What I Wore & How my dishwasher is evil


In this day and age, we are blessed enough to have appliances to make our lives easier.  Unfortunately, my life has been plagued by evil appliances and I have not gotten to share the full joy of these 'blessings.' Yay. Its story time.

Flash back to good ol 2010, Ben and I, sweet newlyweds making smoothies. While we giggled with glee at the promise of delicious berry goodness, our blender EXPLODED while turned OFF leaving blueberry skins everywhere. Which, by the way are like little flakes of cement on every thing they get on. This escapade happened 3 more times before finally we said "you suck, blender." Now we just go to McDonald's.

flash forward to Today: I thought those days were over. They aren't. I was sitting-writing this blog in fact-and all of a sudden a strange smell enters my nostrils. And I continue smelling it and thinking "My, why does something smell like...burnt plastic?...."
Then I open my dishwasher, and it has managed to take all the plastic lids to my Tupperware, swish them around so hard that they fall down underneath the holder-thingy and then it melts them. MELTS them beyond repair. Leaving me lidless and my house smelling like the time I baked crayons in my Easy Bake oven.

By the way kids-it doesn't give you an awesome swirly pie. it gives you molten lava.

So now I write to you, with a nasty smell in my nose that has now been unsuccessfully masked by "Sparkle of Spring" Glad spray. Have pity on me.

In better news, I found a skirt. Which is beyond my wildest dreams, for just 3 dollars. And I love it. And I had money for it. So I bought it. And i'm wearing it right now.

I look pretty solemn in the pictures I'm about to show you of my awesome new skirt, partly because I am mourning the loss of my gazillion lids that have been now turned into uselessness. I keep glaring at my dishwasher. As if it cares...
And partly because i'm a wee-bit sick. this gal has seen better days.

Here's the "What I Wore" Part
Its a beautiful full skirt with no tag on it, it may be homemade. Which makes me like it a wee bit more. 
And this is what I would look like if we lived in a upside down world:

I hope your Wednesday is filled with good things, and everything going just right.

Over and Out

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