things I love...


* Rain hitting the windshield and falling asleep to it.
* The tears that come when laughing so good.
* Having deep discussions about ridiculous things
* Ice cream-and how it is seen as a mandatory in our home.
* The beauty and the magic of big dreams
* Thoughtfulness. 'initiative'
* Looking over at pictures and realizing that my smile looks way to big...and liking that fact.
* The laugh lines I'm getting at 22.
* Seeing Ben get older, and more good-looking
* Photographs with more and more people in them.
* The possibility of all the things I ever hoped for.
* The Beauty of Jesus
* Picking up my love(violin) and playing her for a while and realizing-much to my surprise-my fingers still remember real well.
* Family and laughter and the quotes I heard growing up "You'll always have family..." And how blessed I am that I actually have that reality.
* Knowing full well that Christ is coming soon.

What do you love?

1 comment :

  1. I love:
    Silly stories about nothing special.
    Carving pumpkins.
    Fall weather.
    A nice cup o' tea on a rainy day.
    The serenity and beauty of Ireland.