Hi! It's been quiet.....


hi friends,

It's been kinda quiet. Mostly because we've been doing a lot of this:


So until we're back, it'll probably be a wee bit quiet some more. 
Hope your Christmas time/New Year has been and will be beautiful. 
see you in the new year!

Until Then!

Chewbacca baby


During a recent dialogue with my family, we somehow or another got on the topic of the future hairiness of our children. (you know, usual conversation pieces). Breana said "From 1 to 10 how hairy do you think they'd be?" I said 10. Ben said 11.

I think this pretty much sums it up:
credits to 22 words for always being awesome and revealing this masterpiece of our future child. 

Disney World


Ben and I are going to Florida this Saturday. I've never been there, so I'm ultra pumped. What am I most looking forward to? Well, a part from the awesome weather, and getting more freckles-which is always a nice thing in the middle of december,

 I'm mostly excited for this:

Now i know my photoshop skills are so good it seems like we were already there-but we haven't been. I'm just so excited I spent the last 15 minutes making this picture so you could visually see how awesome my life is going to be in a week.

K. Thats it. I hope you're as excited as I am as you live vicariously through the awesomeness that I will experience this weekend/next week.

Dreams. Coming True.

Over And Out.

Dear John-Christmas Edition


I'll spend the rest of my life laughing at your faces.
I'll always love you for your ability to make every moment 100 times better than it ever could have been on my own. 

I love you and your uncanny ability to make a situation hilariously awkward.

Things that make me smile...


*Knowing I'll be getting a package today. (which is my christmas present!)
* Telling my mom my woes, and she laughing with me. I always feel so much joy from talking with her. And I love how telling her things that aren't so fun, seem not so bad.
* Ben. How everyday he proves to be more charming, more steadfast, and more able than I remembered from yesterday.
*Realizing daily that God knew what he was doing in having me marry that man. Thanks God.
* Laundry-Complete
*Having two days with Ben without any major plans and being silly the full two days. My heart is so full.
* Realizing that God is sufficient for far more than my salvation. and that he can be strong for me when I'm weak.
* Learning that we'll be here for a little while. And being really okay with that.
*For all its worth, Minnesota is something dear in my heart.
*Christmas weekend this weekend, and Christmas week with Momma and Papa Sprague in two weeks.
*Going to a state I've never been!
*Ben's amazing Bod. Delish.
*Making Presents
*Being stoked to have my family open theirs.
*Jesus coming and getting to celebrate that.
* This quote:
In the darkest night of our soul, we have something to hold on to that Job never knew. We know Christ crucified. Christians have learned that when there seems to be no other evidence of God's love, they cannot escape the cross." -D.A. Carson

I know Ben would be proud


thanks 22 words for your humor,
 and for providing material that I know Ben would post. 
 I know you're proud.

Dear John #24

You sure are somethin.'

Dear John #23