Things that make me smile...


*Knowing I'll be getting a package today. (which is my christmas present!)
* Telling my mom my woes, and she laughing with me. I always feel so much joy from talking with her. And I love how telling her things that aren't so fun, seem not so bad.
* Ben. How everyday he proves to be more charming, more steadfast, and more able than I remembered from yesterday.
*Realizing daily that God knew what he was doing in having me marry that man. Thanks God.
* Laundry-Complete
*Having two days with Ben without any major plans and being silly the full two days. My heart is so full.
* Realizing that God is sufficient for far more than my salvation. and that he can be strong for me when I'm weak.
* Learning that we'll be here for a little while. And being really okay with that.
*For all its worth, Minnesota is something dear in my heart.
*Christmas weekend this weekend, and Christmas week with Momma and Papa Sprague in two weeks.
*Going to a state I've never been!
*Ben's amazing Bod. Delish.
*Making Presents
*Being stoked to have my family open theirs.
*Jesus coming and getting to celebrate that.
* This quote:
In the darkest night of our soul, we have something to hold on to that Job never knew. We know Christ crucified. Christians have learned that when there seems to be no other evidence of God's love, they cannot escape the cross." -D.A. Carson

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