Birthday Dance!!!! WOOOO It's Ben's BIRTHDAY!


Hey Handsome Man! Its your birthday!!!!

To the man who makes me laugh sweet tears of joy (and makes every one else laugh those same sweet tears,) to the gracious man who is quick to fix (in both real stuff and with apologies and grace), and quick to give praise-you're what men should strive to be. 
You set the standard. You in fact have blown me away with just how great of a man you are. I'MSOPROUDOFYOU!

You're genius, and clever and witty (boy are you witty.) You make people feel like they belong and you have such a presence. Its such a calming, yet awesome presence.
People seem to think we're a cool couple worth hanging out with. You wanna know why? Because of you. You are just...magnetic. And yet in your quiet self you let others be who they'll be. You dont steal the show and yet you say more than most do without ever saying words.

Boy you are just one fine specimen. I love being Mrs Ben Sprague and I will always pride myself  on the fact that you are the best arm candy ever and I'm yours. What a beautiful truth!

And Now....

My favorite part
26 (that's how old you are!) things I LOVE LOVE LOVE about you.

1. You resemble all the Mr. Darcy's and Mr Knightleys I read about in books. It tickles me I actually married the tall, dark, and handsome man. MMM!

2. You've taught me how to be proud of what God's gifted me with. You are someone who is never ashamed of the gifts, or interests God has put in you. It makes me proud of you, and from example, my self.

3. You get this little grin every time you check the mail box and there's a comic book in it. I can tell you're about to smile and it makes me instantly laugh. There's some child in you yet.

4. Speaking of child, you were the most adorable little Ben ever! I love thinking about what our kids are gonna look like. Beautiful little spraguelets, growing a beard at 2.

5. You get that same grin as mentioned previously when you're about to surprise me, or ask me for something you want, or take me to Mexican food (you love Mexican food!) . Its a wee bit sheepish, but mostly just delighted. I. Love. It.

6. You let me put my ice cold feet on you. And you act like you're dying in battle over it...but you still let me do it. I'll craft you an award if you make it through this winter.

7. You're man enough to call things 'cute' and you even try to impress me with your knowledge of 'peep toe shoes' and silly stuff like that. I'm impressed.

8. You treat women nicely, but you don't really get into deep conversations, or really even joke with them individually too often. While it wouldn't be bad if you did, I like how reserved you've always been when it comes to the female persuasion.. You save your girl-sharing time for me. And that makes me feel so so so special. I've always loved that (even before we were dating.)

9. As Stan (personality assessment guy at our church) said it "You got a lot going on between those two ears." I like a man who thinks deep. and you, sir Ben, think some deep things.

10. You have a deep faith in Jesus, and you teach me how not having all the answers, doesn't mean not knowing the truth.

11. You say crazy stuff that makes me rip-roar laugh. My ginormo six pack thanks you for it.

12. You stick up for me. Even when people are just joking. I like that.

13. Something about the fact you can grow a beard in .45 seconds is super hott. you're pure man.

14. You tell me your sad stuff, and the good stuff, and the stuff that you're still getting through. You get the whole 'emotional closeness' of a marriage and you fight for that. Some men would rather not-It's hard, it takes hours of time, and its painful-but you do it anyways. You've never given me even a second to think you're not 100% into us. That's a big ginormous deal.

15. While we have our fights, and we definitely don't have a perfect marriage, you take this marriage seriously. As that one farmer guy we sat by at the wedding stated: "Marriage is like a job, sometimes its the best thing, sometimes its just something out get through one day at a time." You've shown me that this is something that you're serious about, and that your okay with sometimes getting through but  you take care that we enjoy it. you're an excellent leader.

16. When we talk about tragedy (past, present and future) , you talk about how it'll  bring us closer. I know come life's hardships, you were the best person I could walk through them with.

17. You are a sexy man. I know you shake your head when I say stuff like this but -Boy.....You are Gooooood loookkkinn! Woo Hallelujah!! I love lookin' at the Almighty' Lords Creation! Praise you Jesus.

18. I love that I know exactly what your face is going to do after you read number 17. Ben. Embrace it.
You're gorgeous.

19. You are a humble man. Which is humbling to me when I see just how gracious you are. I could list you more than 100 things you could be proud of, but you choose humility.

20. Speaking of humility, I am without words when it comes to how you deal with my heart.

21. You're ridiculously smart at comic books

22. You're fascinatingly good at video games.

23. You make things I only dream about become realities. I.e. This week: " Ben, I really want to do blog design someday...." and lo and behold you decide to tell a whole group how great I am at blog design-"in case anyone want to take me up on it."...You have so much faith in me.

24. Our future children are so luckily to have such an incredible father like you.

25. You surpass all my hopes and expectations. You have outdone every list I have ever written. I have honestly never met a man that takes his role as husband so seriously and who puts so much into it. You are a man among men. Full of Character and wisdom and strength, all the while having graciousness and such a celebratory view on life.

26. as the card I was about to buy you (but didn't so i could buy you an even cooler present!) says "The best part of marriage is you."

Happy Birthday.

I love you,


  1. We listen to the christian Radio station, and I heard the tail end of a birthday shout out to a Ben today. When I was listening to the words, I thought man this sounds like something Brittany would say. Now that I see that it is his birthday- I wonder :)coincidence or really you?

  2. Happy coincidence! Not me, but I'm happy another Ben shares Ben's birthday :)