The Civil Wars


Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I know we did. On Friday, mr Ben and I watched a movie and Ben dyed my hair (he actually is quite good at it now) a nice red color. It looks a dark red in the inside and a nice bright red in the sunlight. I dig it. So does he. Which makes us both happy pandas. Then, on Saturday we went to the movies and Ben bought me these awesome heels for my fancy dress and a softball glove ( i joined the church league. My mom's not pleased due to my record of getting a black eye every year plus a  nice concusion, but she's letting me. Thanks Mom.) Sunday was the icing on the cake. I got to see one of my dearest friends Grace after an entire semester of not seeing her face! Got a free meal from my fav. Restaurant AND (Drum Roll!) Went to the concert of my favorite band in the WORLD! My friend Will and I have been listening to them before they even made an official CD. Getting to see them in real life was dream as you will see by the pictures i am about to show you.

This is me. So Excited it hurts.


Then we ate Mesa Pizza and talked about how awesome of performers they are.

The end.

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