Rule Number One: You might not live through April, So enjoy it.


Ah, the sweet return of Spring Retreat. I've got to tell you-It was amazing! Ben and I both loved the community, the card tournaments (even though we did not win) and the other awesomeness that was Spring Retreat. God really showed up in a very cool way for both Ben and I.

In the past few months I've been Learning a few important things. I've been writing them down and collecting my thoughts. I thought it might be cool to share a few of them. My dad always used to tell me that Wisdom was knowing the ends of your ways. And that if you were able to learning without making mistakes yourself will save you heartache. (He also said to not worry, I'd make plenty of mistakes, but if i was smart , i might be able to skip a few.) I hope I can find this to be true in my live now. So then. Here is my list of rules to living the life of awesome.

Rule number one: You might not live through this month, So enjoy it.

This morning someone asked me if I was excited for June (when my job would end,) I told them yes!!!! After I thought about it...I realized that setting my sights on something two and a half months away essentially makes me wish that these next two months would just hurry up and happen...but I might not even live through April. What if this is my last month? It would be a pity that i was aiming for a month I'd never even get to see.

This little thought made me begin to think of all the areas i do this. For my whole life I've been looking forward; To the results of that new workout, to the new job, to the new future, to the fun cool things I'll be doing. Then, when the skies are gray, I spend my days being sad about how great of a body I had, about how nice of a life I lived and how many fun things I did in the past. Sadly, only a few of my life moments in the past 21 years have been spent in the present. Learn Learn Learn. This Is Life. Life is in the present.

So, I decided. I would live in the PRESENT. Shortly after.... Ben and I had a 'discussion' all about the future (boo. I fail).. Which resulted in one of those times when we spend 10 minutes saying things we don't fully mean, and the next 40 explaining what we really meant (boo boo, double fail), and asking forgiveness for those silly 10 minutes. (yay! yay! Great success!)

But then (this is the best part!) then we were goofy and awesome and got fanta creamsicles and looked at all the toys in target and talked about our awesomeness. We were on the verge of buying a Lego star wars set and a fancy new camera and even some silly movies for 3 dollars. we giggled in our doorway before leaving and we did silly disco dance moves until my heart was racing from the laughter. Then we raced down the hallway doing those cool heal clicks ben taught me..
And My heart was full.

This is one rule I'm going to get good at. It has already proven to give me the most awesome rewards.
Over and Out to go live in the awesome present with my awesome husband. (Why yes, I did use awesome way to much in this post, find out next time what the new cool word will be! (no it will not be 'cool'. ))

Over and Out my sweets.

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