Man In The House-A How To


I read this post about a young lady adjusting to marriage and things her husband does, and I started to laugh. And then I began to think of the pleasures I've gotten to experience myself in this past year.

Get ready kids, this is about to get exciting.

Here are some things I have discovered about men and by men i mean 'a man':

First, The average man does not see dirt as a bad thing. In fact, he doesn't see it at all. When he is told to clean, he thinks 'put away.' But actually 'clean' well, that is simply not necessary.

Except with Dishes. He's pretty good at knowing that that food on that plate doesn't go there.

Second, Men are able to throw things in the laundry-they just would rather not. Women, you'll think your clever when you buy 3 laundry baskets and place them strategically where his clothes normally fall. Don't waste the money. The clothes will land. But they will land just outside of the basket.

However, if you buy laundry baskets that are low enough, there's a 50/50 chance that they will actually land in the basket. When this occurs, consider this a success. Buy them closer to the ground then his arm+the clothing article is. This will at least promise some success. Enjoy it.

If you bring this laundry thing up lovingly (and by lovingly I mean sweetly jokingly-not necessarily requiring any action,) he will smile, and may even pick up the things that are currently on the floor. And you may even think to yourself "progress!" But don't get frustrated when it happens again.

A much better approach is to turn it into a "show me how awesome of a basketball player/manly man you are." Gather all the fallen laundry and put it in a pile a decent distance away from the basket, then say "Husband, come show me your manly skills." This will increase intrigue and he will come. Then challenge him to throw all the clothes into the laundry basket. Give him points. And retries.

You'd be surprised just how much fun he will have, and how much victory you will feel as each piece of clothing falls where it belongs. Yes, he knows that you're doing. He knows exactly what you're doing. But he's okay with it-after all, he's getting to be awesome.

Thirdly, He will have ONE task. that he does awesome. The rest he'll do, but not with such zeal. When you find out what it is-realize that's his territory. For my husband its the dishwasher. The man has an order. And he takes it seriously. Don't complain-he's loading the dishwasher and doing it better than you would. Respect.

and Lastly-You will organize his drawers and his closets and will potentially even do a little categorizing since you're a little OCD, and you will be filled with pride. When your husband opens up those drawers, be prepared. This is what he will notice: " Wow, I have all my clothes washed!"
And that will be very exciting. He will not however notice "wow these are all folded and put perfectly in order and in categories."

Go ahead and just show him. Say " Look at what i did!" This will allow you the satisfactory applause you are looking for, and he will then be released from staring at a drawer filled with clothes and wondering what the heck you're talking about.

Important Note: None of this stuff is worth getting into an argument or bitter about. If you think it is, go ahead and make a list of all the things he does do. The little stuff and the big stuff and the medium stuff. Like working hard at work, and taking  you random places just for the fun of it, or listening for HOURS as you talk about some random interaction you had with a girl and you're not sure if she 'really understood your intentions' then list how he helps you with breakfast, or how he takes you on walks and helps you fold laundry even though you know he hates laundry. Or how he takes you out to eat when you say that you hate your kitchen.
Then, count these. Then times them by 20.

That is the actual amount of things he actually does for you. Now your silly list seems ridiculous. In fact, you might want to call him and praise him for how awesome he is.

The correct response to this stuff is to smile, shake your head, apply grace, and move on. When it is repeated, smile, shake your head, crack a silly joke (NOT a sarcastic joke) then apply grace and move on.Then write a book about it so that other wives can smile, shake their head, apply grace and move on.

It really is the best way. Pick battles that actually make your marriage better.

Consider yourself wiser for reading this post.
If you read it twice, you will be twice as wise.

P.S. I can just see Ben's version of this now. #1 "She will talk for hours-and she will just want you to listen. For hours. No, you can't fix it even if you have an obvious solution-you must. sit. and. listen.. Yes. for hours"
#2 She will have ridiculous needs. "I need a prettier garbage can" You will thing "its for garbage.." She will think "It must be bedazzled" Just Celebrate her.

This is going to be our conversation this evening.

On my heart


Ben-you are a real good man. I look at you, and think to myself "now how did I manage that one?" I know I didn't, but i like to think it to myself. How could we have known just how good God would be? Just how much he would show us how to give up our selfish stuff and get to give to each other. And  how on earth could we have known just how sweet the taste of sacrifice is? And that way that you get me, and I get you...and that its not in the gushy way but in the deep down, awesome holy smokes way. How could we have known?

I dont know, but i sure like it.

Dishwasher-I know I complained about you the other day. But if you gave out, I know I would be sad. So thanks for being all that you are.

Family-Its weird talking about our relationships to other people. And in LDI I get asked it a lot. One thing I know for sure, is I'm glad I have you. I'm excited to grow up and know that you will be in my life forever.

Future children- speaking of family, we talked about you today by we I mean my girlfriends and I. And...i gotta tell you, whenever you come I'm pretty excited. Mostly excited to have someone sit and watch the comic that your dad will be. (he seriously. is ridiculous.) And i'm excited to watch you laugh so hard your sides hurt, and to laugh so hard my sides hurt. And your dad will dance around in all his crazy hats and say crazy things and we will laugh and laugh and laugh.

And then we'll go eat ice cream. If there's one thing you should know about your future mother-its that she loves ice cream. And about your guys are lucky to have someone so awesome. Better recognize. Before you're even in the womb. If you start now-you might be where you need to be in understanding the awesomeness that is your future father.

Ben-Today you ran to the store. It seems so little, but i know you hate running to the store But you did it. all nice and sweet.
But then, you didn't just run to the store you ran and picked up flowers. And you walked in, with that grin on your face...I fell inlove with you a little bit more. Youre generous. youre thoughtful. youre romantic
Whenever I'm wondering what I can be thankful for, I just start writing one of these, and then when i stop, I feel like i might burst.

I think thats the magic of being happy. Is seeing that God really is good. .And that he really does give us good things-like dreams and ice cream and people who love us deep.

I bet you have a list just like mine, if you really think about it.

Why Hello, Do I know you?


Our blog stats say that more than my mom  & Ben's  mom reads this blog.

If that's you, and I dont know you read this, you should introduce yourself.

a) By following us through friend connect so I can look at your blog too, or just stare at your picture.
b) Leaving a comment and saying " Hey, girl, I'm here!"
c)by sending an email: so we can be email pen-pals forever.
d) by walking up to me in person and saying "Lets get coffee and have a real conversation. "then casually mention that we're blog buddies. (this has happened before-and the result is magic)

Why should you do this?
1. Because it makes you feel good
2. because it makes me feel good
3. because it builds community
4. Because it makes us friends

The result:
my heart will grow 3 times as large and we'll instantly be best of friends forever. electronic or not-you count.

I'm roasting marshmellows and hiking up mountains this weekend. I'm going to come back from my adventures and be so filled with joy at the few of you who have actually been oh-so-brave and said Hi! Pumped.

Earnestly, and Fully Yours,

P.S. if you're a man, you can still tell us you exist-just know that Ben will probably want to grab burgers  or play video games/read comic books-if you're into that kind of thing.
P.S.S. If you are into that kind of thing, then you really should say hi. Ben would be excited. He likes friends too.

Over and Out

To the 30 year old Brittany



Youre getting older now. And I thought it might be nice to write you, so that someday when you look back on this goofy blog you'll see that I was thinking of you, even now as a 22 year old. And as you read that line you'll think "wow, i knew so little" Thats probably very true. But I'd like to remind you, when you're 42 you'll think that your 30 year old self was very young as well, so...lets just say we'll always feel like we're little in comparison to when we're not so little.

I'm writing you to remind you. I sometimes get worried about you.  Not that you're not a big girl (I mean you're even bigger than me) but the world isn't so kind to women like you. At least it isn't to women like me, so I'm guessing it won't be to you. Women who have chosen not so traditional career paths or to embrace a body that isn't necessarily the norm (unless the norm changes in the next 8 years.) Or to choose to serve your husband rather than pursuing your dreams above everything else. So, I wanted to remind you a few things, so that you can find joy even now and rest assured that you are doing better than fine. You're remarkably doing well..

The 22 year old self approves of you. You're a good mom. If you can't grow babies in your own belly, then I know you'll be a good mom to someone who needed a mom. If you end up being a stay-at home-mom for a while-Please. Don't let society take your joy. You should shine.

Please Shine.

You're in charge of the next generation. Any random job you have (unless its working with those wee minds-like being a teacher,) really wont matter compared to that. And any job you want will be there when its time for that change. Remember when Dad said "once you start working you'll never stop." ? Well its true. It'll be there for you. And all those dreams you have about P.H.D. and all that, It'll happen. A lot of people give up what they really want, for what they want now. Don't let that be true for you. Time is on  your side.

And about your looks. If you have stretch marks, be proud. You've grown a whole human life. And if you are living healthy, then please say "screw you" to any BMI or any other thing that would tell you you aren't enough...or 'too much' (but otherwise, don't say screw-your kids might repeat it.)  Please, Don't become those crazy women that get sassy about skinny. You know what I'm talking about. God created us different. I hope you're confident enough to celebrate their bodies too. and their career choices. and their life goals. I hope you're actually confident in all that God has for you so you can encourage others even when they're on a totally different track then you. and even if they dont support what youre doing.
If you actually read that last part and think "wow, I'm actually doing that." My heart will swell. I would be so proud of you for that.

Thats my only requirement for you. That you're confident enough to celebrate.

And another thing, I've been thinking a lot about this. We grew to know that the world is a liar. For instance.
#1: If you get money, you'll be happy. Lie.
 #2. If you just had a husband, then you'd finally have it all! Ben and you both know this is a big lie. Luckily you knew that before marriage.
#3. Approval from others is what will finally make you feel accepted. False. It doesn't work does it? Because there's always other people to find approval from. It never ends.
#4 You can be happy without a Savior. Ha.
#5. Career over family pays off. Joke. You retire, then no one is around to have fun with. and money runs away quicker than you can catch it

You get the point.

so why do you think that the worlds definition of Beauty is actually accurate?
They lied about everything else, except this one they got right? Bunch. A. Bologne.

I hope you still say boloney when youre 30. and I hope by the time your 30 you dig the (probably very different than your 22 year old) body God gave you and have finally quit allowing the world to make you feel anything less than God-Made.

All that to say, embrace your 30 year old self.
 I bet you finally have laugh lines (the ones you would try to make in the mirror) And you probably have a well-used stomach with all that laughing I hope you're doing (and hopefully, all that good eating). I hope you realize you're strong-for loving a man through life's storms and for raising a baby or two or for just going through whatever God gives to you. Babies or not, You have done well..

I'm proud of you. I think you should be proud of what the Lord has done these past 8 years too.

Yeah. I think that's it. Dye your hair a crazy color. and remember: Celebrate.

See you in a few,

Dear John #11

What I Wore & How my dishwasher is evil


In this day and age, we are blessed enough to have appliances to make our lives easier.  Unfortunately, my life has been plagued by evil appliances and I have not gotten to share the full joy of these 'blessings.' Yay. Its story time.

Flash back to good ol 2010, Ben and I, sweet newlyweds making smoothies. While we giggled with glee at the promise of delicious berry goodness, our blender EXPLODED while turned OFF leaving blueberry skins everywhere. Which, by the way are like little flakes of cement on every thing they get on. This escapade happened 3 more times before finally we said "you suck, blender." Now we just go to McDonald's.

flash forward to Today: I thought those days were over. They aren't. I was sitting-writing this blog in fact-and all of a sudden a strange smell enters my nostrils. And I continue smelling it and thinking "My, why does something smell like...burnt plastic?...."
Then I open my dishwasher, and it has managed to take all the plastic lids to my Tupperware, swish them around so hard that they fall down underneath the holder-thingy and then it melts them. MELTS them beyond repair. Leaving me lidless and my house smelling like the time I baked crayons in my Easy Bake oven.

By the way kids-it doesn't give you an awesome swirly pie. it gives you molten lava.

So now I write to you, with a nasty smell in my nose that has now been unsuccessfully masked by "Sparkle of Spring" Glad spray. Have pity on me.

In better news, I found a skirt. Which is beyond my wildest dreams, for just 3 dollars. And I love it. And I had money for it. So I bought it. And i'm wearing it right now.

I look pretty solemn in the pictures I'm about to show you of my awesome new skirt, partly because I am mourning the loss of my gazillion lids that have been now turned into uselessness. I keep glaring at my dishwasher. As if it cares...
And partly because i'm a wee-bit sick. this gal has seen better days.

Here's the "What I Wore" Part
Its a beautiful full skirt with no tag on it, it may be homemade. Which makes me like it a wee bit more. 
And this is what I would look like if we lived in a upside down world:

I hope your Wednesday is filled with good things, and everything going just right.

Over and Out

Vows: How serious are they?


Vows are an interesting thing.

We went to a wedding a few days ago and listened as two of our favorite friends said I do. Ben and I both love going to weddings for a number of reasons. one, because we're big partiers and weddings are typically the best parties ever. and two, because we're reminded. Reminded about the covenent we made before our friends, our family, eachother and most importantly God.

Part of the vows our friends said, (which ben and I have totally adopted in our hearts) was the statement that if we are separated by anything other than death, then "May God deal with me ever so severely, and then even more so"

When it was first said, I was a bit surprised. But when it was said a second time, I was so blessed. I've been thinking about this. When I said I do and repeated all those vows, I made a promise to be with Ben through everything to support him in all the ways I said I would and that I would not leave or forsake him till the day we meet death. And that God would deal with me. "Severely and even more so, "if I were to ever break that vow.

I dont know if I actually understood what I was talking about.

The reality of that promise has hit me a million times (potentially literally that many times) over this past year. There are times when, especially when I'm cranky, the idea that this is a LIFETIME (and the only one I get) of a relationship is daunting. It was scary to think that this relationship is the thing I get to work on for the REST OF MY DAYS. Till the day I die. 

As time has progressed, that fear I once felt has turned into a sweet joy. The permanence of this situation used to make me feel a little trapped, especially in hard times. But God has been good. I think God has been gracious to show me that, yeah, I kind of am trapped. But in His goodness. In his Grace, in His love and in the promise that He will provide in our marriage. I made a vow to be with this man till I die, but God promises he'll mend brokenness and he'll convict hearts. That he's the judge and he is just. And that he'll grow love in each of us and that that growth will be a blessing that comes only through years of tribulation and fighting the good fight together.

I stare at Ben a lot.

He reads and gets so involved in whatever he's reading that staring is an easy thing to do. This is a definite perk to my desire to look at him uninterrupted and without explanation. I've been looking at that same sweet face for over 2 years now. and My heart might burst.

He's seen my shortcomings, and by shortcomings i mean canyon wide shortcomings, he's seen my heart-in its deceitfulness and selfishness and he's seen me be ugly to people and to him. And yet, he made a commitment to stay by my side. To be my leader, to be there for me through all life's hardships and point me to Christ. And he does it with joy (Which is crazy to me!)

His Leadership and love baffle me. If any of you think you know me-you don't. Not compared to this guy. And yet he loves me. He celebrates me! He thinks the world of me! He shows me Christ and sees me as the woman  I can be. He moves towards me when I don't deserve to be moved towards. What a joy to be receiving all that! What a blessing! In Light of Gods promises and the awesomeness of my man, the permanence of my vows and his bring such joy and comfort and humility to my heart.

But one thing has to be remembered. If that man that I love stops being so lovable, if he truly stops being 'a good husband,' I still am in this marriage till the day I die. And this marriage will still be joy. How is this possible?!  Because God's promises remain. And the blessings that come from years of marriage pointed at Christ are the same. And God's forgiveness and mercy and love are still the same. We will experience the Almighty and we will see him move, whether we fail or not. Because God is who he is and his promises stay true no matter what.

I used to think that the main joy of marriage was to spend countless hours with your one true love. This is great. But its not the main joy. The Main joy of my marriage has been seeing God be gracious. And seen God do the work when I can't do it anymore. Its in seeing how God has made my husband into the man he is, not with my griping or my 'constructive criticism" But from God changing his heart without my help. Its the joy of waking up and realizing that my old self last year was selfish and that I didn't really love Ben just a year ago. Not in comparison to now. I loved me so much more than I loved him. and i think- "if I think that now of last year, how will I feel about this year?" I know that God is continuing his good work and that i will probably say the same thing then. In my life, this marriage has changed me. God has taken it and used it as a daily manner to show not only his love, but just how in control he is. This is not about my performance, this is about him showing me and Ben how he can take two very messy, very sinful people and form them into his image. so much so that we bless each other and build each other up and find joy with each other.

We vowed to stay and watch till we die.

How Great is our God?



8 AM Worship Folders
8:40 Pick up Grace
9:00 Worship Jesus, 
11:00 Drop off Grace
12:00 Attend Saints Game
3:00 Go see Best Friend Arrive at Airport
5:00 Go home, Eat
6:30 Back at Church
9:30 Day Complete

Welcome Home Miss Emily,
I missed you.

Over and Out

Jesus Lessons :Mark Study

Lessons I've learned about Jesus in the first 8 chapters of mark.
By Brittany Sprague

1. There are more words to describe him than I have available in my brain.
2. For a good part of his ministry he didn't even call himself the Messiah. His Actions screamed it for himself as did everyone around him.
3. He knew his stuff.
4. He saw everyone as chosen. and sick. and he was ready to heal them.
5.A lot of people didn't want to get better-and he didn't come for those. He came for people who know they're sick.
6. He isn't interested in my fancy performance. He's interested in my heart.
7. He's got this under control.
8. He's more patient than me.
9. I'm the slow learner.
10. He's real enough to make me relate with him, but God enough to prove he doesn't need my help.
11. He knows my heart and loves me the same.
12.He's inclusive.
13. He's a ground-leveler
14. He's ready to change a life. completely.
15. He's a God of the spiritual kingdom and This physical one.
16. Even people that didn't know him, knew he was 'Lord'
17. He  healed, cast out demons, preached, change the Law, showed authority over nature, fullfilled the scriptures, discipled, showed people compassion, took care of thousands of peoples physican and spiritual needs, broke laws of physics, and proved that He's the God of the old testament, the God of the people who didn't even know what to call him. The God of today, That he had finally arrived. And the Time. Had. Come.
18. That this Gentile, that I get to be apart of the blessing he has for his people. That I'm a daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords,
19. he's ready for deep conversations, and hard questions
20. That he is the Messiah. the Annointed One, the Holy one of God, the Son of God, the son of Man, the Lord, the Teacher, the Christ

And thats just in the first 8 chapters.

And there's life in this house again..


It was a crazy week. It was an emotional week. It was a very awesome week. Our car rides are filled with me talking about all the things I've found out about Jesus. We slept in till 10 today (first time we did this since I can remember) and I'm learning a lot about Christ character, my shortcomings, and the beauty of the cross.

All that being said, its been exhausting. And for the first time in ever, even blogging seemed like too emotional of a task. Lucky for me, sleep is key in getting me back to normal. Ben has been gracious. God has been good.

I've been wanting to share these pretties for a few days now, cuz its one of my favorite things. in da world. We went to Irish fest, just like last year.  And it was awesome. And by awesome I mean, being surrounded by the culture where you fell deeper in love and (got to do stuff that you've waited to do forever awesome.) got to see amazing sights(chuckle) like castles, and fields and sheep and beautiful everything. Yes. that awesome

We reminisced about how awesome our honeymoon was and even though its a wee bit Americanized there's still a sweetness to it. There's a light hearted culture, and well. Its awesome. Yes I use that word too much. Yes, my husband has a larger vocabulary, yes, I can not use that word as often-but I will not. Here are the pictures:

Our cheesy wedding ring shot.


That's just about it. 

This weekend has been filled with a wedding, spending time with pretty girls, fun little walks, and church tomorrow.

Oh! and i organized my closet-No bigs-except it looks AMAZING (I could have used awesome, but i didn't, just for those who believe that over use makes a word less meaningful)

Hope you find rest this weekend.

Over and out.

Dear John #10

And all through the house not a creature stirred


...not even a mouse

While no its not christmas, it IS a crazy time in the sprague household. Today and tomorrow I'll be studying the Good News till 10 PM at. night., then trudging home, doing it again the next day. This week is booked. Like literally booked until sweet Monday morning of next week.

So if its quiet around this blog space, its because its even quieter around this home space-we're not here-we're at church learnin about Jesus. Well at least i am. And Ben only blogs on special occasions.

Just so you know so you dont worry about us.

Over and out.



  • I made a great recipe from the Sprague/Thompson family recipe book. Which filled my heart. (and stomach.)  Ben kept saying the sauce/topping 'tastes like candy!' He told me I could make it again.
  • I had a younger woman comment how much she loved my dress (I made it!) 
  • I passed the lake by my house this morning and saw the prettiest crane. I wish my phone wasn't dead. She/he was a beauty.
  • Ben and I made some big decisions, which change some big life plans. 
  • During my run,  I remembered to pray for all my brothers and sisters in somalia, and I think i started to catch a glimpse of what thinking about the 'kingdom' means.
  • I randomly remembered 5 or 6 things that Ben had done that week that totally made me feel great. I was gushing, and thanking God for reminding me of all the random comments and small actions he does to declare his love.
  • I found a pair of paints for 5 dollars. in which my back end looks awesome. To much information. My apologies. Just saying....Only ladies read this anyways.
  • I avoided a creepy (super shaddy) guy who-while sitting in his Truck with huge shades on, kept saying "Hey, miss, hey miss" I looked he waved at me to come over, I akwaredly waved, and ran. not literally. but kind of literally.
  • I rested. 
And for tonight! 
  • I'm going to go walk to the gas station with Ben  to buy some slushies. Best. Date. Ever.
  • Watching  a few awesome movies
  • Chillin' with the best earthly present the Lord has given me!

Over and Out

Dear John # 9

5 Things


If you were about to get married, and you were a guy, these are things I would tell you:

1. Put down the controller
2. Pick up the dishes
3.Keep a Vase full
4. Listen with your eyes.
5.  Yes is a golden word


Take me out to the ball game

In addition to going to the zoo last weekend, we also got to celebrate the 21st Birthday of one of the lovely ladies in our small group by going to a Saints Game!

We got to hang out before the game and celelbrate, and also took any opportunity to play up the fact it was her birthday.
We had never gone to a saints game, which was awesome. but what was double awesome was the fact that we got to be apart of the games between the innings.

We did a tire race around the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd bases. Me, Becca, Tyler and Ben...Guess who won?
This Guy:

Yeah, he's pretty much an all star.

After all that crazy fun, we finished up the game and checked out a place called chatterbox with our small group friends.  We recommend both.
Pretty much the best birthday party.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your fun.

Over and out

Snapshots:Normal Life


Let it be known that I love this place. When i first left home, i didn't think I'd ever be able to find a place where I felt so at peace and so free to just chill. And even in our last place, there was a certain sense of not fully resting. Here-its different. I love the place that God has brought us and I love this place that we've spent the last 3 months filling with laughter and memories and silliness.

i'm a fan.

First Day at Hope

Here's to my first day of official 'work' at LDI. I'm in the intern girls office, and I already feel like i might just burst due to how happy i am.

I was talking to my mom about my Hopes and Dreams, and about Grad school-and whether I'm going next year or not etc. etc.

She told me: Just remember this-if youre in the center of God's will, no matter what you're doing-thats where you'll find peace and fullfillment.. Thats where you want to be.

And I've found so much rest in that. And in knowing that I really am right where I'm supposed to be.

So, here's to great moms who give honest truth, to working with people who love jesus, to a husband who's pushed me to do this since I ever first began to dream, and to the one that's been keeping me in his Peace and plan all along.

Over and Out

Como Zoo


We had such an awesome weekend.
When I was 13 my parents started a tradition. Every birthday, or atleast every signifcant birthday we would go to the zoo. for my 13th, my 16th and my 18th we went. When Ben and I got married we went for my 21st and now for my 22nd too. Its one of my favorite traditions.
 it was a relaxing way to spend our day together on saturday. Not only did we just get to walk around, we got to see the seal show and after got some chinese/mexican together. Pretty sure I'm livin the dream. That or perpetually going on the best dates ever. Either way. I'm a happy camper

Over and out

Dear John #8



I'm actually at a retreat right now. Learning about Jesus
And these picture were actually taken this weekend. Before I ever started LDI. 
Wow. Weird. I know
Now that its finally here. its exciting. I'm a little nervous. But overall filled with joy. A lot of the peace comes from knowing that this is exactly where the Lord wants me this year. And i know that a lot of good stuff is going to come out of it. Namely, new friendships, more knowledge about my Lord, a deeper relationship with Him and my husband, more direction for the upcoming years.
I have some pretty high expectations. But I see more and more how God is providing even in the little things. For instance:
Last week I got in an accident (everyones okay) and we had to get our car fixed. Well, we got a rental and it was HUGE like a monstor truck. It so happens, that our friends-who were expecting a truck to help them move but the guy got sick- were needing a huge vehicle. And we had it. Another cool car blessing-This week, since I'm on my retreat, i needed a car to get there-but we only have one car. But my sister calls and asks if I can take her and her fam to the airport and thus have a car for the week so she doesn't have to pay for parking.
Again. Proof that God is good.
I just know that even in the circumstances where it seems like bad things are happening-God is still working.

So, ladies and gents. We. are. Blessed.

I hope your feeling Him working. And that your praising Him for it.
Over and out

Pretty Music: Boat Song