Fourth Trimester Spiffying :: Eshakti Dress Review


 Last year was the first time I'd ever bought a customized dress. I ordered it online-actually from a retailer on amazon-and was pretty happy with the results. With a body that was still figuring itself out after Eowyn, it was a sweet relief to be able to put in specific sizes to fit my measurements.

Since then, I've found ways of knowing what shapes and styles do well on my body. Slowly I've limited my wardrobe, and you'll often see me wear the same things. I've even got a 'fourth trimester' wardrobe that I keep around for this season we're in. Most options revolve on loose fitting clothes for easy access to feed the little guy.

One thing I've noticed myself doing, however, is allowing my clothes to become more and more casual. Granted, it's the season. I'm a stay-at-home mom and even bought my first pair of yoga pants a couple of months ago (and all the angels did in fact sing.) But I've been starting to keep an eye out for a bit nicer duds in hopes of having some spiffy things for that special night out and what have you.

So, with eyes on the lookout, (and a realization that I only brought one semi-formal dress with us to Finland,) imagine my pleasure when eShakti contacted me wanting to know if I'd review an item of clothing from their website.

I had heard of them before, but had only visited their site briefly, so I took some time to score their site to see if there was something I was interested in. I was actually pretty impressed with the options available. They're a site that allows for customization and has clothing from 0-36W. So, even my 36 week pregnant self, was relatively confident I'd get what I was hoping for. Being able to decide hem length and specify other measurements on a really navigable site was encouraging. Worst case scenario, I got a dress for free that didn't fit. Best case scenario, I got a great dress, and a new place to shop online.

I went for a beautiful floral dress (that Ben actually picked) with a high waist band and a seemingly accessible chest area (hello nursing friendly.) A nice full skirt to flatter and a print I was really loving. I wasn't really sure what I'd be looking like once this 9 pound baby was birthed, so I figured we'd give it a go and hope for the best.

 While eShakti only ships to the US & Canada, lucky for me, my sister and mom were coming the very next month. The stars aligned, really.

When I got the dress, I was immediately pleased with the fabric quality. When I went to try it on, the zipper was a bit stiff, but I find that often happens when there's a dress with a change in fabric around the bust. I've had a few dresses do the same thing.  So, no bigs. I shortly discovered the POCKETS were nice and deep. as well as a confirmed nursing friendly top half. Things were looking good, friends.

The icing on the cake was just how many things this matches. I've worn brown, black and grey shoes with this number as well as different cardigans over it. the skirt quality is heavy enough that it actually does a decent job at warmth for these brisk spring mornings and the top is a fabric that retains shape even after pulling on it to feed a little one.

All this to say, I'm a big fan.

Ben got to be my photographer (Lucky him, right?),His direct instructions were to "look longingly through the window." Apparently longing looks into other people's apartments are key to fashion blog success. ;)

eShakti is having some pretty stellar deals right now, especially for newcomers. In addition, all my readers get a discount code!  Use the code 'Celebrationsdaily'- to get 10% OFF your order. (Valid until May 22.)

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