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It's funny how appropriate this picture is to demonstrate who Eowyn is at this moment. She's fiest. She's all about being 'scary' and working to get that scream. She's all sorts of ridiculous and is, to be honest, especially naughty. When we talk through the naughty moments she does just about anything to get us to laugh. Her little grin while we're disciplining is both infuriating and, well...kind of funny. Eowyn is pretty convinced as long as she says "I Happy!" then it doesn't matter what sort of mischief she just committed, it should be looked over because her attitude is good. :)

It's a funny thing to see the little human she's turning out to be. My deep empathizer, my feeler, my emotional one. 

And while we have already joked about how we're getting to the 'threenager stage' early, I don't know that I'd change it. While her emotions are STRONG and always have been, the way she checks in on others, the way she asks 'sad?' anytime a friend isn't smiling with a hand on their shoulder-the way God has crafted her heart to be so sensitive to the emotional climate of a place, getting to see all that develop? I get overwhelmed by her heart.

If there's a new person in the room, she sees them and will find a way, ever so slowly to stand by them. Regardless of age. If there's someone crying, she'll work to make it better. The only way to describe that she absorbs those around her. She's got a spot for each and everyone. 

I love this about her so much.

She's funny. Eowyn is all about the jokes these days. That and 101 Dalmatians. She's taking to repeating phrases the way Mrs. Deville does (You, you you!!!!) which makes all her statements seem a tad more dramatic. This means that our house is a 24/7 soap opera.

"I, I, I!!! I need help!" "You, You, You!!! Turned off show!" 

And while she 'eats a lot of naughty bugs' on a regular basis (a silly phrase we use to try and steer the climate back to baseline) she also is all sorts of kind and wonderful. 

Favorite Phrases right now:

"MMMM nummy nummy tummy!"

"Keep trying, you'll get bettter!"

"Me too, Either!"

"Choca milk?!"

"I NEED food!"

"Sooo tuuute!"

"Mom. Mommy, Momma. Mommm, I awake!"

"Daddy {insert object}" to describe various sizes of things. The smallest of which is an "Elias."

"I go poot poot."

"When daddy leaves, he always comes back."

"Elias, ELias, ELIAS! Calm down, Calm down CALM DOWN, SHHH"


I'm so proud she's our kid.

To see Eowyn Grow, Click here

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