I'm actually at a retreat right now. Learning about Jesus
And these picture were actually taken this weekend. Before I ever started LDI. 
Wow. Weird. I know
Now that its finally here. its exciting. I'm a little nervous. But overall filled with joy. A lot of the peace comes from knowing that this is exactly where the Lord wants me this year. And i know that a lot of good stuff is going to come out of it. Namely, new friendships, more knowledge about my Lord, a deeper relationship with Him and my husband, more direction for the upcoming years.
I have some pretty high expectations. But I see more and more how God is providing even in the little things. For instance:
Last week I got in an accident (everyones okay) and we had to get our car fixed. Well, we got a rental and it was HUGE like a monstor truck. It so happens, that our friends-who were expecting a truck to help them move but the guy got sick- were needing a huge vehicle. And we had it. Another cool car blessing-This week, since I'm on my retreat, i needed a car to get there-but we only have one car. But my sister calls and asks if I can take her and her fam to the airport and thus have a car for the week so she doesn't have to pay for parking.
Again. Proof that God is good.
I just know that even in the circumstances where it seems like bad things are happening-God is still working.

So, ladies and gents. We. are. Blessed.

I hope your feeling Him working. And that your praising Him for it.
Over and out

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