Easter Weekend Part 1


I love Easter weekend. It holds such significance to me especially because Ben and I  have an entire family that worships Jesus. Its so exciting to be able to spend time with my side of the family and talk about what Christ did for us, and then celebrate!


It was pouring rain all Friday.  It was a good reminder of Christ dying for us. I can only imagine how desperate it would feel actually seeing my savior die, not knowing yet he would conquer death and rise again. We are such a blessed generation to see how the prophecies have been fulfilled and to have a God who has physically proven to us He has conquered all things, and is complete control.  

We had gorgeous blue Skies on Saturday
and sweet talks together
 Airplanes, a replaced new phone, good conversations with my parents and naps
and  a little walk around my home made it really an awesome saturday.

Mr. Ben modeling for me. Hott.

There's something about being home. I loved growing up with more sky then buildings and with more grass then pavement. i really have been blessed to grow up in and around nature. God really is good.
I'll show you all the pretty pictures of spending time with my WHOLE family tomorrow.

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