Roadtrip, walks and other awesomeness


Thursday after picking up Sarah, we hiked on down to good ol Illinois to celebrate  Grandpa Sprague's 75 birthday and wedding. Pretty crazy eh? We were all excited. It was a special time to meet all of Ben's family, visit vintage bookstores, eat at Steak and Shake and talk about life with Ben's Parents and sister.. It was such a sweet trip.

I chronicled a few of our little adventures on my new phone, which I'm pretty much in love with. Problem is I've dropped it oh, 3 times already in the past week. So, enjoy the pictures while they last... She'll will most likely be broken in a few more days based on my track record.

We had a lot  all sorts of fun this weekend. I took quite a few fun pictures that I'm excited to show you. The family pictures we took on Saturday turned out awesome and I found not just two but 3 very pretty vintage finds. Ben's momma gave me an AWESOME dress that she found and I even found some treasures for my dad, the coin collector.

The entire weekend I wore my TOMS, which I recommend the whole united States buying a pair, because they really are swell...

And for the most random part of this post: The beauty of taking pictures of yourself with a phone is that when Ben says something funny, and you think the picture has already taken (but it hasn't ) you get cool pictures like this:

True Brittany right there.

Last Night Ben took me on a walk since it was so nice out (and we ate way to much food.) I'm pretty sure my favorite part of my marriage has been these walks. Its adventure and silliness and getting to hear what he has to say without distractions of home stuff. Every time we go I learn something awesome about him. Last night? I learned he has a mean heal click: you know the run to the side, jump and click your heals? He. Is. Astonishing. He even taught me how.

We found a train exhibit and took some pictures on the train tracks, and an older man even asked us if we were interested in buying the property/trains. I giggled..if only we had a few thousand bucks we'd buy a few trains out in the middle of Illinois to call our very own.
After we explored the cool train tracks we walked really fast and we laughed and smiled and talked about just how blessed we are.
which resulted in this awesome picture.
and then after, I watched our family play cards and marveled at what a wonderful husband I have:

So now, we're safe and sound back at home. and i'm about to eat some delicious lasagna that ben's making for me and I might (cross fingers here) get to see my pretty sister tonight.
Pure. Awesome.

Over and out my sweets. Hope your weekend was full of adventure.

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