Easter Weekend Parte dos


After we spent Sunday Morning at Church, we hiked up to Eau Claire to visit with my sister and her family. Easter egg hunting, delicious food and lots of laughing. I love love love having all of us together. It warms my heart like nothing else. And we got such awesome pictures of it all.

Sweet Westyn.
"Baby Westyn" as his brothers call him, has gotten HUGE. He's a fat baby. Pretty sure Breana gets extra points for having that big of a child. At least in my book. Speaking of Breana, I for some reason have no pictures of her. Sad day indeed.
 Riley came with us, and after a few hours of hanging out we hid 40+ eggs for the boys to find. I'm pretty sure I've never seen Ayden more excited than he was just then. Look at this boys face:

And my personal favorite:
I laughed.
 Ben was snapping pictures too. Something about seeing that handsome man with a camera gets me all warm inside.


I love knightly. In none of the pictures could we get him to look up from his Easter basket.
After all that excitement, we decided to go on a walk to the local convenience store with my dad, the boys and Casey. Riley came with too and he somehow got recruited to do this:
 Surprisingly Riley got really excited about it. I think he liked all the responsibility of toting a boy around.
 Casey 'raced' with Knightly which resulted in shrieks of joy from this little guy. Look at his sweet face!

 After we got back from the convenience store Ayden and knightly walked right up to me grabbed my back pockets and stuffed in their juice containers. I had a little junk in my trunk. I'm glad I could be of service:

 It looked a lot worse in real life. Okay, you can scroll down now, nothing more to see here....

After, we got in our car and road home. We had a nice day off on Monday where we went to Ikea, went thrifting (and I scored big time!) and I played my first game of Softball with Hope Women's League! Holla!
Good weekend. In. Deed.

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