Why Hello, Do I know you?


Our blog stats say that more than my mom  & Ben's  mom reads this blog.

If that's you, and I dont know you read this, you should introduce yourself.

a) By following us through friend connect so I can look at your blog too, or just stare at your picture.
b) Leaving a comment and saying " Hey, girl, I'm here!"
c)by sending an email: so we can be email pen-pals forever.
d) by walking up to me in person and saying "Lets get coffee and have a real conversation. "then casually mention that we're blog buddies. (this has happened before-and the result is magic)

Why should you do this?
1. Because it makes you feel good
2. because it makes me feel good
3. because it builds community
4. Because it makes us friends

The result:
my heart will grow 3 times as large and we'll instantly be best of friends forever. electronic or not-you count.

I'm roasting marshmellows and hiking up mountains this weekend. I'm going to come back from my adventures and be so filled with joy at the few of you who have actually been oh-so-brave and said Hi! Pumped.

Earnestly, and Fully Yours,

P.S. if you're a man, you can still tell us you exist-just know that Ben will probably want to grab burgers  or play video games/read comic books-if you're into that kind of thing.
P.S.S. If you are into that kind of thing, then you really should say hi. Ben would be excited. He likes friends too.

Over and Out


  1. Hey Girl! Coffee. Me and you. Soon. Tuesday or Wednesday? Or perhaps Friday morning? I'd love it. Enjoy camping! :) -Annie Brock-

  2. Hey, waving at hubbins work parking lot buddy. I love your blog. Thanks for writing!