews this weekend; where I will squeeze them and may or may not tell them the Easter Bunny is dead and eat all their candy.

I get to celebrate the rising of my Savior.

I had an allergic reaction to something last night and I woke up with Angelina Jolie lips. Problem is  they don't look sexy, they look like I sucked on a bottle way too long. My sister had  an allergic reaction like this once. And I'm pretty sure I made fun of her...You reap what you sow I guess, even if I am reaping what I sowed some 10 years ago.

It dumped snow here in Minnesota. Cute.

My husband is sexy.

The end.

P.S. All you Easter bunny lovers, I was just kidding about the death of your fuzzy friend.. Don't send me hate mail

I might need another 300 to buy a bunny suit.

Have a happy Wednesday.

The Civil Wars


Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I know we did. On Friday, mr Ben and I watched a movie and Ben dyed my hair (he actually is quite good at it now) a nice red color. It looks a dark red in the inside and a nice bright red in the sunlight. I dig it. So does he. Which makes us both happy pandas. Then, on Saturday we went to the movies and Ben bought me these awesome heels for my fancy dress and a softball glove ( i joined the church league. My mom's not pleased due to my record of getting a black eye every year plus a  nice concusion, but she's letting me. Thanks Mom.) Sunday was the icing on the cake. I got to see one of my dearest friends Grace after an entire semester of not seeing her face! Got a free meal from my fav. Restaurant AND (Drum Roll!) Went to the concert of my favorite band in the WORLD! My friend Will and I have been listening to them before they even made an official CD. Getting to see them in real life was dream as you will see by the pictures i am about to show you.

This is me. So Excited it hurts.


Then we ate Mesa Pizza and talked about how awesome of performers they are.

The end.

awesome quote of the day...


[when talking seriously about what movie we should see this weekend]
Brittany : yeah...i think that one i'll just wait til it comes out on DVD...
Ben: Yeah....well, we could see that 'Hop' movie. Its about a rabbit who poops out jelly beans.
Brittany: {Silence }
Ben: Which do you think is weider, the fact he can poop out beans, or the fact that people eat them?
Brittany: {Laughter, Until I cried}

The End.

Dear Ben. I love you.

Cool things you should know....

1. I just tried on all of my clothes from last spring and all  my favorites still fit. Hazah.
2. Ben is dying my hair RED this weekend. and I'm P.U.M.P.E.D
3. We are going to go on adventures to find a missing comic book on Saturday. I love missing comic book Saturdays.
4. On Sunday, after church-I will be going to a concert of my favorite band in the world. Which is amazing.
5. I got rid of a bunch more clothes. And it makes me happy.
6. I found 6 inch red heals that I haven't worn since sophomore year in high school. I showed ben and he thinks they're hooootttttt (Added emphasis by me. He actually stated. Wow you're tall. Which i know translates to 'sexy')
7. My favorite tastes in color and foods are changing.
8. Ben and I decided we don't ever want to be billionaires.
9. We laughed at people getting lost in the parking lot. Then felt sorry for ourselves because they had a beeper to find their car....we have none. Two points for those lost folks.0 ben and brittany.
10. I smelt the first rain on the pavement smell of spring and that made me more happy than words can express.
11. I miss my Mom.
12. We held a puggle. (pug+Beagle) and I want one. For real.
13. I love my bible study.
14. I love my husband

15. I love my God.

Over and out.

Rule Number One: You might not live through April, So enjoy it.


Ah, the sweet return of Spring Retreat. I've got to tell you-It was amazing! Ben and I both loved the community, the card tournaments (even though we did not win) and the other awesomeness that was Spring Retreat. God really showed up in a very cool way for both Ben and I.

In the past few months I've been Learning a few important things. I've been writing them down and collecting my thoughts. I thought it might be cool to share a few of them. My dad always used to tell me that Wisdom was knowing the ends of your ways. And that if you were able to learning without making mistakes yourself will save you heartache. (He also said to not worry, I'd make plenty of mistakes, but if i was smart , i might be able to skip a few.) I hope I can find this to be true in my live now. So then. Here is my list of rules to living the life of awesome.

Rule number one: You might not live through this month, So enjoy it.

This morning someone asked me if I was excited for June (when my job would end,) I told them yes!!!! After I thought about it...I realized that setting my sights on something two and a half months away essentially makes me wish that these next two months would just hurry up and happen...but I might not even live through April. What if this is my last month? It would be a pity that i was aiming for a month I'd never even get to see.

This little thought made me begin to think of all the areas i do this. For my whole life I've been looking forward; To the results of that new workout, to the new job, to the new future, to the fun cool things I'll be doing. Then, when the skies are gray, I spend my days being sad about how great of a body I had, about how nice of a life I lived and how many fun things I did in the past. Sadly, only a few of my life moments in the past 21 years have been spent in the present. Learn Learn Learn. This Is Life. Life is in the present.

So, I decided. I would live in the PRESENT. Shortly after.... Ben and I had a 'discussion' all about the future (boo. I fail).. Which resulted in one of those times when we spend 10 minutes saying things we don't fully mean, and the next 40 explaining what we really meant (boo boo, double fail), and asking forgiveness for those silly 10 minutes. (yay! yay! Great success!)

But then (this is the best part!) then we were goofy and awesome and got fanta creamsicles and looked at all the toys in target and talked about our awesomeness. We were on the verge of buying a Lego star wars set and a fancy new camera and even some silly movies for 3 dollars. we giggled in our doorway before leaving and we did silly disco dance moves until my heart was racing from the laughter. Then we raced down the hallway doing those cool heal clicks ben taught me..
And My heart was full.

This is one rule I'm going to get good at. It has already proven to give me the most awesome rewards.
Over and Out to go live in the awesome present with my awesome husband. (Why yes, I did use awesome way to much in this post, find out next time what the new cool word will be! (no it will not be 'cool'. ))

Over and Out my sweets.

Macy's Flower Show


Here are the Pictures I promised. The Macy's Flower Show really is something. It's on the 8th floor and you can start smelling the flowers by the 6th. Its so lovely.  



We definately had fun .
As I predicted, my camera broke after i dropped my phone the 2nd time. When we go back to wisconsin I'll see if i can have it fixed, but its unlikely. So, I'm back to using Nora. Pray for my phone, maybe it'll start working agian.

We get to go to Spring Retreat with our Church this weekend. PUMPED.
Until Monday, have an excellent weekend!

Roadtrip, walks and other awesomeness


Thursday after picking up Sarah, we hiked on down to good ol Illinois to celebrate  Grandpa Sprague's 75 birthday and wedding. Pretty crazy eh? We were all excited. It was a special time to meet all of Ben's family, visit vintage bookstores, eat at Steak and Shake and talk about life with Ben's Parents and sister.. It was such a sweet trip.

I chronicled a few of our little adventures on my new phone, which I'm pretty much in love with. Problem is I've dropped it oh, 3 times already in the past week. So, enjoy the pictures while they last... She'll will most likely be broken in a few more days based on my track record.

We had a lot  all sorts of fun this weekend. I took quite a few fun pictures that I'm excited to show you. The family pictures we took on Saturday turned out awesome and I found not just two but 3 very pretty vintage finds. Ben's momma gave me an AWESOME dress that she found and I even found some treasures for my dad, the coin collector.

The entire weekend I wore my TOMS, which I recommend the whole united States buying a pair, because they really are swell...

And for the most random part of this post: The beauty of taking pictures of yourself with a phone is that when Ben says something funny, and you think the picture has already taken (but it hasn't ) you get cool pictures like this:

True Brittany right there.

Last Night Ben took me on a walk since it was so nice out (and we ate way to much food.) I'm pretty sure my favorite part of my marriage has been these walks. Its adventure and silliness and getting to hear what he has to say without distractions of home stuff. Every time we go I learn something awesome about him. Last night? I learned he has a mean heal click: you know the run to the side, jump and click your heals? He. Is. Astonishing. He even taught me how.

We found a train exhibit and took some pictures on the train tracks, and an older man even asked us if we were interested in buying the property/trains. I giggled..if only we had a few thousand bucks we'd buy a few trains out in the middle of Illinois to call our very own.
After we explored the cool train tracks we walked really fast and we laughed and smiled and talked about just how blessed we are.
which resulted in this awesome picture.
and then after, I watched our family play cards and marveled at what a wonderful husband I have:

So now, we're safe and sound back at home. and i'm about to eat some delicious lasagna that ben's making for me and I might (cross fingers here) get to see my pretty sister tonight.
Pure. Awesome.

Over and out my sweets. Hope your weekend was full of adventure.