And there's life in this house again..


It was a crazy week. It was an emotional week. It was a very awesome week. Our car rides are filled with me talking about all the things I've found out about Jesus. We slept in till 10 today (first time we did this since I can remember) and I'm learning a lot about Christ character, my shortcomings, and the beauty of the cross.

All that being said, its been exhausting. And for the first time in ever, even blogging seemed like too emotional of a task. Lucky for me, sleep is key in getting me back to normal. Ben has been gracious. God has been good.

I've been wanting to share these pretties for a few days now, cuz its one of my favorite things. in da world. We went to Irish fest, just like last year.  And it was awesome. And by awesome I mean, being surrounded by the culture where you fell deeper in love and (got to do stuff that you've waited to do forever awesome.) got to see amazing sights(chuckle) like castles, and fields and sheep and beautiful everything. Yes. that awesome

We reminisced about how awesome our honeymoon was and even though its a wee bit Americanized there's still a sweetness to it. There's a light hearted culture, and well. Its awesome. Yes I use that word too much. Yes, my husband has a larger vocabulary, yes, I can not use that word as often-but I will not. Here are the pictures:

Our cheesy wedding ring shot.


That's just about it. 

This weekend has been filled with a wedding, spending time with pretty girls, fun little walks, and church tomorrow.

Oh! and i organized my closet-No bigs-except it looks AMAZING (I could have used awesome, but i didn't, just for those who believe that over use makes a word less meaningful)

Hope you find rest this weekend.

Over and out.

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