Phoenix, Arizona :: Sprague Adventures


We only got to spend three full days in Phoenix before jetting off to Mexico, but what a sweet  three days they were. 

We celebrated birthdays-with a very special fairy birthday party put on by grandma for  Eowyn! The party was complete with a fairy costume, wands for all in attendance, tea, cupcakes and a 'fairy-land.' Plus, we ended the evening with putting the kids to bed and playing a new board game and eating homemade ice cream cake for Sarah's birthday. 

Ben and I also got a date in (!!!), and we had our fill of fried chicken-which was heavenly. We missed you Raisin' Canes. While everyone joked that we picked the wrong time to come due to the heat, it was still a sweet trip. The intense heat of 120 Degrees F/ 42 degrees celsius made staying cool, eating lots of ice (cream) and going swimming in Grandma and Grandpa's pool all the more fun.  

When we went on our little date, we visited a bookstore together. If there's one thing I miss, it's a store filled with English books. Plus, for my birthday I was re-introduced to Charming Charlie's. Color coordinated accessories? Woah. It's the little things...Also, ice in everything! Here in Finland, most things aren't served with ice. So it's a real treat to get frozen water in our drinks. :P

 Seriously America, you have it all.

Expectations + JetLag + Good Fruit


Every time we prepare for a trip, we have a conversation about our expectations. After expectations are formed, we lower them. We've learned to make room for the inevitabilities of life. It helps a great deal facing trips like these; there's always just so much to process. We were preparing for jetlag, culture-shock, and sickness in addition to typical travel concerns.