• I made a great recipe from the Sprague/Thompson family recipe book. Which filled my heart. (and stomach.)  Ben kept saying the sauce/topping 'tastes like candy!' He told me I could make it again.
  • I had a younger woman comment how much she loved my dress (I made it!) 
  • I passed the lake by my house this morning and saw the prettiest crane. I wish my phone wasn't dead. She/he was a beauty.
  • Ben and I made some big decisions, which change some big life plans. 
  • During my run,  I remembered to pray for all my brothers and sisters in somalia, and I think i started to catch a glimpse of what thinking about the 'kingdom' means.
  • I randomly remembered 5 or 6 things that Ben had done that week that totally made me feel great. I was gushing, and thanking God for reminding me of all the random comments and small actions he does to declare his love.
  • I found a pair of paints for 5 dollars. in which my back end looks awesome. To much information. My apologies. Just saying....Only ladies read this anyways.
  • I avoided a creepy (super shaddy) guy who-while sitting in his Truck with huge shades on, kept saying "Hey, miss, hey miss" I looked he waved at me to come over, I akwaredly waved, and ran. not literally. but kind of literally.
  • I rested. 
And for tonight! 
  • I'm going to go walk to the gas station with Ben  to buy some slushies. Best. Date. Ever.
  • Watching  a few awesome movies
  • Chillin' with the best earthly present the Lord has given me!

Over and Out

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