On my heart


Ben-you are a real good man. I look at you, and think to myself "now how did I manage that one?" I know I didn't, but i like to think it to myself. How could we have known just how good God would be? Just how much he would show us how to give up our selfish stuff and get to give to each other. And  how on earth could we have known just how sweet the taste of sacrifice is? And that way that you get me, and I get you...and that its not in the gushy way but in the deep down, awesome holy smokes way. How could we have known?

I dont know, but i sure like it.

Dishwasher-I know I complained about you the other day. But if you gave out, I know I would be sad. So thanks for being all that you are.

Family-Its weird talking about our relationships to other people. And in LDI I get asked it a lot. One thing I know for sure, is I'm glad I have you. I'm excited to grow up and know that you will be in my life forever.

Future children- speaking of family, we talked about you today by we I mean my girlfriends and I. And...i gotta tell you, whenever you come I'm pretty excited. Mostly excited to have someone sit and watch the comic that your dad will be. (he seriously. is ridiculous.) And i'm excited to watch you laugh so hard your sides hurt, and to laugh so hard my sides hurt. And your dad will dance around in all his crazy hats and say crazy things and we will laugh and laugh and laugh.

And then we'll go eat ice cream. If there's one thing you should know about your future mother-its that she loves ice cream. And about your dad...you guys are lucky to have someone so awesome. Better recognize. Before you're even in the womb. If you start now-you might be where you need to be in understanding the awesomeness that is your future father.

Ben-Today you ran to the store. It seems so little, but i know you hate running to the store But you did it. all nice and sweet.
But then, you didn't just run to the store you ran and picked up flowers. And you walked in, with that grin on your face...I fell inlove with you a little bit more. Youre generous. youre thoughtful. youre romantic
Whenever I'm wondering what I can be thankful for, I just start writing one of these, and then when i stop, I feel like i might burst.

I think thats the magic of being happy. Is seeing that God really is good. .And that he really does give us good things-like dreams and ice cream and people who love us deep.

I bet you have a list just like mine, if you really think about it.

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